10 Beautiful Thanksgiving Greeting Cards to Deliver the Love, Bless, Gratitude, and Care!

thanksgiving greetings cards

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Wondering why do we send Thanksgiving greeting cards? Well, it’s a special way to send your love, care, honor, and appreciation towards our near and dear ones!

Thanksgiving season is really amazing. It allows us to showcase our warm blessings and gratitude to people we love and care about. Also, it delivers a fruitful message to family and closest friends that amid it is now difficult to gather together, may even be harder to arrange thanksgiving parties and dinners, our hearts will always stay connected together and care for each other.

Not sure which beautiful thanksgiving card to send out? Don’t worry anymore as we have selected 10 beautiful cards on your behalf. Just pick your favorite thanksgiving cards among the below options, compose and write down sweet thanksgiving messages to people you love, and send them over!

1) Funny thanksgiving card

You can now celebrate a happy thanksgiving season by sending these quality, beautiful, and eco-friendly cards! These cards come with funny, cartoonish covers (with witty diet tips and quotes) and look so adorable! If you want to send your sweet thanksgiving message in a hilarious and interesting way, then these cards will be so perfect for you.

2) Fall Imagery and Animal thanksgiving greeting cards

Thanksgiving day is indeed a wonderful season. If you wish to celebrate the season with family and friends, then hurry up and send them these awesome greeting cards. In each pack, you’ll receive 24 pieces of mini Thanksgiving greeting cards (with matching envelopes), featuring colorful fall imagery and cute animals. Note, the set has four separate designs (six cards/design).

3) 3D Turkey pop up thanksgiving card

If you’re looking for the best and most unique thanksgiving cards 2021, then here’s the best recommendation for you! This card features an excellent design in a beautiful turkey shape. Once you open this turkey day thanksgiving card, its tail feathers will spread out to reveal all the fall colors. It will be a great way to express your gratitude for your special one’s hospitality by sending a unique card like this one.

4) Pumpkin thanksgiving greeting cards

Sending thanksgiving is always a warm gesture! So, please feel free to convey warm blessings to your near and dear ones with witty and funny laughter messages. In each pack, you’ll get six such pumpkin pie happy thanksgiving cards, featuring a photo of pumpkins with foil. You’ll get six cards and six envelopes, all embellished with orange and gold foil.

5) Fall themed thanksgiving popup card

For thanksgiving dinner and thanksgiving day, these handmade pop-up greeting cards are indeed so perfect. These cards feature a happy squirrel, turkey, acorns, pumpkin, corn, fall tree, and many other delightful symbols. These cards come with a 3D box card design which looks very elegant and gentle. Note, they are available in bright and vibrant Fall colors. Rest assured that everyone will absolutely love these uniquely designed thanksgiving photo cards.

6) Fall Wreath Pop Up Card Thanksgiving cards

In the previous pick, you’ve already revealed a Fall-themed happy thanksgiving card. Now, here’s one more recommendation for you! For the upcoming holiday season, if you are eager to send your family and friends a thoughtful, impressive, and sweet gift, then this card is worth your choice! This Autumn Popup Card is perfect for the fall theme. This card features a classic pumpkin pie-colored design to deliver a festive wreath. What’s more, it even comes with a notecard tucked aside, along with a coordinating white envelope.

7) Thanksgiving word card

If you’re someone who prefers sending classic and vintage style thanksgiving greeting cards, then this product will be your must-haves. Inside this pack, you’ll get twenty-four classic thanksgiving cards with white envelopes. Rest assured that each of these cards features rustic designs, beautiful autumn décor, and warm seasonal messaging. Thus, please feel free to send your warm gestures (to your relatives & friends) and let them know how grateful you are for them, simply through these gift cards.

8) Acorns and Maple Leaves Thanksgiving greeting cards

Thanksgiving is a special time of year. During this time, you relive the memories of your near and dear ones and their values as well as contributions to your life. These precious friends and family members of your life definitely deserve a proper and happy thanksgiving. So, please do not waste any more time, send them these greeting cards right away, and appreciate their values. The best part about this card is that it comes with printed messages (both on the front page as well as inside page). Note, each pack has six of these thanksgiving greeting cards with a colorful fall foliage design embellished with gold foil.

9) Funny Turkey Fortune Teller thanksgiving card

These funny, humorous, and happy thanksgiving cards are based on the turkey day theme. In each pack, you’ll receive one, regular-sized notecard with a 5×7 envelope. Note, the cover page of the card has a premium gloss finish. Whereas, the interior pages come with a smooth, flawless, and perfect writing surface where you can write your personal notes. As mentioned already, the theme is based on turkeys. That’s why you’ll see two funny turkeys communicating with each other on the front page. Note, these cards are made of thick, white, glossy, and 30% recycled, and natural material.

10) Pie thanksgiving card

Get ready to send warm regards to your close friend and relatives through this Happy Pie Day thanksgiving card. For foodies and connoisseurs, these pie themed thanksgiving cards are the best choice. Needless to say, these cards feature a simplistic yet unique layout design. If you love simple yet beautiful cards (no over-complicated designs or over-complex themes), then please do not hesitate anymore! This card will be your ultimate choice for perfectly celebrating The Thanksgiving Holiday Occasion.

So far, we have revealed our ten thanksgiving greeting cards, their themes, designs, layouts, and more.

As soon as your friends, families, and relatives get these cute, lovely, and artistic thanksgiving greeting cards (along with your personal notes), they’ll simply be overwhelmed and delighted.

So, please hurry up and send them these wonderful cards right away.

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