10 Super Fun Birthday Party Games For Kids

Party games for kids, 10 Super Fun Birthday Party Games For Kids

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Finding the right birthday party games for your kids doesn’t have to be a challenge! There are so many out there that make for a fun time with very little equipment needed! But if you have found yourself asking what is the best game for kids at a birthday party?, then look no further! We’ve got the must-have list of 10 super fun party games for kids! Your kids will stay engaged and love the games as they play them. Let’s check out the party game ideas for kids in the following paragraphs.

1. Balloon Stomp

Let’s start with a classic: balloon stomp! To play, all you need are some water balloons (preferably with varying colours to tell teams apart). Tie the water balloons to the kid’s ankles, and then it’s game on! It’s like a little knockout game, where the aim is to try and pop the others kids’ water balloons by stomping on them. The winner is the last kid standing with at least one balloon still intact!

There’s so much fun that can be had with balloon stomp. It adds just the right amount of competitiveness to the party while encouraging your kids to enjoy themselves and try and be the best! With kid’s games, having a clear winner always makes the enjoyment more fun for them!

2. Water Balloon

The fun you can have with water balloons doesn’t stop at balloon stomp either! There are plenty of games out there that you can have fun with involving water-filled balloons. Another great one is to pair up the kids in the party and have them work together to see how long they can go before they pop their balloon. It’s a great way to encourage teamwork in the middle of the party.

You must remember how much fun water balloon fights and games were when you were a kid! Now think about how much fun your own kids could have by being paired up and told to look after their water balloons! The winner is the pair that keeps their water balloon the longest!

3. Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose classic party game you may well remember from your youth. Have the kids sit in a circle, with one of them acting as the first goose. The goose then goes around the circle, tapping each kid on the head and saying “duck” as they pass. Whenever the kid wants, they can say “goose” instead and the player whose head they tapped at the time has to chase them around the circle. The kid has to beat the goose back to their seat, and play continues from there!

It’s a great game to encourage a little bit of exercise while the kids run around the circle. Not only that, but it’s even fun for the kids still sitting down that don’t have to chase because they’re sitting in anticipation the whole time. They never know when they might be called “goose,” which really spices up the game and enjoyment levels!

4. Dress Up Relay

Group your kids up into two even teams and get them ready to dress up as their favourite superheroes! Set out the distance and place a suitcase at one end with the superhero dress-up gear in it. The kids must dress up in gear before taking off on a race wearing it. Once they get to the other end, they return to their team and take the dress-up clothes off. The next player has to dress up and do the same. The winners are the team that all dress up and finish their race first!

There is so much fun that could be had with this game. It’s one of the best party games for kids to dress up as their favourite character from a superhero movie or show. They’ll have fun acting as a hero while trying to win it for their team.

5. Treasure Hunt

The treasure can be anything you want, but the game will always be enjoyable for the kids! It requires a little bit of set-up from you, but it’s easy to do. Just hide a box of chocolate or a candy bar somewhere that the kids won’t find easily. Then give them clues that will lead them on an exciting hunt until they get to their final destination. They can work alone or in teams if you want them to, and the winner is the group that gets to the treasure first!

Kids love hunting games, especially when there’s a promise of treasure or a sweet treat at the end of it. You can’t go wrong with throwing a treasure hunt at a party. The best part is, the clues are entirely up to you. You can make them as easy or as hard as you want! Your kids will be happy to explore their surroundings, trying to figure out what your clues mean.

6. Bean Bag Toss Game

Following on from the superhero theme of the dress-up relay race, the bean bag toss game is a great way for your kids to have a bit of fun with their favourite heroes. All you need is the banner with gaps in to allow your kids to throw bean bags through. Each hole will be worth a different amount of points, and the winner will be the kid with the most points at the end of the game!

It’s up to you how many times you allow each kid to throw a bean bag, but either way, they’ll love competing for the top spot. The competitive spirit of children is amazing, and exploring that with them is perfect for a birthday party. Give this one a go if you’re looking for a fun and quick game that can be played again and again.

7. Pin The Tail On The Dinosaur

A classic party game that your kids will adore. Pin the tail on the dinosaur is a great way to have a bit of fun without much of a competition. Instead, the children will be blindfolded (and you can spin them on the spot if you want to give them a real challenge). Then they have to try and find the dinosaur’s tail on the picture in front of them and pin the tail to it. The winner will be whoever gets the closest! It’s a lot harder than it seems.

This game is perfect for engaging your kids at a birthday party. While only one of them can go at a time, all the rest can sit around and watch the blindfolded kid try their best. There will be plenty of laughs and hilarious moments, especially when the tail somehow ends up protruding out of the dinosaur’s nose!

8. Peppa Pig Music Chair

We’ve all heard of the classic game of musical chairs. Now it’s a bit more exciting for the kids with the addition of Peppa Pig music. Set up a circle of chairs (there should be one less than there are children) for the kids to walk around while listening to Peppa Pig music. At random points, stop the music, and all the kids have to sit down. Each round one is eliminated because there won’t be a chair to sit on. Take a chair away and start the music again!

The winner will be the last kid standing! You can’t go wrong with this one! It will make for some hilarious moments and will be entertaining to watch, even for the kids knocked out early!

9. Twister

Twister is another classic that makes for some interesting engagement with the children that play it. All you need is the Twister game which includes a mat and a spinner. Have the children stood around the mat and begin! Spin the wheel and see what body part they have to put where. It’ll make for some hilarious moments when someone has to bend in a weird way over one of their friends.

The winner is the last player standing (literally). At some point, everyone will start to fall over! It is a brilliant game with a different tone that makes it fun for both the players and the watchers. There’s a great competitive spirit to it too, and each kid will have a fun way to get to a colour that they didn’t think would have been possible to move to! You’ll see some truly impressive positions!

10. Party Bubbles

Who doesn’t love bubbles? All kids love bubbles. There’s no doubt about that! All you need to do to have fun with party bubbles is to prepare bubble sticks of different shapes and sizes and get the bubble soap ready. You can then leave the kids to their own fun as they dip their sticks into the soap and see what wonderful bubbles they can create.

There is no winner in party bubbles, just a whole lot of fun for everyone involved. They can try and create the biggest bubbles or the most interesting bubbles, but it’s all a bit of fun at the end of the day! It’s a great addition to any birthday party.

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