10 Super-Cool Science Party Favor Ideas for Kids

science party favor ideas, 10 Super-Cool Science Party Favor Ideas for Kids

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Kids love to explore the earth around them. So, pulling out a fun-themed science party is a better way to sparkle their interest in science. But if you want to put on a memorable science party for your teen, incorporate party favors. Science party favors for kids need to be useful, inspirational, and budget-friendly. If you are looking for the coolest science party favors, this post has got you covered, stay tuned for the 10 lovely science party favor ideas.

10 Science Party Favors Ideas

Our list of 10 science birthday party favors is great for boys and girls.

science party favor ideas, 10 Super-Cool Science Party Favor Ideas for Kids

1. Science Themed Coloring Book

The science-themed book from Tinymills is a predictable party favor best suitable for kids who love coloring. Yes, it encourages creativity and helps kids learn focus skills.

The set comes with 16 coloring books and 48 crayons. All books feature a perfect size, hence your kids can easily carry them in their backpacks.

Best suitable for kids between 36 months to 3 years of age. Use at home, schools, etc.

science party favor ideas, 10 Super-Cool Science Party Favor Ideas for Kids

2. Science party button pins

These party favors are an excellent value for money. The 72 button pins come in 12 different styles, offering your kids maximum choice to select their favorite flavor. The back is designed using iron material to boost durability. They are easy to use, so you can attach them to your favorite sweater stress-free.

Button pins are excellent accessories for daily use and can offer kids a deep impression they deserve.

science party favor ideas, 10 Super-Cool Science Party Favor Ideas for Kids

3. Kids Magnifying Glasses

The blue Panda magnifying glasses are cheap novelty party favors for your kids. 

They come in four different colors; red, green, yellow, and blue. The 48-pack magnifying glasses offer an ideal size and magnification. 

They are sturdy, safe, and educational.

Kids’ magnifying glasses are excellent pinata fillers. But they can also make an excellent part of school projects for kids to complete their daily detectives.

science party favor ideas, 10 Super-Cool Science Party Favor Ideas for Kids

4. Science party stampers

Manufactured by Tinymills, the 24 pieces of party stampers are the best giveaways that kids will love. Why? For one, they are non-toxic and BPA-free. And for the second, they have passed ASTM testing hence safe for kids’ use. Each plastic stamp is pre-inked, so you don’t need to worry about extra ink pads. And the size is a breeze.

These science party stampers are excellent gifts for scrapbooking, stationery decorations, and daily homeschooling.

science party favor ideas, 10 Super-Cool Science Party Favor Ideas for Kids

5. Science party laboratory notepads

The 12 pieces are just fun party favor for every mad scientist. The size is perfect, and the colors are vibrant. The quality also does not disappoint.

The notepads are useful party favors ideal for use in every science event.

science party favor ideas

6. Growing Aquarium Toy for Kids

The three toys are ideal party favors to elevate kids’ aquatic experience. Their magical design features 5 times growth. Every time you add water, the small fishes can grow up to 5 times within 3 days. The product also comes with assorted neon colors that can surely capture the kids’ attention. The colors are vibrant, hence can match up with your kid’s science birthday theme.

These miniature toys are decorative accents that kids will love using in their bedroom. 

science party favor ideas

7. Science Themed Candy Bar

These are easy party decorations that will keep the bash going. The product comes with 24 foils and 24 chocolate bar wrappers, ideal for decorating your candies at the party. They are perfectly printed on high-quality papers to ensure safety and long-lasting performance. They are also easy to use. The funny nutrition prints from the back can surely bring a smile to your children’s faces.

science party favor ideas, 10 Super-Cool Science Party Favor Ideas for Kids

8. Robot stickers for kids

These stickers are a ton of fun, thanks to their exclusive design. The 24-pack stickers are easy to use-kids will have no issue peeling and sticking them. They also include hilarious accessories such as hats, bows, and more.

Robot stickers are a perfect way to create daily enjoyable playtime for your children.

science party favor ideas

9. Galaxy notepads for kids

These galaxy notepads are an excellent addition to any birthday party. The product comes with 48 mini galaxy notepads, 6 different designs, each of 8 featuring moon, stars, planets, astronaut, space, and space ship. Each comes with 20 pages to allow your kids to write their diaries.

The galaxy notepads are excellent giveaways that can keep kids busy every day.

science party favor ideas, 10 Super-Cool Science Party Favor Ideas for Kids

10. Science party drawstring party bag

These are an ideal addition to birthday thank you gifts.

They are tailored using quality polyester materials to ensure durability. They also offer an ideal size, so it can hold a lot of stuff, including books, water bottles, documents, and more.

The 16 pieces of science drawstring bags can surely meet your kids’ daily needs.

Conclusion of Science Party Favor Ideas 

The above science party favor ideas can help you throw a roaring party without breaking your bank.

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