10 Fun Retirement Party Games to Cheer to a New Chapter

retirement party games, 10 Fun Retirement Party Games to Cheer to a New Chapter

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

After spending so many years waking up Mondays, your retirement is finally here. You will want to close this chapter of hard work and open another new one. Retiring is a milestone that you need to get out with a bang and celebrate. It is the appreciation of the work you have put in for many years and a celebration of beginning an exciting new journey. In this article, we have rounded a list of ten thoughtful retirement party games to celebrate your lucky retiree in style. 

Games to play at a retirement party 

Follows are the list of ten thoughtful and fun games to play at a retirement party to make it fun. 

Guest who is the retiree

Preparations for this game

To prepare for this game, ensure that you have;

  • Fascinating guess items 

How to play this retirement party game?

As the guest of honor of the party, gather your family members and friends together. Each player should take turns trying to guess who is a retiree. Some of the guesses include personal details such as the retiree’s year of marriage, date of birth, among other secrets. For more fun, make the guess items harder. In this case, include the baby picture of the retiree for guests to guess who is the retire. 

Mini-golf tournament 

Preparations for the game

You need the following materials for this game;

  • Toilet mini golf set
  • A chair

How to play

This is one of the funniest retirement games. Playing this game requires a lot of fun, well, it will also requires sense of humor from the guests. In this case, we are not going to play the game in the toilet. But instead, we use a chair. After setting the mini-golf, each visitor should take turns taking shots. See who can win the game with one shot. 

Personal Trivia

Preparations for the retirement party game

Here are the materials required

  •  Trivia questions

How to play

Divide your team into two groups. Each member should take turns answering trivia questions appearing on the notecard. The retiree should provide an answer every time a player gets it wrong. Some of the questions to answer may include; 

  • What are the hobbies of a retiree?
  • How many children does the retiree have?
  • What is the retiree’s favorite place to eat lunch?

Balloon Friend Blend

Preparations for the game

Materials include;

  • Balloon
  • Paper

How to play

Divide your friends into two groups. Write the names of the first group and put each of them in separate balloons. Throw the balloons into the air and allow the second group to catch the balloon and pop it. Let them walk around finding whose name they have as they introduce themselves to each other. 

Retirement bingo

Preparations for the game

Here are the materials you need for this game;

  • Printable retirement bingo cards
  • A container

How to play

Print retirement bingo cards and place them into a container. Give your members a candy gift to cover their words. Read the patterns from the list such as “Four Corners” or “Diagonal” as members cover their cards. The first player to cover all the words shouts BINGO and wins. 

Retirement Roast Game

Preparations for the game

Materials needed for this game

  • Regal throne
  • A camera

How to play

Gather your colleagues together. Allow each member to come up with a post-retirement activity such as ” How to operate a camera, computer, etc.” Bring the picture of a retiree and play a pin-the-tie game as you take pictures. 

If the party is taking place in a conference hall, use PowerPoint to create a forecast of the honouree’s life after retirement. Even better, let guests provide leisure time activities suggestions, including watching TV, traveling, among others. Then mount a large piece of paper on the wall for members to bid their wish before going. 

Orange Pass 

Preparations for this game

To play the game, here are materials you need; 

  • An orange for each team

How to play

Divide your colleagues into two groups. Ensure each team makes a line. Give each member of the team orange and allow them to tuck it under their chin. Let the first player pass the orange to the person behind them and then returns to the line. No hands allowed. If the orange drops-put it back to the chin and continue with the game. The aim is to coordinate perfectly with your partner. The first team to finish wins the game. This is a surely a fun team building and retirement party game.

Fifty-Nifty States Map Puzzle Games

Preparations for this game

Here are the materials you need for this game

  • Wooden jigsaw USA map puzzle board

How to play

Gather your members together and give each a USA map puzzle board. The aim is to make geography fun. Ask members questions based on fun landmarks or objects and let them identify the locations. 

Fifty-Nifty States Map Puzzle Can help your colleagues develop cognitive and motor skills. 

Pictionary Game

Preparations for the game

Here are the materials required;

  • Adult cards and junior cards
  • Card boxes and category cards
  • A pencil and a drawing pad
  • Pictionary game board
  • A timer and a die

How to play

Divide your members into groups, and each should pick a Picturist. The starting team takes a card and identifies the word to be played. Then he reads aloud to his group members. On a countdown of one minute, the Picturist should try sketching clues to their team. Continue rolling the die for correct guesses. The first team to identify all play squares wins the game. 

Who Knows the Retiree Best?

Preparations for the game

Materials needed;

  • Who know the retiree game cards
  • A pen or pencil for each member

How to play

Gather your colleagues into a group. Give each of them a pen, and who knows the retiree game cards. Allow members to guess how well they understand the retiree. Some questions to answer include

  • What is the retiree’s favorite hobby?
  • How many years has the retiree worked? 
  • What is the retiree’s first pet? 
  • The retiree is most eager to do what? 

Conclusion of Retirement Party Game Ideas

If you have finished your active working days, an excellent send-off party is all you want. Even better, consider throwing a few games to keep your colleague engaged. In doing so, you are making memories stick for a period after you retire. Thankfully, the above list of ten fun retirement party games can make your beginning of a new adventure incredible. 

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