12 Fabulous Party Hanging Decorations That’ll Take Your Guest’s Breath Away

party hanging decorations, 12 Fabulous Party Hanging Decorations That’ll Take Your Guest’s Breath Away

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

If you’ve been coming to this blog for a while, then you might have already seen our Piñata post from a while ago. You might have guessed as you read that post that if you put something on a string and dangle it in front of us, then we instantly love it. But not everything that’s hung at parties should have to be destroyed, so we’ve decided to put together 12 hanging decorations that are perfect for a range of parties, but are guaranteed to impress your guests! Ready to jump right into the decorations? Alright, let’s do it!

1. Tropical Birds Honeycomb Parrot 

Cheep-cheep! Want this gang of birds to make a scene at your next animal themed party? Or maybe you’re looking for something a little extra to hang up at your next Hawaiian themed party? Whatever you use it for, these tropical birds are sure to impress with their bright colours. Everyone will have a different favourite, but for us, the tropical parrots take the grand prize! Just look at them sharing that branch like a couple of lovebirds! 

2. Hanging Paper Fans Pineapple and Flamingo Flower 

Did somebody say Pina Colada? No? Just us wishful thinking again… Never mind, these hanging pineapple and flamingo paper fans are sure to make every guest feel like they’re sipping their cocktails in Hawaii itself at your next summer Hawaiian party. The bright colours and cute design make for some really winning party hanging decorations here and we know your guests will love them!

3. Tissue Paper Decor Pom Pom 

Here comes the bride! This tissue paper decor pom pom hanging garland is perfect for any wedding party. The colour pink is the colour of love, and what says a party like a pom pom? That’s right, nothing says party like a pom pom! It’s designed in a really classy way too. Sometimes decor pom poms can look a little tacky, but not these, and we think you’ll agree when you take a look below! 

4. Hanging LED Starburst Light 

IT’S CHRISTMAAAASSSS! Too soon? Yeah, maybe it’s a little too soon. Still, you can’t deny that these hanging LED starburst lights would be perfect for a Christmas Party. But if you’re not ready to hear the C-word just yet, then why not pick them up anyway? These will light up your outdoor party by adding all the magic of a star in the sky to your garden area! 

5. Rose Gold 18th Hanging Swirl 

We bet you can’t guess what party we recommend this rose gold 18th hanging swirl decoration for? That’s right, every young woman wants to be surrounded by amazing decorations when she’s coming of age, and this definitely fits the bill. Don’t get rid of it after her 18th birthday either, we can use the rose gold at other parties, just don’t hang the ones that have 18 on! 2 party decorations for the price of one! You’re welcome…

6. LED Photo Clip String Lights 

These LED photo clip string lights are just perfect for anniversaries or milestone birthdays such as a 60th. Simply purchase these lights, hang the story of your marriage or story of the birthday person’s life along the photo clips and literally light up your life. It’s a really special way to celebrate a really special day! These are gonna be a lovely birthday hanging decorations.

7. Unicorn Hanging Swirl 

What else could a girl need at her birthday party? Rainbows? Check. Shooting stars? Check. Gems? Check. Are we missing anything? Oh yes, the unicorns, of course! But don’t worry, this hanging swirl has all of that and we can guarantee your little girl’s eyes will light up the moment she walks in to see these amazing hanging decorations! Indeed, we have another article about 7 steps to create a magical unicorn themed birthday party, check it out!

8. Hanging Hot Air Balloon Paper Lanterns 

Up, up, and away! We’ve had something for the girls, now it’s time for the boys! This hanging hot air balloon paper lantern decoration is perfect for any little boy’s birthday party. Why? Because boys generally love something if it can do one of two things: move really fast or fly. A hot air balloon might not get you anywhere quickly, but it can certainly fly, and your little boy will love them! 

9. Cherry Blossom Hanging Lantern 

Took our advice from a few posts back about throwing a Japanese themed party? Excellent! Then we have just the hanging decorations for that too. This cherry blossom hanging lantern is beautiful as a decorative piece, but looks AMAZING when it’s been lit up. Want to see it for yourself? Have a look below, we’re sure it won’t disappoint! 

10. Star Hanging Decoration 

A baby’s world starts out so small. Just them, their Mum, and their Dad. But parents always want their world to grow. They want their baby to have a life less ordinary, one filled with adventure, love, and excitement. You know what says that? Stars. You know what we’ve found? A star hanging decoration that we just know will be perfect for any baby shower. The world might not be ready for your little one yet, but this decoration will help get them ready for the world! 

11. Hanging Paper Fan 

An afternoon tea party needs something subtle but colourful, bright but sophisticated. It basically needs some class. Well, if you’re looking to add some class to an afternoon tea party, then consider picking up this hanging paper fan decoration! It looks great; the colours are sure to match the theme, and your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off them.

12. Movie Theme Party Hanging Swirls

Time for a movie night? We have just the thing! These Hollywood movie theme party hanging swirls are the perfect party hanging decorations for any movie night. The beauty about this product is that you don’t have to theme it around the specific movie. That means you can use this time and time again, no matter what genre you’re watching. After all, movie night is a theme in its own right, so pick these up and they’ll certainly add to that movie night feeling!

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