12 Hilarious And Cute Christmas Party Hats To Bring Festive Fun This Holiday Season

Christmas Party Hat

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

It won’t be long until Christmas Parties are in full swing, and frankly, we can’t wait. If you’re like us, then you’ll love ALL Christmas Parties, from elegant and classy, to whacky and fun! Today’s post is best left for the whacky and fun parties with your friends and loved ones, though, because we’ve found 12 hilarious Christmas Party hats that we just know will make all your friends and family happy this year! We have it all too: funny, festive, interesting, cute – you name it, we have a Christmas Party hat suggestion for you! Ready to hear all about them? Then let’s go! 

Juvale Roasted Turkey Hat for Thanksgiving and Christmas Costume Accessories (One Size)

1. Christmas Turkey Hat 

This soft Christmas Turkey hat is, well, a turkey hat. We’re not sure how to describe it any other way. But everyone knows that turkey is synonymous with Christmas, so everybody will understand the significance. What they probably won’t understand is why it’s on your head… But that’s the beauty of whacky Christmas Party hats! Anybody wearing this will be the talk of the Christmas Party this year, for sure!

ADJOY Funny Christmas Party Hat - Elf Pants Santa Hat for Christmas Ugly Sweater Party

2. Christmas Elf Hat 

To be one of Santa’s little helpers is a beautiful thing – and this Christmas Elf hat will help you there. The classic red and white stripe pants and jingle bell shoes make this traditionally ‘Elf’! It’s hilarious because wearing a hat with an upside down Elf is strange, to say the least. But if you want to bring festive fun to the party, then this is the way to go! 

JOYIN Plush Christmas Tree Hat for Festive Party Dress Up Celebrations, Winter Party Favor, Christmas Decorations, Beanie Costume Accessories Green

3. Christmas Tree Hat 

Nothing is more Christmassy than a Christmas Tree (try saying that after a few festive eggnogs). The green foil, the star at the top, and the pom pom baubles make this Christmas Tree hat a wonderful option. It looks great actually, even if it reminds us of the artificial Christmas Trees from our childhoods! Walk into your Christmas Party with this hat to bring nostalgic Christmas memories flooding back! 

Christmas Party Hats Funny Santa Legs Stuck in Chimney, Novelty Accessory for Children and Adults, 11 1/2 Inch Red

4. Santa’s Legs In A Chimney Hat 

When Santa got stuck up the chimney, he began to shout…‘ not ready to join in on the Christmas songs just yet? That’s OK, you don’t need to sing that one, especially if you’re wearing it! That’s right, this Christmas hat shows Santa’s legs sticking out the top of the chimney, and it’s hilarious! It’ll remind everyone at the Christmas party of that infamous rhyme, and everyone will LOVE this hat!

Christmas Plush Hats Santa Claus Ear Moving hat Funny Pop Up Ears Hat Flap Hat for Christmas Red

5. Santa Claus Ear Moving Hat 

Christmas hats are all about the novelty factor for us! They should be unique, and a lot of fun! This ear moving Santa Claus hat is definitely that, because it takes the classic image of Santa Claus and adds a layer of something different. Every time you press the bobbles at the end of the long red sleeves, Santa’s ears will twitch and move, making your hat the most unique at the party!

Singing and Dancing Electric Christmas Santa Hat for Adults Kids, Swing Musical Funny Toy Hat, Plush Velvet Christmas Cap in Traditional Red White Party Hat for Christmas New Year Party Supplies Xmas Gifts

6. Singing and Dancing Electric Christmas Santa Hat 

You knew we were going to get to a Christmas hat outrageously Christmassy eventually, didn’t you? Well, this singing and dancing electric Christmas Santa Hat is perfect! It sings and dances to ‘Shout’, it’s loud, it’s fun, and it’s festive! As Christmas Party hats go, this has to be one of the more hilarious ones, simply because you can press the button to start the song again whenever you feel like! All night long if you wish! 

LED Glowing Plush Moving Rabbit Hat Funny Glowing and Ear Moving Bunny Hat Cap for Women Girls, Cosplay Christmas Party Holiday Hat

7. LED Cute Soft Plush Ears Moving Bunny Hat 

What does a light up, LED, plush, adorable, cartoon-like pink bunny have to do with Christmas? Nothing. But that’s the beauty of it! Nobody throws a silly Easter Party hat party (although now we’ve said it, we definitely should!), so make the most of this adorable bunny hat at your Christmas Party instead. The LED lights and moving bunny ears are enough to make everyone at the party jealous of your out of the box choice!

STAR WARS Kurt Adler 17-Inch Plush Yoda Santa Hat with Bendable Ears

8. Star Wars Yoda Santa Hat 

‘You can stick anything in a Santa Hat and call it Christmas these days… when I was a boy’ – yes Grandpa, we know, but that’s the point! You can stick anything in a Santa Hat and call it Christmas!!! Star Wars fans rejoice, because you can go as festive Yoda this year to celebrate, and nobody can stop you! Random choice? Definitely! But that’s what Christmas is all about, right?

9. Christmas Tree With Ornaments Hat

Our earlier Christmas Tree party hat not festive enough for you? Alright, we’ll see your Christmas Tree hat, and raise you a Christmas Tree with ornaments hat! That’s right, we’ve got stars, presents, a spiral Christmas Tree – heck, we’ve even got a white headband that looks like snow! This party hat is perfect for those of you out there that are Christmas-obsessed. Wear this and nobody at the party will match your Christmas cheer.

Windy City Novelties Christmas Light Bulb Headband for Ugly Christmas Xmas Party Kids & Adults - 4 Pack

10. Christmas Lightbulb Headband 

A Christmas Lightbulb headband might sound a little understated, right? Like it’s the sort of thing you’d wear if you were forced to wear a festive headpiece but didn’t want to. But what if we told you it lights up, and you can wear it in two styles? That’s right, you can use the headband as a stylish ‘crown’ horizontally across your head, or you can turn it into a rocking Christmas mohawk! Either way, it doesn’t get much more festive!

amscan 250534 Christmas Reindeer Trucker Hat, Small Adult Size, 1ct

11. Christmas Reindeer Trucker Hat 

Now, this Christmas hat really is for those who may be resistant to wearing one. It’s simply a trucker hat, with ‘Merry Christmas’ emblazoned across the front, and some plush reindeer’s antlers stuck on top. Even if you don’t want to wear this hat personally, we think it’d be hilarious to bring with you to the party to give to anyone who wasn’t feeling festive enough to pick out a hat of their own! This hat will make any Scrooge smile!

Dynoson 2 Sets of Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss Game (2 Antlers & 8 Rings) for Christmas Party Games

12. Christmas Inflatable Toss Ring Hat

Is this Christmas Party hat technically an inflatable game for children? Yes. Yes, it is. But hear us out! Isn’t Christmas all about party games, fun with loved ones, and just having a laugh? Well then, there’s no better option for a Christmas Party with hilarious and fun hats than an inflatable toss ring hat you can all play together. Sure. your aim might be off after a festive tipple or two, but it’s not about winning, it’s the taking part that counts!

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