10 Exquisite Party Cupcake Stands To Match Your Next Event Theme

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Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Every party needs a cake. It’s sort of non-negotiable around here. But what a party also needs is an awesome party cupcake stand for those cakes – and preferably one that fits the theme of the party. It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday, anniversary, or afternoon tea – a party cake stand for your cakes and cupcakes is a great way to add an extra decoration to your party and put a smile on your guest’s faces. Choosing the right one can be difficult though, so we’re on hand to help! Stick around for 10 exquisite cake stands and cupcake holder stands that’ll add a touch of class to your next party! 

1. Alice In Wonderland Cupcake Stand 

An Alice in Wonderland cupcake stand is something that is really grand! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist the rhyming opportunity there…)! Anyway, this party cupcake stand has everything any little girl would love on their birthday: Alice, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, and everything else besides. Set, as expected, across multiple levels to give it a whacky look, this is the perfect homage to Alice in Wonderland and all your guests will love it! 

2. Vintage Tea Party Cardboard Cake Stand 

This vintage tea party cardboard cake stand is perfect for any English afternoon tea party, and its birdcage design reminds us of warm summer afternoons and eating sandwiches and cakes with friends! It’s a simple, but elegant design, and we know that all your guests will love it because it looks so much like something you’d find at a tea party in the 1800s! 

3. Ferris Wheel Metal Cupcake Holder 

We love this one! The Ferris wheel metal cupcake holder is a lot of fun and the best thing about it? It spins, the full 360 degrees so you can send your little cupcakes off on an adventure! How cool is that? We think this one is perfect for an engagement party, because love is very much like a Ferris wheel: once you’re on, you don’t ever want to get off! So bring this out at a celebration for the happy couple, and everyone will understand why! This is also a perfect choice when you are throwing an backyard carnival theme party at home to celebrate your kids’ birthday.

4. Pink Cupcake Stand Candy Cart 

This pink cupcake stand is beautiful. In the design of a candy cart/sweet shop, it really makes a statement as a centrepiece as well as a cake stand! Another great one for any little girl’s birthday party, but we’ve also suggested it for a recent post about a bachelorette party, because it’s the perfect representation of a little girl’s dreams coming true. Wherever you use it, your guests will love how it creates a feeling of wonder and excitement when it’s time for cake! (Who knew you could make cake time even more exciting?!).

5. Unicorn Cardboard Cupcake Stand 

We love this unicorn cardboard party cupcake stand for two reasons. One, it looks great and who doesn’t love unicorns? And two, because it’s cardboard, we think it’s perfect for a baby shower party. You’re not likely to use the cake stand again after a baby shower, so the fact that its cardboard is actually a great thing! The design really reminds you of childhood and it’ll get your guests excited to finally meet your little one when they arrive! It might just be a cake stand to some, but to us, it’s pretty magical! 

6. Pink Wire Coated Cupcake Stand 

Looking for something pink and stylish? Trying to purchase a cake stand that says ‘I’m cool, but not so cool that I want the cupcakes at my party to look boring without a stand’? Let us guess, you’re shopping for a teenage girl, right? Don’t worry, this cake stand is pink, stylish, cool, and displays the cupcakes in a really fun way. This is bound to pass the teenager test, and we’re sure all her friends will love it too if you use it at her birthday party! 

7. Pink And Blue Cardboard Cupcake Stand 

Pink or blue; boy or girl? They made this cupcake stand for a gender reveal party, and we’re not ones to buck the trend if it makes sense. This is beautifully designed, speaks to the theme of a gender reveal party well, and really looks the part in the middle of any dining table when it’s time for the cakes to be eaten! All your guests will love it, and they’ll be excited to find out whether you’re having a boy or a girl. Another awesome tip is to dye the middle of the cakes either pink or blue, so when they bite into it, the gender of your baby is revealed. Finding out the gender of a baby through a cake – does it get more special than that? 

8. Porcelain Cupcake Stand With Metal Struts 

This porcelain cupcake stand is filled with beautiful details and has been made to last the distance. See where we’re going with this one yet? Of course, it’s perfect for an anniversary party because the colourful, bright details of any marriage is what helps it to last, so celebrate that with a cupcake stand that fits the theme! All your guests will notice how elegant it looks and they’ll be just as impressed with your cake stand as they are with your love. Ok, maybe not just as impressed, but still, they’ll be pretty impressed! 

9. Ice Cream Truck Cupcake Holder 

We’ve covered girl’s parties a fair bit today, so here’s something for the boys! And what do boys love? Anything that moves, and ice cream – that pretty much sums it up, right? Well, it does to us, so may we introduce you to the ice cream truck cupcake holder! It’s a really simple, but cute design, and you can stack it high with sweet treats just as real ice cream trucks are designed to do! Trust us, any little boy will love to have this, and their friends will be so excited to grab a cupcake from it too! 

10. Wooden 3 Tier Cupcake Stand

Halloween is just around the bend, so we had to include something for it, right? We’re sure you’re busy planning costumes and thinking about party decor right now, but don’t forget this Wooden 3 Tier Cupcake Stand either! It’s wonderful for any Halloween party, of course, but it’s great to use throughout fall too, because it has those lovely wooden colours we associate with this time of year! Trust us, all your guests will be jealous of your party planning prowess when they see that you’ve planned every detail of your Halloween party, right down to the broomstick cake stand!

Other Uses For Your Cake Stands

To finish, we thought we’d give you some suggestions for making the most of your cupcake tier holders and party cake stands after the cupcakes are all gone and the party guests have left! The last thing we want is for you to spend money on something for it to be used once and then forgotten about. The cardboard options above are all really onetime-use options, but we can use the rest for different things. Why not try: 

  • Placing candy on them and turning them into candy bars
  • Using them to place a potted plant to create an indoor jungle or garden setting
  • Use them to host festive decorations such as Easter eggs, Halloween pumpkins, and Christmas ornaments
  • Using them to hold tea to turn it into a tea station

The point is, these cake stands have multiple uses, so make the most of them once you’ve bought one! 

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