10 Best Party Board Games For Teens

party board games, 10 Best Party Board Games For Teens

Last updated on March 10th, 2022

The best party board games for teens are a great way to have hours of fun instead of a boring evening. But, with so many board games, how do you find the right ones that everyone will love? Here are the 10 best party board games that you should enjoy with a large group of friends.

Why every party needs board games and what makes them important:

Board games provide a fun-filled environment and put an end to your boring hours. That’s why they are perfect for parties. The rules are simple and even beginners can play with their heart’s content. Moreover, you can play most of these games with your teenage guests, because no specific skills are required. 

A board game for party isn’t exhaustive and they bring plenty of fun and laughter. Board games are the best option that you can start with when you are having a little party in your home for your teenage guests.

10 best party board games:

1. Throw Throw Burrito 

Players stand or sit around a table to draw all the cards at the same time. When anyone accumulates three cards of the same set, they build up a score. While most cards feature cartoon characters, if someone gets hold of three same buritto cards, they can declare a showdown. You can get the feeling of playing a card game. 

2. Sushi Go 

Sushi Go is a popular party board game, it is fast-paced and competitive. The main objective is to grab the best sushi dishes while they pass by and scoring points. Whether you collect a complete set of sashimi or maki rolls, you gather more points. However, you need dessert, or you will lose points. Sushi Go is an exciting board game for everyone, especially for beginners.

3. Apples to Apples 

Every player gets 7 different “Things” card that has to be paired with Judge’s “Description” card. For every round, the judge reads the description, and players matching the description have to lay down their cards. In the end, anyone winning the most rounds becomes the winner. Apples to Apples is an interesting game that brings life to your party.

4. Exploding Kittens 

The players need to draw from the deck of cards until one of them has the exploding kitten. The only option left for survival is to play for a defuse card that lets you place the kitten back. Beautifully designed and riotously funny, Exploding Kittens is similar to a card game. And, it is a must-have board game.


UNO is a very classic party board game. Each card in the UNO BTS deck features an image of the popular K-pop group. Similar to the classic UNO board game, you have to match cards by number or color to deplete your hand. Playing the “Dancing Wild” card requires the next player to perform a BTS dance or draw 3 extra cards. It’s another interesting game that you shouldn’t miss. 

6. Monopoly deal 

Monopoly Deal is much better and more fun to play board games compared to the traditional Monopoly board game. Also, it requires less time to play. You have to build property by making deals or charging rent for the property. It is another strategy game that teenagers will have more fun while playing. 

7. Phone Phever 

In Phone Phever, you will find 1200 unique questions. This board game has six different categories that include history, tech, music, movies, TV, and politics. Moreover, it is compatible with smartphones as well. Anyone above 13 years of age can pick the game and have plenty of fun.

8. Catan 

Players try to control their civilization as they spread by trading natural resources such as sheep, lumber, ore, brick, and wheat. Watch out for other players because they might rob you and steal your gains. The strategies make the game more interesting.

9. Double Ditto 

Double Ditton is another fun party board game. Simply draw a card and write down 2 answers that you think your teenage friends can come up with. Compare the answers and see if they match. Or, you can have an outburst of laughter to find the answers off the mark. It’s a hilarious game.

10. Escape room in a box

Recommended for teenagers, Escape Room in a Box takes a lot of strategies and communication. All you have to do is to have an hour-long timer and some pens. The rest is inside the box. This board game is all about fun with your teenage guests while you race against time.

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