10 Winter Party Games for Kids: Immense Fun & Enjoyment Like a Live Snowman

winter party games for kids

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Winter is coming! Winter gives us a wonderful opportunity to embrace the season full of white snow. We (especially kids!) love feathery white and sparklingly gorgeous snow. So, during the upcoming winter holiday, let our kids play and enjoy the snow to the fullest. Of course, it might be too cold at some times! That’s why we should arrange some cheerful and interesting indoor games for kids to play at home so that they never get bored. Playing these winter party games for kids has three special benefits.

i) First of all, they will never get bored at home.

ii) Secondly, your kids won’t be too obsessed with their iPads, mobile phones, and TV games.

iii) Thirdly, some of these winter holiday party games for kids will allow them to hone and nurture their creativity, imagination, problem-solving skills, and memory.

1) Snowman Bingo 

If you are looking for winter themed party games, then Snowman Bingo is an excellent option for sure! Starting from kids to adults, everyone can enjoy this game in the comfort of their own home. Please note that it’s an indoor game and has simple gaming rules which kids can easily follow.

To start with, you’ll need to distribute one bingo card and several player chips to each player. Now, each player will put a player chip over the free space. Next, the caller will randomly pick one chip and call out, like the gingerbread man. Each player will now start marking the player cards. Finally, the winning combo — once a kid player makes a line of five pieces, he/she will say BINGO to others, and become the winner.

2) Snowman Toss Game 

Just like Snowman Bingo, Snowman Toss Game is one of the best fun games for kids, especially for winter parties. Note, it’s an outdoor game and extremely interesting to play! First of all, the player needs to place the snowman toss game hanging banner at the outdoor location.

Now, players will create different-sized snowballs and toss them through the open holes of the snowball banner. If it’s a successful throw, the player will get points. Whoever accumulates the most number of points, he/she will win.

3) Snowman Bowling

This is another exciting winter holiday party outdoor game. Before you start playing this game with your kids, let’s prepare the required poster materials, such as snowmen, reindeer, snowflakes, and penguins. You can use any basic poster board in order to draw and paint these game characters (ten in total). Engage your kids to prepare these materials.

Next, tag/pin these ten hand-made game characters to ten empty, two-liter bottles. Once it’s done, go outdoor, bring out a shovel, and carve out a snow bowling lane. Now as the bowling lane, as well as the bowling characters are ready, take a white ball, roll it down, and aim at the bowling characters (should be placed at the farthest side of the snow bowling lane), and knock them over as many as possible.

4) Make a Snowman Game

Nothing beats the idea of making your own snowman. The best part is that you can now make a live snowman easily and hassle-freely. 

To play this game, let’s divide the kids into two teams. For each team, please assign two rolls of toilet paper, one hat, and one scarf. Each team will now choose their own snowman, start wrapping him/her with toilet paper, put the hat and scarf on the snowman, and yell ‘Done’ as soon as the snowman decoration is complete. The team that makes the best-looking snowman (also, quickly) will win the game.

5) Snow Relay Race

Winter party games for kids have to be engaging and enthralling! That’s why we have come up with this idea. 

To enjoy this game, all you’ll need to get two buckets (one big and one small). Please fill the big one with fake snow and keep the small one empty. Kids can craft fake snow using confetti or cotton balls. 

Kids will now create two teams, use a small shovel, do the racing between them in relay style, scoop up the snow out of the large bucket, and then dump them into the empty small bucket. That’s it! Simple yet interesting.

6) Mitten Match

Mitten Match is going to be the most enthralling winter holiday party games for kids. Also, it’s very easy to play this exciting game! To start with, parents will need to pile up various wooly pairs (the more you get, the better it will be). Now, hide one-half of these wooly pairs to some treasured locations. Next, give the rest half pairs to the kid hunters and instruct them to find out the missing ones! 

These little hunters will apply their uncanny ability, find out the missing ones to make a perfect match, and win points accordingly for each matching pair.

7) Winter Bouncy Ball Spoon Relay Race

This winter bouncy ball spoon relay race has a special aim i.e. you’ll simply need to pass the “bouncy ball” back and forth on the spoons, without dropping it. This is one of the best games for training your kids’ balance efficiency. 

These bouncy balls are very resilient that will make the game more challenging and exciting.

8) Don’t Break the Ice

These indoor winter game party activities are the best for young and older kids. Don’t Break the Ice comes with a complete set that includes an ice tray frame, two mallets, ice tray legs, a large ice block, small ice blocks, and the Penguin.

First of all, kids will place the Penguin on top of the ice tray. Now, they will gently tap out the ice blocks one by one, without falling Penguin. Each player will get an equal number of chances. The player who can keep the penguin from falling wins the game.

9) Musical Snowflakes

Musical Snowflake in nothing but the classic musical chair game with a winter makeover. All you will need to get is a paper snowflake in a circular shape and let all the kids stand on top of it. 

Crank the music tunes, let the kids walk the line, when the music stops, everyone must aim for the snowflake seat. The last kid who completes the entire game and beats others will receive the winner title.

10) Pin The Snowman Game

This can be a perfect indoor at the winter parties. This pin nose on snowman game set includes one huge Christmas pin nose poster, twenty-four pieces of nose stickers (including carrot nose posters), and a polyester blindfold. Kids will need to pin the nose on the snowman game set in a blindfolded way.

Who does it correctly will be the winner! The best part is that these peel-off nose stickers are reusable and easy to use. 

So, what are you waiting for? With these ten winter holiday party games for kids, this season will be even more fun, crazy, appealing, and engaging.

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