12 Brilliant Housewarming Party Favors for Guests

housewarming party favors

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Congratulations on moving into your new house. It’s indeed your Home Sweet Home and we wish you a happy living here. When you are throwing a housewarming party to share your joy of living in a dream, new home with friends and family, you may receive gifts from them which are full of their good wishes. Please remember that it is a very nice gesture to prepare some housewarming party favors or return gifts to guests, not only to convey thanks for squeezing time from their busy schedule to share your joy but also to send them your best wishes as well. We have chosen 12 expensive housewarming party favors for you in this case.

Small House Shaped Pendant Keychains | Housewarming party favors

1) House Shaped Pendant Keychains

Since it’s all about housewarming party favors, we must pick something that reflects the theme. That’s why we have already chosen premium quality keychains with house shaped motifs. Its stunning silvery design looks extremely flawless and eye-catching. Guests will certainly love this amazing token of gift and even use it for daily purposes. For example, they can store and organize multiple keys using this keychain.

Skeleton Key Bottle Opener | Housewarming party favors

2) House Key Bottle Openers

If you are looking for inexpensive housewarming party favors, then this house key bottle opener is worth your consideration. Since the housewarming party is all about the new house, and key leads to a new house. Thus, it will definitely reflect the key theme of the party. Also, please make sure to write down the thank you message to guests on the tag card and deliver your personalized heart-filled notes. What’s even better, this polished and sturdy bottle opener is fadeproof, lead-free, and eco-friendly.

Home Sweet Home - Mini Wine and Champagne Bottle Label Stickers | Housewarming party favors

3) Mini Wine 

For your housewarming party get-together, please dont forget to arrange some mini wine or champagne drinks for guests. They will love the idea of taking a sip into their favorite drinks. Now, to make the idea more unique and personalized, make sure to use a Home Sweet Home bottle sticker to wrap around it.

House-shaped Base Memo Clips Holder with Alligator Clip | Housewarming party favors

4) House-shaped Base Memo Clips Holder

In our list of top 12 housewarming party favor ideas, we have included this memo clips holder for a special purpose. First of all, these card holders all feature a solid house-shaped base, so meaningful for the theme. Secondly, this product will allow guests to keep their memo/number cards compact and organized for better storage and display.

Round Shape Cake Folded Towel | Housewarming party favors

5) Round Shape Cake Folded Towel

This is an excellent housewarming gift for all guests alike. The product is all about a round-shaped cake folder towel that may appear as a sweet delectable dessert at the first glance. Rest assured that this towel is made of 100% microfiber material, great for guests for regular usage. This microfiber towel wrapped into a delicious cake shape is machine washable and dryer safe.

6) Vintage Jewelry Tray

If your housewarming party favors for guests need to be one-of-a-kind as well as vintage, then you can surely consider gifting this special trinket tray. This tray has a spectacular design i.e. elegant bow pattern, consummate workmanship, and hand-painted golden edge. Other interesting features of this vintage trinket tray include smooth and breakage-proof material.

7) Mini Portable Grill Machine

Our sweet home needs some great food as well, isn’t it? Of course, we all love the idea to keep the house warm, and this portable griller not only can keep food warm, but also it is such a thoughtful and practical gift. Do you now want to know how your guests can make use of this gift? Well, they can prepare sandwiches, burgers, breakfast menus, snacks, lunch preparations, and loads of delectable menus simply by using this mini, portable, smart grill machine.

8) Sunflower Style Soap

These sweetly scented and delightfully detailed soaps are ideal for premium guests at your housewarming party. Not only do these soaps come with small, beautifully detailed gift boxes for easy gift-giving, but also the soaps are made of high-quality material for better results. Specially, these sunflower style soaps will be a perfect housewarming gift for women who love to have soothing, relaxing, and glorious skin.

Belgian Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Spoons with Marshmallows | Housewarming party favors

9) Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Spoons with Marshmallows

Housewarming parties will remain incomplete without a tasty chocolate treat. To enhance this idea, we have come up with some milk chocolate hot cocoa preparations with marshmallows. These high-quality treats are inspired by authentic Belgian flavors. What’s more interesting, guests can reuse the wooden spoon after eating the chocolates and marshmallows.

10) Honey Mason Jar

Mason jars offer you an excellent idea to prepare some truly admirable as well as personalized treats for housewarming guests. We have already selected glass honey jars with golden lids. Rest assured that these mason jars are made of high-quality glass material and they are dish wash safe and BPA-free. All you will need is to fill them with some honey and jam. Also, do not forget to attach a housewarming tag to the mason jars before gifting them to guests.

Cactus Candles Succulent Candles  | Housewarming party favors

11) Cactus Candles

Handcrafted cactus candles will be one of the best housewarming party favors for guests. Of course, all these candles come with a cute, refreshing, and environmentally friendly succulent design that is ready to be lit continuously for 4-5 hours straight. Your guests will enjoy the peaceful and romantic atmosphere as soon as your light these succulent candles in your bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and anywhere inside your house. They also come with a fantastic vintage kraft box, thus pretty much ready to gift to your guests right away.

Thank You for Celebrating with Us Facial Tissues | Housewarming party favors

12) Thank You for Celebrating with Us Facial Tissues

We have already mentioned our housewarming party favor ideas are inexpensive and affordable. Furthermore, they offer practical value. For example, consider this particular product i.e. Facial tissues that are small, portable, and ideal for travel. These tissue packs will surely come in handy at various moments for the guests, starting from wiping away dust and dirt to protect yourself from cough, cold, and sneezing issues in public places. Kindly note that these tissues are made of natural bamboo pulp paper – very soft, smooth, and delicate on the skin.

Wrapping Up of Housewarming Party Favor Ideas

With this, we have covered a total of 12 housewarming party favors for all guests. So, get set to host and celebrate a new housewarming party and have a blast altogether!

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