12 creative baby shower game prize ideas for every budget

baby shower game prize

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

As a host, it’s always a great idea to organize baby shower games in order to keep your guests engaged and entertained. Now, the question is do you give prizes for baby shower games? Of course, the straightforward answer is YES. Adopting excellent baby shower game prize ideas will not only lift the overall fun and spirit of the event but also brings joy to guests who squeeze precious time from their busy daily schedules to attend these functions.

Imagine the laughter on their face once they receive a fun and cute prize. Baby Shower game prizes do not need to be extremely fancy or expensive, conversely, you may consider something cute and fun and useful for your guests that they will surely love and use subsequently.

So, what are good prizes for baby shower games? Well, to answer this question, we have chosen 12 affordable, fun, and useful items for you. Let’s now find out a quick review of these twelve innovative and unique baby shower game prize ideas.

1 Mini Tabasco

To tune up the game and party atmosphere, you can consider this gift set as a perfect option. The best part is that these mini Tabasco bottles look so hot, cute and adorable. These can be charming gift options for everyone, specifically your guests at the baby shower party. Each pack includes thirty mini Tabasco bottles. Moreover, this gift set is available at an extremely affordable price. This is gonna to be a funny and well received baby shower game prizes especially if you guests love spicy.

2 Craft Cocktail Mixer

Normally, we do not serve alcoholic drinks at baby showers as mum cannot drink such drinks, why do not we give out some craft mixer so guests can prepare a refreshing drink for themselves at home! Won’t it be a cool and nice prize idea for a perfect baby shower? Of course, it is. Craft Cocktail Mixer not only tastes delicious, but also it’s healthy and nutritious. The formula features all-natural ingredients and does not include any unhealthy chemicals or additives. Plus, it’s vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, low-carb, low-calorie, low-sugar, and non-GMO.

3 Soft Chiffon Scarves Shawl

These chiffon scarves cum shawls can also be one of the best and most stylish baby shower prize ideas. These are soft, comfortable, and lightweight scarves cum shawls. These items can be a gorgeous accessories for all seasons, including spring, summer, fall, autumn, and more. Each scarf has a barely minimum weight of 130 grams. You will get four pieces of scarves/shawls in each pack.

4 Thank You for Coming Lip Balm

Are you wondering what are good prizes for baby shower games? Well, here’s a good recommendation for you! These tiny lip balms have a wonderful fragrance (vanilla flavor). They are completely handmade and contain SPF 15. Note, each pack contains a total of twelve lip balms.

5 Unicorn and Friends Bath Bomb Set

For unique and exciting baby shower gift options, this bath bomb set is indeed a suitable option. In this gift set pack, you will get 2 dinosaur bath bombs, 2 unicorn bath bombs, and 2 bear bath bombs. Each of them has a marvelous aroma, such as peppermint, bergamot, lavender, citrus, peach, pink pepper, cherry blossom, sweet orange, rose, and jasmine. These bath bombs will gently moisturize and indulge the skin. Plus, it will make the skin soft, supple, and silky.

6 From my shower to yours soap

Do you wish to keep an exquisite prize for baby shower game winners? If yes, we have picked these pink and white glitter soap favors for you! They are great to add to any goodie bag. They feature a wonderful aroma and are very delicate to your gentle skin. In each pack, you will get twelve such soap favors.

7 Baby’s breath seed

You can instantly add a sweet and elegant touch to your baby shower party by arranging this gift option for guests. These are baby’s breath seed packets for planting (suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor gardening). Each envelope features hand illustrated, bird pattern design and comes with a personalized message. Your guests will simply be delighted by such amazing gifts.

8 Massage Oil

For any type of baby shower theme, these massage oil party favors will be a great addition. Your guests will definitely love these all-natural skin nourishing oils that are ready to deliver the world’s most luxurious spa experience. These massage oils are made of premium farm-fresh ingredients and have no added fillers. The formula features the following four key ingredients, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and pure essential oils. Each gift pack contains five such massage oils in five different enticing scents (Coconut, Tea Tree, Sandalwood, Mandarin, and Lavender).

9 Floral Cotton Handkerchief

If you are searching for baby shower game prizes on a budget, then hankies are surely cute and adorable gift options for guests. Made of 60S cotton materials, these handkerchiefs are very soft and comfortable. They are neither too thick, nor too thin. There will be six women’s handkerchiefs in every pack, with three assorted floral embroidery and special butterfly lace.

10 Pure Honey Straws

In our list of top baby shower game prize ideas, we have included a mouthwatering and heavenly delicious option! You must be now wondering what it is all about? Well, it’s all about premium-quality honey sticks. Note, these natural honey sticks are sourced and made in Ogden, Utah, the beehive state. Each stick has roughly 5 grams of pure, raw honey with no added sugar or coloring. These honey sticks can be a natural sweetener to hot chocolate, coffee, tea, ice cream, and more.

11 Bottle of Wine with Wine Bottle Label Stickers

A bottle of wine – is always considered to be one of the best party favors. For your baby shower events, you can consider gifting some wine bottles, clubbed with special wine bottle sticker labels that are precisely designed for the baby shower theme. Note, these wine bottle labels are professionally printed on sticker paper and have a glossy coating. Also, they are completely waterproof and have an impressive style. These fun wine labels will surely be loved and appreciated by your guests!

12 Amazon Gift cards

You have already revealed so many baby shower game prizes on a budget for guests in the above sections. Well, if you are not interested in presenting the guests with any tangible gifts, then the best and easiest option is offering them an Amazon coupon. Based on your individual budget, you can just go ahead and set a gift card amount for the guests. Your guests can subsequently use this token gift card money for various purposes.

Baby shower game prizes packing bag

So far, you have revealed twelve baby shower prize ideas for every budget. Are you now thinking about where you should put these party favors?

Well, we have got you covered! We have picked a packing bag recommendation that’s very much suitable for various gift-giving needs. In every pack, you will get 24 pieces of pink elephant baby gift bags. These bags feature an adorable design i.e. pink elephants, pink and blue balloons, pink cup cake, beautiful decorations, and ribbon handles. These bags are made of thick ivory cardboard material, so quite sturdy as well as cute. You can further fine-tune the packaging by attaching a personalized, pretty ribbon to it.

If you are looking for baby shower game prizes on a budget , we have selected twelve unique, useful, cute, and cheap items for you. So, get ready to make your baby shower event even more engaging and charming by adding these budget-friendly gift options for the winning guests.

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