11½ Hilarious Dress Up Theme Party Costumes For Adults

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Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Dressing up is NOT just for kids! Costume parties are a great way to make everyone feel relaxed in a chilled out setting, and it’s always hilarious to see new guests arrive wearing something completely out-there! But if you’re the kind of person who gets an invitation to a dress up theme party in the post and then dies a little inside, it can be a little difficult to see the fun side of it. Especially if the host hasn’t set a theme and you have no idea what to go as. Seeing “There isn’t a theme, come as whatever you want” might seem like a thoughtful thing to do as a host, but it strikes fear into the heart of many of us! But don’t worry, your friendly online party planners are on hand to help, and today we’ll be giving you 11½ costume ideas that will have the other guests splitting their sides with laughter when they see you arrive at the party!

Costume Ideas For Women 

Wonder Woman 

Is there a better choice than a Wonder Woman costume for women? It’s a classic! And we know for sure you’d fit right in to any dress up theme party: fish and chips, cheese and onion, Wonder Woman and costume parties – these are classic combinations that are an automatic success! You’ll look like the real deal in the costume too because it really looks the part! Besides, what’s more hilarious than someone walking into the party and striking a superhero pose as though they’ve come to rescue the evening? Trust us, this is a brilliant choice!

Giant Banana 

Wonder Woman not silly enough for you? Alright then, we’ll up the stakes a little. We take our Wonder Woman costume and raise you a Giant Banana. Yes. We did just say that. If you really want to bring a smile to other guests’ faces, then there’s no better place to start than with a Giant Banana costume. An open dress up theme party is the perfect excuse to wear something that’s completely whacky! And there’s nothing whackier than a woman dressed as a Giant Banana. Or is there…?

Fried Egg Adults Fancy Dress 

Sticking with the food theme here, for no other reason than the fact that somebody who arrives at a party dressed as food is automatically hilarious in our books! A fried egg is about as random as a Giant Banana, and we think this Fried Egg adults fancy dress costume is the perfect one to make everybody stop and take notice of you when they arrive. Some will laugh, others will think you’re mad, but EVERYONE will be talking about the ‘fried egg girl’. 

Where’s Wally? Wenda Costume 

Another classic for you now. This Where’s Wally? Wenda costume for women might not be hilarious when you first look at it, but there’s so many things you can do to make it hilarious. Imagine the night. You’ve arrived at the dress up theme party. Everybody thinks your Wenda costume is cute, but you’ve not really made anybody laugh yet. Now you’re a few drinks in and you’re having a good time. This is the perfect excuse for you to start a game of hide and seek. Make sure you find the craziest places to hide – your Wenda after all, they shouldn’t easily find you! You’re sure to make everybody laugh by getting all the guests involved in a hilarious game of hide and seek with Where’s Wenda herself!

Queen of Hearts Playing Card Fancy Dress Costume 

For us, dress up costumes become truly hilarious when you leave half the room wondering how you thought of something so utterly random. This Queen of Hearts costume will certainly make people do that. It’s such a random and out-there idea that we know everybody will love it, and we bet you won’t accidentally clash with another guest on the night either! 

Costumes Women’s Super Plumber

Let’s just all agree that this costume probably once rhymed with ‘Fiji’ – but if anybody asks, we never told you that, right? Anyway, this is a classic costume and everybody will think you’re hilarious when you arrive dressed as Lui – sorry – a Women’s Super Plumber…this is a fun dress up party costume anyway.

Costume Ideas For Men

Mexican Taco Costume

YUM! Want to make everybody drool the moment you walk in? No – not over you – over your Mexican Taco costume, of course! But hey, if you want to tell yourself they’re all looking at you with glazed eyes because you look amazing, not your costume, then you won’t find anybody here who’s going to stop you! Either way, you’ll look hilarious in this taco costume and we’re sure you’ll get a few laughs!

He Man Fancy Dress

Honestly, what’s funnier than a man showing up to a dress up theme party as a 1980s superhero- He Man? Nothing, that’s what! This costume even comes complete with a frankly ridiculously large inflatable sword. If people aren’t laughing from the moment you walk in, they certainly will be when you start playfully attacking your friends with the sword!

Smiffys Men's M-US Size 38"-40" He-Man/Prince Adam Muscle Costume, Beige

Skinsuit Costume 

One way to really make an impression at a dress up party is to make no impression at all. This skinsuit dress costume will keep everybody guessing who’s underneath. If you don’t want anybody to recognise you easily, then this is the perfect outfit for you! Just walk around and do silly/outrageous things whilst people keep guessing who you are. Eventually you’ll have to come clean, of course, but everyone will be finished laughing by then anyway! 

Cheer Leader Man Costume

Maybe you don’t want to come as food, or a muscular superhero, or even in the ultimate disguise? Maybe, just maybe, you want to be a cheer leader for the night. Now, you’re going to look hilarious in this outfit no matter what you do, but we’d definitely reward brownie points for those of you who have a routine all worked out for your grand entrance. So if you really want to make people laugh, make sure you practise those cheer leader cheers before coming to the party! Every guests are going to love this dress up party costume.

Baby Costume 1 

Sometimes it’s good for men to admit that, at times, we can all be big babies. One way of showing everyone you’re totally cool with that is to arrive at a dress up theme party dressed as, well, a big baby! The blue Babygro really completes the look for us and we can guarantee you’ll make everybody laugh when you show up like this. Maybe you could practise your baby cries if you don’t get your own way throughout the night. It’s the perfect way to guarantee you’ll get that last beer everybody’s fighting over at least! This is one of my favorite dress up party costume.

Baby Costume ½

We don’t have a costume for this one, but we thought we’d give you the perfect last-minute, budget-friendly costume we could think of. And no, we promise we’re not punishing you for being too disorganised to pick one of the amazing choices we have above! If you’re really struggling for ideas and you’ve left it too late to pick up a costume, then you could always put on an adult diaper and head out the door. It’ll be hilarious and may set a new and one of the more popular college dress up party themes, but can we just give you a friendly reminder? Wear underwear. Accidents can happen and the last thing you want is for, lol.

Photo by Gigi on Unsplash

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