12 great-looking kids party hats to make your next party more fun, interesting, and attractive

kids party hats

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Nowadays, many parents want to make their kids’ birthday events more fun, engaging, and appealing. That’s why they often opt for a unique and interesting theme for such events. Now, to make kids feel more involved and engaged in the party, it is a wise and fabulous idea to wear some cool party hats. It will certainly be a cherry on the cake! We have chosen 12 kids birthday party hats in this article so that your kids will look more fun at the next special party. Are now going to prep up an upcoming party? If yes, then our Children’s Party Hats recommendations will be quite apt for you!

Please take a look at these birthday party hats and you will get inspired straight away!

1) Pirate hats for kids party

If you are searching for some unique kids birthday party hats, then this is one of the best recommendations for you! This pirate hat is ready to provide your kid a pirate special look. Kindly note that these hats are made of non-woven fabric and are comfortable to wear. Not only six pirate hats, but you will also get six pirate eye patches in each package. The hats come with adjustable rope and the eye masks have an elastic band attached. Both masks and hats feature white skulls and cross-knife patterns which is perfect for pirate suit birthday party looks.

2) Cowboy hats for kids birthday party

These cowboy kids party hats are suitable for both cowboys as well as cowgirl looks. Moreover, the product comes in a complete package where you will get headwear, scarves, headbands, and handkerchiefs (all in twelve pieces). You will get these items in two color options, blue and red. Both color options are bold and good enough for delightful birthday party events.

3) Dinosaur kids party hat

Instead of buying the standard ready-to-wear hats, parents or hosts may consider including some kids’ party hats making kits! These DIY kits will make the party even more engaging and creative for kids. So, please feel free to include this special activity in the party. We have already come up with a recommended product where you’ll get twelve pieces of dinosaur theme party hats in six styles. The package further includes four sheets of DIY cards with dinosaur expressions, two sheets of DIY stickers loaded with decorative elements, and sixty glue point dots using which kids can design funny faces on the colorful hats.

4) Kids tea party hat for girls

These kids tea party hats are very sweet and adorable. They are suitable for an English tea party event! You will receive eight pieces of ribbon lace kids party hats in four beautiful color options. All colors look so cool and beautiful! These hats are made of high-quality straw materials and are very sturdy!

5) Mini Mexican Sombrero Hats

If you are looking for amazing birthday Mexican party hats for children, then these hats are very much ideal for you! These hats are made of straw material. This material is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to wear! These hats are based on a unique Mexican style in multiple color options including black, straw, and beige. Each of these hats features fine adornments of red pom tassels. If you are hosting Mexican theme birthday events, then these cute and funny hats are very much apt!

6) Construction worker party hats

Kids love cute construction worker party hats, isn’t it? This is an essential dress-up hat that you can wear at any birthday party. The design features a classic construction helmet that comes with a bright yellow color. These construction worker party hats are made of durable plastic material and come with twelve pieces in every pack.

7) Chef hats for kids party

If you are specifically searching for girl hat collections, then this is a perfect recommendation for you! In each pack, you will get four pieces of chef hats for kids in different colors. Please note that these high-quality chef hats are designed with polycotton twill fabric, definitely durable, long-lasting, and absolutely lovely!

8) Animal Party Hats

Looking for a perfect party costume for your kids’ upcoming birthday? If yes, then you can now take a look at these 16 animal party cone hats, available in 8 different designs featuring interesting eyes, ears, and mouths. For example, the design options include owl, bear, deer, and rabbit. These animal-printed hats are indeed vivid and interesting. In each pack, you will get sixteen pieces of colorful hats, suitable for both boys and girls.

9) Mermaid Birthday Party Hats

These Mermaid Children Party Hats are absolutely stunning and stylish! Kids always have a special attraction for mermaid characters. So, why don’t you gift them these beautiful crown-shaped party shapes? These hats come with excellent patterns including mermaid tails, purple and blue rhinestones, ocean starfishes, conch, and coral, etc. Note, you will get twelve pieces of these birthday hats in every pack.

10) Witch Hat for Halloween Party

Witch hats are very special for Halloween-themed parties! If you are going to throw a ghostly and eerie-themed party, then these hats will be your best recommendation. You will receive 4 pieces of mini Halloween witch hat hairbands in each pack. These Halloween hats are embellished with glittery sequins and they come in 4 different colors including purple, orange, green and yellow. These super gorgeous hats are lightweight and comfortable, made with a combination of plastic and non-woven fabric.

11) Firechief party Hat

If you want the kids to embrace the feeling of a hard-working fire chief firefighter, then this is a perfect children party hats for you! These novelty red firefighter fire chief hats are made of soft plastic. These hats will be a staple party favor for birthday parties, based on the firefighter emergency response team theme. These hats are lightweight yet durable. Moreover, they look so bold and beautiful. In each pack, you’ll get twelve pieces of these hats.

12) Unicorn Party Headband

For colorful birthday parties, these unicorn party headbands cum kids hats are indeed a superb choice. Of course, these hats are so lightweight and comfortable. These hats feature colorful floral accents, shimmery gold and silver ears, and pink bands. The best part is that these colorful headbands will make your child the star of the party. In each pack, you will receive eight such party favor headbands.

Party Hats Birthday Activity Kit

Let the kids craft their favorite party hat altogether! For example, this Party Hats Birthday Activity Kit will let the kid craft 12 completely unique hats. What’s more, the kids can further decorate these DIY hats with pompoms, reflective gold stickers, and even attach cartoonishly mustache, eyes, ears, and mouths. Note, this DIY party hat activity kit is available in fun character models, such as snowman, Mister Potato, dog, cow, bird, rabbit, turkey, monster, and much more too.

Whether you’re looking for girls tea party hats or stunning kids birthday party hats, we have covered everything! Rest assured that these party hats will make the party atmosphere even more cheerful. Since your kid is the main focus of the party; that’s why he/she deserves a good-quality and good-looking birthday party hat.

What’s more, you can arrange other fun and fascinating party activities for the kid guests! For example, Party Hats Birthday Activity Kit is a nice way to keep the kids involved, engaged, and entertained. Definitely, all kids (irrespective of their ages) will love such charming event activities.

So, hurry up, plan, and arrange a perfect kids’ party now. Please feel free to take a quick look at our recommended children party hats collections as inspiration.

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