12 Budget Friendly & Exciting Airplane Party Favors for Boys’ Birthday

airplane party favors

Last updated on May 29th, 2022

Why should we prepare airplane party favors for boys’ birthday party?

Being a pilot or crew is probably one of the favorite dreams of many kids as they may like the feeling of flying in the sky or love to travel around the world with an airplane. Therefore airplane birthday party is one of the highly preferable birthday parties and baby shower party themes for boys. In this article, we are going to give you some excellent ideas. So, while you are preparing an airplane party, you may consider preparing airplane-themed goodie bags stuffed with 12 exciting and amazing airplane-themed party favors we are going to suggest this time.

72 Pack of Airplane Gliders Bulk | airplane party favors

1) Airplane Gliders Party Favors

Taking off the aircraft from the ground is indeed an exciting dream of many airplane lovers. Plus, it is fun for kids to use the gliders to play in the park with friends. What’s more, they even may have a competition to see which one flies the longest distance. This time, we have brought Styrofoam plane gliders that can be a perfect stuffer in the airplane birthday party favor bags.

Airplane Coloring Book Set with 12 Coloring Books and 48 Crayons | airplane party favors

2) Airplane Coloring Book

Kids have a free mind with endless creativity. So, you should let them use and play around with their creative skills and design their favorite airplane. Using this coloring book, they will know how to color the plane and create their very own design of an airplane. For airplane themed party favors, this book is surely a perfect option to consider.

Wooden Model Airplane Wood Planes | airplane party favors

3) Wood Planes for DIY

We have already told you that kids have creative minds. Hence, they can certainly use their creativity and paint their own pictures and colors to this wooden airplane according to their preferences. Thus, if you are planning to put something unique and interesting aviation party favors in goodie bags, then do not forget to include these particular DIY planes.

4) Pilot Sunglasses

Are you planning to organize an airplane birthday party? If yes, then please feel free to offer kids these cool, eye-catching, and lightweight pilot sunglasses so that they look at their best. The good part? These stylish sunglasses perfectly match all types of outfits including fancy dressing parties, cosplay events, birthday celebrations, and more.

Dragon Fly Copter Toys for Kids | airplane party favors

5) Dragon Fly Copter Toys

Do you remember our childhood days? We all loved toys. Especially, when you get a unique and interesting toy, there is certainly a no better option to please the kids than this. That’s why we have come up with Dragon Fly Copter toys this time. Not only these items are the best for airplane birthday party favors, but also they can offer your kids hours of endless fun and find out who flies airplane toys the fastest. These dragonfly toys are fun for kids of all ages.

Airplane Multi Point Stackable Push Pencil Assortment with Eraser | airplane party favors

6) Airplane Multi Point Stackable Push Pencil Party Favors

Kids can use these pencil sets to write or draw anything about their pilot team of use in their daily life. For example, starting from their dream of becoming a pilot to taking off their aircraft from the ground and then landing it back, these airplane stacking pencils with non-sharpening leads are indeed a useful gift for kids. Each of these pencils has 11 refillable stacking leads.

Sling Shot Foam Planes for Kids| airplane party favors

7) Sling Shot Foam Planes

We have already covered so many exciting and interesting airplane themed party favors in the above sections. This time, we have come up with Sling Shot Foam Planes that are ready to fly in the sky. As you gift these stunning toys to kids, they can easily launch them in the air and watch them flying over the sky. Rest assured that kids will be super delighted to watch it fly!

Parachute Toy | airplane party favors

8) Parachute Toy 

A parachute is a very exciting kind of sport! For example, people flying from an airplane to challenge themselves and enjoy the ultra excitement — is indeed the best moment of fun. Now, we have brought for you a perfect parachute toy that imitates the real landing situation. In addition, these toys will even improve children’s manipulative ability, operational skills, real-time simulation, intelligence, and creativity.

9) Foam Airplane and Twist Disc Flyer

Are you looking for a set of airplane themed birthday party favors? If yes, then airplane toys along with twist disc flyer saucers will be a perfect gift for kids of young ages. Rest assured that playing with foam gliders and pulling string flying saucers is a healthy way to spend time, engage minds, and have fun among kids. This will also reduce their spending time on the computer or television.

10) Airplane Temporary Tattoos

Since kids love cool and fun stuff, we have included these temporary airplane tattoos for them. These temporary tattoos feature various designs of aircraft, airplanes, helicopters, fighter jets, clouds, and much more too. What’s more, these tattoos are so shiny, glittery, and silvery. Rest assured that kids will simply love wearing and flaunting these temporary tattoos for sure.

Airplane Stampers for Kids Birthday Party Favors Bag Stuffers | airplane party favors

11) Airplane Stampers Party Favors

If you are searching for some budget-friendly airplane party favors to please your kids right away, then these airplane stampers will surely be an amazing piece. These pre-inked plastic stamps will help you flaunt different airplane designs, all bright and colorful enough to grab your kid’s attention right away! These airplane stampers are also quite easy to use and kids will love using these pieces to make their favorite airplane stampers.

12) Pullback Airplane Toys 

Sometimes, airplanes do move in the ground, especially in the airport (during the time of take-off and landing back). So, kids can use these pullback toys to have a competition with friends and find out which one can go the longest distances or may even see who has better parking skills. This is perfect for fun at the playground or indoors. These vibrant, colorful, and eye-catching airplane toys will immediately light up kids’ minds and make their playtime much more engaging.

Airplane Party Favor Bags Treat Bags | airplane party favors

13) Use an Airplane Goodie Bag to wrap the Airplane Party Favors

We have already covered twelve airplane birthday party favors for you in the above sections, starting from paper airplane party favors to airplane toys, copter toys, and much more too. Now, this is the time to wrap these airplane themed birthday party favors in the perfect goodie bag. We have already picked an Airplane Goodie Bag so that you can easily wrap the gifts and present them to your kid guests.

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