12 Cute Sleepover Party Favors for Girls

sleepover party favors, 12 Cute Sleepover Party Favors for Girls

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Sleepover or slumber party is always welcomed by girls as they can spend all night long chatting with each other, watch movies, and have funs. It is gonna be one of the most precious memories after they grow up. As a parent or sleepover party host, in this case, let’s prepare a beautiful slumber party bag stuffed with interesting sleepover party favors to make the girls’ night more fun. 

We have chosen a bunch of stunning gifts, snacks, toys, and stationery items for them as we want to keep their sleepover night fun, relaxing, and memorable. 

sleepover party favors, 12 Cute Sleepover Party Favors for Girls

1) Mini Spa Party Tote

Before picking up cute sleepover party favors for girls, let’s prepare a beautiful goodie bag. This mini spa party tote has the perfect female swag, and it looks so girlish! And, it’s ready to stuff various slumber party favors including photo booths, hair ties, sleep masks, lip glosses, eye masks, and more.

sleepover party favors, 12 Cute Sleepover Party Favors for Girls

2) Animal Character Sheet Masks

It is so much fun to do masks during sleepover parties; well, girls need to stay pretty when they are burning their midnight oil, isn’t it? And, it is even more fun to have masks with animal designs, it will be hilarious. These playful facial masks will nourish the girls’ skins and make them feel silky smooth. The best part is that these sheet masks are made of all-natural ingredients, such as lime, grapefruit extracts, and honeysuckle.

sleepover party favors, 12 Cute Sleepover Party Favors for Girls

3) Neon Nail Polish

Applying nail polishes is one of the most popular activities of all sleepover parties, it is fun among girls to help each other doing their nails. Considering that the neon colored nail polishes are so much in the fashion nowadays, we have picked bright nail polishes like Tangy Tangerine, Bubblegum Pink, Highlight Yellow, Neon Pool, and Electric Blue. The key features of these nail polishes are the super bright color payoff, quick-dry polish, water-based formula, and non-toxic.

sleepover party favors, 12 Cute Sleepover Party Favors for Girls

4) Kids Body Lotion Making Kit

Not sure what do you put in a sleepover party bag? No problem! We have selected a unique product already i.e. Kids Body Lotion Making Kit which includes Plastic Bottles, Base Lotion, Scented Color Drops, Pearl Powder, Spoon, Measuring Cup, and Spatula. To be more precise, the kit contains everything to make your own body lotion that can actually make the skin brighter and smoother. Based on their own preference of colors and fragrances, girls will be ready to create their very own body lotion to use and bring home. Not only it is a great party favor idea but also it’s one of the best fun sleepover activities.

sleepover party favors, 12 Cute Sleepover Party Favors for Girls

5) Cute Girls Hair Tie

For slumber party guests, these elastic flower hair bands are another great option when it comes to slumber party favors. Girls can perfectly use these hair ties to make each other hairstyles. In addition, these funky, stylish hair ties are even good for daily wearing purposes.

sleepover party favors, 12 Cute Sleepover Party Favors for Girls

6) Cute Sleeping Mask

We have already covered skin-nourishing sheet masks in the above sections. Here, we are going to talk about cute sleeping masks for girls. It will be fun to have some unicorn and animal-designed sleeping masks to wear while girls sleep together! Note, these sleeping masks are made of soft and comfortable material and come with elastic bands for a pleasant, calm, and relaxed experience.

sleepover party favors

7) Snowflake Light Up Wands

In kids’ sleepover parties, presenting them snowflake light up wands will indeed be an excellent gifting option. Isn’t it fun to turn on a flashlight and talk to each other? Maybe we should prepare them with some white glow light up party favors. Rest assured that everyone will be so much delighted when they get these sleepover party gifts.

sleepover party favors

8) Bath Bombs

We have already covered so many sleepover gift bag ideas in the above sections. This time, we will talk about bath bombs that’ll make girls’ bathtime so much fun and interesting. Specially, these bath bombs feature mythical animal design patterns. Each bath bomb is full of surprises! For instance, they’re loaded with surprising animal figures, such as rabbits, elephants, and little bears. The bath bombs are formulated with shea butter and essential oils.

sleepover party favors

9) Lip Gloss

When it comes to picking girl sleepover party favors, how can we forget about some makeup stuff! We all know that girls love to use makeup essentials. For example, we have included glossy, shimmery, and high shine glosses that can go well with all types of moods and outfits. The color options include varying shades, starting from bold to neutral that goes well with party makeups as well as daily makeover routines.

sleepover party favors, 12 Cute Sleepover Party Favors for Girls

10) Unicorn Plush Toys

Girls love soft toys and plush toys, isn’t it? Taking this into consideration, we have picked a variety of colorful and vibrant goodie bag stuffers for girls. These party favor ideas are all about unicorn plush toys. Please note that these are extremely high-quality rainbow plush toys that have attractive and realistic detailing. Kids will certainly love these pieces and they can even hug their favorite plush unicorn toys while sleeping.

sleepover party favors, 12 Cute Sleepover Party Favors for Girls

11) Cute Fruit Bath Loofahs

This is another girlish item that can go so well when it comes to sleepover party bag ideas. These are fruit bathing sponges in different colors and shapes, like strawberries, watermelons, pineapples, oranges, and so on. Not only they are cute, colorful, and soft, but also they produce a lot of foam together when you apply it with shower gel or soap. These bath loofahs will make girls’ bathing process better and more enjoyable.

sleepover party favors

12) Matching Pajama

Isn’t it fun to wear the same set of pajamas at a pajama party? Well, you may arrange the same set of sleeping wear for the girls for the sleepover party. In that way, when they will be altogether ready for a slumber party, birthday party, or kids party, they will wear the same set of matching pajamas! You will be really surprised to know such simple sleepover party bag ideas can actually make the party more exciting and enthralling.

sleepover party favors

13) Popcorn Mini Cone 

If you are planning to arrange some movie watching activities at your sleepover party, then preparing popcorn mini cones is one of the best sleepover party favors that girls can enjoy popcorn while they are watching the movie together. All you need is to arrange lip-smacking popcorns or any other delectable snacks and your girls will be ready to have a blast feast at the party!

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