12 inexpensive animal themed party favors that kids will love

animal themed party favors

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Planning to throw a Safari animal theme party for your kid’s upcoming birthday? Are you now wondering whether it will be a hit or a miss? Definitely, it will be a massive hit! Safari animal birthday parties have already become a popular theme. Kids and adults — we all love such wonderful parties! To make the event even more engaging and delightful, why do not you consider preparing some animal themed party favors?

Animal party favors will not only become a timeless memory for the kids, but also will further let them remember the world of wild adventure and fantasy. To help you organize and celebrate such an excellent party, we have already picked twelve exciting, inexpensive, and amazing safari party favors. Let’s now reveal a brief review of these animal themed party favors in the following sections.

1) Zoo Animal Bubble Bottle

We have already promised you to share the details of twelve inexpensive and interesting safari animal party favors. So, here’s our first pick. In this pack, you will get 24 pieces of colorful and delightful zoo animals bottles, designed in the theme of adorable creatures like tigers, giraffes, monkeys, and zebras. The material is 100% non-toxic bubble solution, eco-friendly, and safe. The bottle caps are absolutely tight and leak-free. Rest assured that the kids will definitely love these safari favors as they represent their favorite animals in cute and colorful designs.

2) Mini Stuffed Forest Animals plush toys

All kids love toys! And, there is no exception! So, why don’t you get some animal plush toys in the form of safari party favors so that these toys bring a perfect smile to the kids’ faces? Taking this into consideration, we have brought this gift item to you! Each pack has 12 pieces of cute animal plush toys, including lion, elephant, giraffe tiger, and many more safari zoo animals. These lovely and attractive plush toys are made with quality PP material, they are soft and comfortable, and great for special gifts.

3) Zoo Jungle Animal Mini Notepads

Looking for some unique and useful safari party supplies for jungle animal theme parties? If yes, then your search now ends here! Each Zoo Jungle party favor pack includes 48 mini notepads in animal print designs. For example, there will be elephant, monkey, lion, tiger, zebra, and giraffe animal prints on each of these notepads. These zoo animal notepads are perfect for kid’s treasure troves i.e. personal diaries.

4) Animal Ears Headband

These lightweight, durable and comfortable headbands are perfect as animal party favors. You will get 12 pieces of headbands in six different shapes including tigers, elephants, zebras, wolves, giraffes, etc. Note, these headbands are made of soft polyester fabric material and can be adjusted, according to your needs. These nice accessories are bound to ignite the wild atmosphere of the party.

5) Jungle Safari Animal Inflatable Toy

Not sure about what to put in any zoo jungle safari theme gift bags? Well, no worries! Here’s another excellent recommendation for the kid guests. This product is all about animal design inflatable toys. Each pack will include six such toys in six color options. Rest assured that all of them are cute and they are ready to hug your arms.

6) Animal Print Wristband Wild

To enhance your safari themed party atmosphere, we have come up with another inexpensive yet interesting recommendation. These wristbands represent the following wild animals, such as zebra, leopard, deer, and tiger. Note, these animal print slap bracelets are made of cloth material, so they are safe, soft, and comfortable to wear. Also, your kid guests should be able to use these fun wristbands for a long time as these premium-quality items are not easy to break or easy to fade away.

7) Safari Animal Chalkboard Sets

Remember our childhood when we all loved and wished for chalkboard sets? The same chalkboard sets are now available as animal themed party favors. All kids can use these sets for drawing, writing, and playing. In each pack, you will get twelve magnetic chalkboards and four colorful chalks. These chalkboards feature various safari animal designs like tigers, giraffes, lions, etc, in bold and bright frames.

8) Zoo Animals Bendable Toys

This exciting collection of safari animals are ready to lift the party atmosphere so quickly! Gift these jungle safari animal toys to the kids and cheer them right away. In each pack, you will get twelve bendable favor zoo toys like tiger, monkey, zebra, and giraffe. These toys are ideal for hands-on activities and imaginative plays. They have rubbery textures and they are super flexible. For example, kids can twist, contort, and curl these toys and even make them sit, stand, or do any position they want.

9) Animal Print Sunglasses

In safari zoo goody bags, these sunglasses are also a great gift option! In this pack, you will get 12 pieces of colorful safari sunglasses in various prints including zebra, leopard, giraffe, monkey, elephant, squirrel, bee, crocodile, and tiger. Along with that, you will get 110 pieces or 10 sheets of animal temporary tattoos. Please note that each animal’s sunglasses are designed with hard plastic material, sturdy and durable.

10) Zoo Animal Mini Coloring Book Kit

Let your kid be creative and innovative! Simply gift this zoo animals coloring book kit to all the kid guests and make them extremely delighted. It comes with twelve coloring sets, each set contains 20-page coloring books full of mini zoo animals and four crayons that include red, green, yellow, and blue. These zoo themed birthday party favors will be so apt for improving your kids’ imagination, creativity, and innovation. 

11) Water Soaker Guns

If you are planning to organize jungle animal theme parties and looking for some cool party favors, then these water soakers guns will be great. Made of environmentally-friendly, safe, and non-toxic materials, these guns are soft, odorless, and comfortable. They are easy to use i.e. all you will need is to simply dip the nozzles into the water and pull the handle out to squirt water at the target. These water soaker guns have cute animal-shaped handles, and they are indeed very colorful, available in blue, green, yellow, violet, pink, and orange.

12) Safari Print Folding Fans

These safari printed folding fans will be a cool and interesting gift for kiddies. In every set, you will get 12 foldable fans in safari animal prints. Of course, these fans are a perfect treat for the hot summer days! Plus, they even have multi-purpose use as well. These 10″ foldable fans will easily fit in any pocket or bag. They are cute goodie bag fillers, eye-catching, and useful.

Do you want to make your kid’s birthday bash a major hit? Do you wish to make the event fun, interesting, and memorable for the guests?

If yes, then the above-mentioned animal themed party favors will be apt for your party. For all types of jungle animal theme parties, these goody bag fillers are indeed great. They are beautiful and inexpensive. Moreover, these party favors are especially ideal for kids who love cute and cartoonish wild animals.

So, do not hesitate to gift them these special safari themed party favors and bring a priceless smile to their adorable faces.

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