10 cool party hair wigs you should wear for wig themed party

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Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Thinking of cool ways to level up your enjoyment at parties? No problem! Sass yourself up by wearing fashionable clothing and crazy party hair wigs! Wearing wigs – whatever style they may be – is a fun thing to do. In a while, you’ll almost immediately find yourself being the center of attraction at parties, and a treat to look at as well! Are you ready for your next wig themed party?

With this, we have curated a list of ten cool party wigs that you should definitely flaunt at your next event. Here are they:

1. 70s 80s Disco Mullet Wig

Feel like bringing back the iconic 70s 80s trend? This party hair wig is best for you. The 70s 80s Disco Mullet wig is a synthetic, gray-colored wig that sports a mullet style – a style which is widely known during the time. Embody that rockstar vibe with this wig that makes you feel like a member of a heavy metal band, or strut in feeling like a famous movie star! You can wear this wig at the 80s or Retro-themed parties.

2. Fluffy Clown Wig for any wig themed party

This fun party hair wig will keep you feeling like the life of the party with its colorful hues. The fluffy clown wig is made up of breathable mesh, which is also easy to use as well. Just wear and take it off like a cap then, voila! This unisex wig can be worn to fun parties, for Halloween costumes, and even cosplay. You might even want to use it for daily use if you prefer.

3. Blonde Wig

Present a fantastic look for your parties with this cool and preppy Blonde Wig that would make you feel like an otherworldly character. This blonde wig is best if you want a more feminine or whimsical look. It also comes with two bowknots and ponytails so you can style your hair however you want! It comes with an adjustable cap size to fit suitable head sizes, too. Wear this party wig for your costume parties, cosplay events, fashion events, or simply just for fun! 

4. Bob Wig

Get yourself looking like a diva with this super glam bob wig! With flashy colors to choose from, style yourself with this party hairpiece that’s fun and preppy to wear. The silky strands of your lush hair will truly capture a lot of trendy and adaptable looks you can sport. It’s also lightweight. It’s best if you pair these bob wigs with cute sunglasses when going to exquisite-themed parties, including bridal showers, weddings, and more. 

5. Flame shape wig

This torch-shaped, flame wig is great if you feel like looking edgy or extra cool. For sure, all eyes will be on you when you wear this eye-catching, and vibrant wig to your next events! This flame shape wig is approximately 2 inches long, is adjustable, and is also made of high-quality material. You can wear this wig at costume parties or Halloween. 

6. Rainbow Unicorn wig 

This colorful Rainbow Unicorn wig will satisfy your mythical and funky dreams. While it’s suitable for women, it’s also great party hair wig for girls to wear, especially when accompanied by an adorable tutu dress. It’s also relatively easy to wear since it is worn using a headband, unlike the usual wig caps. The Felizhouse unicorn symbolizes peace and hope, and also good luck to the person you treasure, which is why it’s great for birthday parties, costume parties, or even in cosplays!

7. Judge Wig

This costume Judge wig is made up of synthetic fiber, styled with the recognizable barrister’s hairpiece. This wig is best to wear at Easter, Christmas, Halloween, or Costume parties. 

8. Crazy White Wig

Feel like a crazy mad scientist with this crazy white wig! This white, rubber party wig is ideal for men, women, and kids alike. It comes with a stretchable net to fit all sizes, and with its signature curls going in all directions, it mirrors the famous images of Einstein. You can wear this one of the most popular party hair wigs at Halloween and costume parties. 

9. Foil Tinsel Wig

These fun party hair wigs can truly make you stand out at any party with its metallic, shimmering color. Lightweight and also adjustable, you can rock this Foil Tinsel wig at fancy dress parties, punk-rock costume parties, Halloween, and cosplay parties, too!

10. Funny Party Hats Squid Hat

Attend a party exuding a quirky personality with this funny costume wig. This squid hat can steal the spotlight of any party with its fun colors and eccentric design. Despite it, it is also made up of soft materials which assures comfort for the wearer. This Funny Party Squid Hat is great to wear at beach parties, birthday parties, or even costume parties.

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