10 Beautiful Wedding Party Favor Bags: Right Message To Your Guests

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Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Weddings are a very special time for anybody, but they also require you to be more organized than you’ve ever been before! Wedding parties are great, but you can’t just leave your guests to go home empty-handed after they’ve already spent so much time and money on celebrating your big day with you. A great way to leave a good impression is with wedding party favor bags as a small token of your appreciation. But before we jump ahead and decide what the contents of the wedding party bags should be, lets deal with the smaller problem first: which wedding party bags should you use? 

Thankfully, we’ve searched high and low for you already, so you don’t have to! These 10 beautiful wedding party favor bags are incredible, and each one is as special as the last. Ready to find out what they are and what type of wedding they’ll be perfect for? Then read on below! 

1. Silk Drawstring Gift Bag 

Themes and culture often influence weddings, and so they should influence the wedding party bags too! If you are throwing an Asian themed wedding, then these embroidered silk drawstring gift bags in a range of designs will fit the bill perfectly. Bright, intricately designed, and a gift in themselves – these are perfect wedding party bags! 

2. Golden Rose Flower Printed Gift Bag 

If themes and culture don’t influence your wedding and you want an altogether simpler affair, then why not these simple golden rose flower printed bags? They’re simple and elegant, whilst still looking like they hold a real treat for your guests! These are perfect for anyone throwing a traditional, simple wedding filled with style – but without all the bells and whistles.

3. Pink Satin Wedding Favor Bag 

The bridesmaids are wearing pink dresses; the groomsmen have pink ties, and pink roses lie on every available surface at your wedding venue? We’re guessing you probably love the color pink, right? If so, then think about picking up these amazing pink satin wedding favor bags. They’re simple in design, but look luxurious and all your guests will love them.

4. Floral Gift Box 

You don’t always need gift bags, sometimes gift boxes are more appropriate. This gift box is beautiful, and it’s filled with springtime flowers and light pastel colors that look amazing! This would be the perfect gift box to give out to your guests at a spring wedding, especially if you’re a lover of flowers yourself.

5. Heart Design Paper Gift Bag 

A wedding should be all about love. Two hearts joining together as one, and if you think so too, then these wedding party bags are perfect for you. Simple in design and neutral in colors, you can make these gift bags fit any wedding theme and it’s like you’re sending your guests home with an extra dose of love. Isn’t that beautiful?

6. Bride Groom Favor Bags 

Some people don’t care for hidden messages about love or themes at a wedding, some people just want to get straight to the point. Well, if you’re the kind of person who thinks ‘A theme for a wedding? The wedding is the theme’ then these bride and groom favor bags are perfect for you! If you want a clear message to be sent out that these are wedding party favor bags, it doesn’t get much clearer than this! 

7. Paper Ice Cream Shape Gift Boxes 

What does every guest want when they attend an outdoor summer wedding? An ice cream, of course! And although you might not have put ice cream on your sophisticated wedding menu, you can always make up for that with some ice cream gift boxes! These are perfect, and a lot of fun too, so we’re certain your guests will be huge fans.

8. Gift Bags With Handles And Bow 

Simple is often important at a wedding. You want everything to go off without a hitch. You want everything to be simple and uncomplicated. Well, then your gift bags should be simple too! These gift bags with handles and bows look elegant and sophisticated, but they really are simple. A gift bag for a wedding party bag just makes sense.

9. Lace Vintage Party Favor Box 

Maybe you’re throwing a vintage themed wedding party, complete with guests in vintage dress, vintage music blasting, and vintage food being enjoyed. If so, stretch the theme to your party bags too! These are beautiful and decked in white lace, so they’ll certainly fit your theme well! 

10. Pearly Pink Butterfly Party Wedding Favor Boxes

Finally, why not consider these pink butterfly party wedding boxes? These are stunning, beautiful in color, and finished with an amazing butterfly design to boot! And better yet, they encompass pretty much all the themes we’ve discussed throughout this post. Simple? Check. Pink? Check. Perfect for a Spring/Summer wedding? Check. You can’t NOT love this option!

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