10 Fun Baby Shower Diaper Games: You Won’t Roll Your Eyes?

baby shower diaper game, 10 Fun Baby Shower Diaper Games: You Won’t Roll Your Eyes?

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Baby showers are all fun, and when fascinating games are incorporated, they change everything. The baby shower turns out to be one of the most memorable events you ever held in your life. But what games make these events lively and exciting? Many people opt for the baby shower diaper game, which is exhilarating and fun, and educative. This guide covers some of the typical dirty baby shower games you can play at the event and make it cheerful. Family and friends will play these game enjoyably.

1. Change the diaper relay race

Set up the diapers, baby dolls, baby powder, and wipes on a surface like a table. Divide your guests into teams. Every team participant should remove the diaper from the doll, wipe and then powder the doll’s bottom. They should then cloth the doll with a clean diaper and rush back to their teammates. The first squad to complete the diaper change wins the game.

2. Blindfolded diaper change baby shower game

It is another exciting game to play at baby showers. What you need is life-size baby dolls, diapers, and blindfolds. Separate your guests into teams, and every team should have a doll, diapers, and a blindfold. Every guest should remove the doll from the current diaper and change them to a new one while blindfolded. Each participant on the team should have their turn, and the first team to complete are the winners.

3. Hang the diaper

It is another dirty baby shower game that is fun and exciting. You need newborn diapers, some three yards long strings, and mini clothespins. Make little clotheslines and then split your guests into teams. Set a timer and let your guests hang up as many diapers as they can before the timer runs out. The team that hangs the most diapers wins the game.

4. Diaper notes

Diaper notes is another stunning baby shower diaper game for baby shower guests. Hand each guest a permanent marker and a diaper. Ask them to write anything nice cute, encouraging thoughts or some words of advice on the diaper. This game ensures the mum has something to read as they change the diaper in the middle of the night. When they open the diaper, they will smile and laugh about the jokes or other funny things the guests wrote on the diaper.

5. Baby shower candy bar diaper game

The goal of this game is to make the guests select what kinds of candy bar is in every diaper. Arrange your diapers on the table and pour melted candy bar on the diapers. Divide your visitors into groups and hand them sheets of paper and pens. Display all the candy bar types present for them to see. Each team will then identify the candy bar in each diaper by smelling, looking, and tasting the candy and jolt down their guesses.

6. Diaper surprise

It is a baby shower diaper game that requires a pen and paper, one package of diapers, and different chocolate bar. Before your guests arrive, heat the chocolate and smear them onto a diaper, and note which candy bar is on which diaper. Your baby shower guests should smell the chocolate on every diaper and guess which candy bar is on which diaper. The winning nose wins the game – the one with the most correct guesses.

7. Diaper raffle

Diaper raffle is a fun game that earns the mommy more diapers for their unborn. Purchase different prizes and ask the baby shower guests to come with packets of diapers. Offer incentives such as the more the diapers, the higher the chances of winning bigger and amazing prizes from the raffle tickets.

8. Pass the dirty diaper

It is a dirty baby shower game where there are dirty diapers to be collected by some guests. You have to include some “poopie” diapers and clean diapers in a basket and pass them around for the guests to pick. Those who pick the “poopie” diapers are the winners.

9. Don’t drop the sprinkles

It is a challenging yet fun baby shower game. Every diaper has sprinkles, and the guests should change the diaper with no sprinkles falling off.

10. Toilet paper diaper baby shower game

The objective of this game is to have one guest standstill with their arms up while their teammate uses a roll of toilet paper to wrap a diaper around them. The toilet paper should encircle their legs and waist and create a perfect diaper. The first team to complete the toilet paper diaper wins.

Bottom Line

Baby showers do not have to be dull and clumsy. Make them lively by introducing these fascinating games and make the baby shower a lively and memorable event.

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