10 Glow In The Dark Party Games For Kids: Playing Inside And Out

glow in the dark party games

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

A glow in the dark party is one of the best party themes you can use for kids, because it’s rare that they play in the dark! Kids love it because it’s so exciting, and when you add glow in the dark party games to the mix, they’re thrilled! Neon glow party games really give kids the chance to experience a lot of fun, so we’ve put together a list of 10 glow in the dark party games for kids: 5 indoors, and 5 outdoors, so you can throw this party whatever the weather! Ready to find out more? Then let’s start outdoors before we head inside! 

Outdoor Games

1. Glow In The Dark Badminton 

A glow in the dark badminton competition is the perfect game to kick off this list. Why? Because it’s so easy to set up and play and the kids will love it! All you need to get started is some UV light NEON tape to mark out your badminton court, a badminton racket, and an LED badminton: glow in the dark badminton is ready to go! Play by normal badminton rules, but don’t let the game go on too long or else those waiting to play might get bored. First to 5 points ought to do it for the little ones, and first to 3 for older kids who might be a little better at the game. They’ll all be amazed by the glow in the dark court and LED badminton, no matter their age, and it’s guaranteed to give them hours of fun! 

2. Glow In The Dark Hopscotch 

Maybe this one is better for younger kids, but we’ve even seen adults enjoy this game after a wine or two. Simply use UV light NEON tape again to create the hopscotch, starting with one square, then two, then back to one, and so on until you reach your tenth square. Then let the kids have at it! The UV light tape will be bright and keep them interested, and since you need some of the tape for the badminton court, you might as well use any you have leftover to create a hopscotch to keep those who are waiting for their turn in the badminton competition entertained! All kids love hopscotch, but one that glows in the dark? Even better!

3. Balloon Race With Glow Sticks 

There are lots of different types of balloon races that kids will love. Passing it from one end of the line to the other using just their elbows, legs, feet, etc. But this one is a balloon race with a glow in the dark twist. First thing you’ll need is a pack of UV glow balloons (make sure you buy enough so that each team in the game has ten balloons of the same colour). The next thing you’ll need is a pack of glow sticks so the kids have one each. Then the game is simple enough. Start by dividing the kids into teams of between 8 and 12 depending on the numbers at your party, and prepare the balloons so each team has ten balloons that are the same colour, but different from the other teams’ balloons. Then have them stand in a line.

The aim of the game is to pass the balloons along the line from one person to the other using only the glow sticks and nothing else. Whichever team gets all 10 balloons to the end of the line first wins! This is so much fun for kids because it makes them work together, and because it’s glow in the dark too, it makes your job as judge much easier to see if anybody is cheating! It’s a win-win!

4. Glow Beach Ball Competition 

This is simple enough to play, and all you need is an LED beach ball that will glow in the dark as you play. Split the kids into two teams and have them keep the ball in the air. The team that drops the beach ball first loses. Just treat it like regular beach volleyball and the kids will understand the rules quickly. They’ll love this one because the large glow in the dark beach ball is so much fun to hit around, and it looks great outdoors under the night sky! 

5. Black Light Tumble Tower

This LED black light tumble tower is a lot of fun to play outdoors and its dual purpose. First, let’s make it clear that this is a drinking game for adults, but there are plenty of blocks that are free to write your own task on and plenty of pre-determined blocks that apply to children too such as ‘tell a joke’ or ‘yell a six letter word’. Just fish out the ones that aren’t appropriate for children and leave them behind, but you could even use some of the drinking ones to have kids drink their kid-friendly mocktails quickly, etc, too.

Then all you need to do is set up the tumble tower like Jenga, and the kids just take turns removing blocks from the glow in the dark tower, hoping it doesn’t fall. If they remove one that’s got a task on it, they have to complete that task. It’s a lot of fun and kids will love telling each other jokes and completing silly tasks as they play this game! Then once the kids have all gone, any adults can add the drinking ones back in and have a great night for themselves too!

Indoor Games

6. Make-Up Competition 

The first of our indoor glow in the dark party games for kids is great fun, and boys and girls will BOTH love this one because they have the chance to be creative! Pair up the kids and get some UV paint ready. If you’re a little worried about them making a mess, then you can either lay out an old bed sheet for them to do this on, or pick up some UV stick crayons. We find that having both the paint and crayons works best because the kids can really play around with the design they want to create on their friend’s face. You can then judge who the best face painter is. Be prepared for some hilarious designs that’ll have you and all the party guests crying with laughter!

7. Dance Floor 

It’s a party, so everybody wants to boogie, right? Well, don’t just put on some music and leave it at that. Set up a glow in the dark dance floor with some NEON paper! Turn off all the lights (except for a black light, of course) and then sit back and let the kids dance the night away. They’ll love dancing around in the dark, especially if they’ve still got their faces painted from the make-up competition, so there are lots of awesome glow in the dark things for them to look at!

8. Glow In The Dark Karaoke 

A glow in the dark karaoke singing contest is the perfect way to get all the kids up and having a good time with their friends. This bluetooth karaoke microphone will connect to any mobile phone, and it has LED lights so it’ll glow in the dark. Have all the kids face off against each other in a massive singing competition to see who the best singer is. Every kid will love this, because even if they don’t like to sing, they’ll love being silly in front of their friends, or you can have shyer children sing in groups or duets too so everyone can get involved!

9. Glow Sand Crafts 

The best way to get kids having fun all together is by having them complete tasks where they don’t need to wait for others to be finished. Glow in the dark sand crafting kits are great for doing this. All you need to do is pick up a few kits, give each kid a bottle and have them use their creativity to fill it with different colours of glow in the dark sand. They can compare it with their friends and create something really beautiful. You could also give them their own bottles to take away as a night light so they have something to remember the amazing party by too.

10. Glow Stick Accessories

If you’re throwing a glow in the dark party indoors, then all you really need are lots of glow sticks, and glow stick crafting kits so kids can make their own whacky accessories. They can do anything from necklaces to bracelets, or headbands to sunglasses, and then they’ll look awesome for the rest of the glow in the dark party too. This is one of the best glow in the dark party games to start off with because it makes kids think creatively before doing all the other amazing glow in the dark party games you’ve prepared for them!

Reminder For The Party Host

Just before we leave, we wanted to remind you that there are a couple other things you’ll need to do to make sure your glow party is a success! Prepare a great disco party music playlist for karaoke and dancing, and don’t forget to buy some UV lights, because these black lights make all the colours pop and glow in the dark. Without it, the party won’t really glow in the way you want it to! Also, another great last addition is a disco ball light because the colours bouncing around the room will make the kids feel like they’re at a school disco with all their friends and we all remember how special those memories were as children, right?

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