Baby Shower Party Favors: 18 Pocket-friendly & Useful ideas

baby shower party favors, Baby Shower Party Favors: 18 Pocket-friendly & Useful ideas

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Having your closest friends and family members gathered together to celebrate the baby coming to the world soon is always a sweet, memorable, and pleasant event. Being a host, it will be a nice idea to prepare some unique baby shower party favors for these esteemed guests that they can bring to the home. And, it will be a small token of your love, affection, and appreciation towards them.

What’s more, your guests will tangibly continue feeling the love and happiness of the baby shower event for a long time.

What are good party favors for a baby shower?

While picking these baby shower party favors, there are several criteria to note, such as it should be both beautiful and sweet. Given that those guests attending your baby shower are supposed to be your near and dear ones, these nice and cute gifts will be so apt for them.

These baby shower party favors need to be useful i.e. the guests should be able to practically use these items for different purposes. The third important thing is that these items must be budget-friendly, of course.

Are you now looking for such useful and cheap baby shower party favors? If yes, then please look no further!

We have already chosen 18 perfect baby shower favors for you! Let’s now reveal a brief review of these amazing gift items.

1) Baby Shower Bottle Opener

Looking for some baby shower party favor ideas that will go for both boys and girls? If yes, then alright! This particular baby shower bottle opener can be worth mentioning in your list. Not sure what’s the specialty of this product? Well, the shape exactly mimics the baby’s feeding bottle design. Made of high-quality alloy material, this unique-shaped bottle opener is going to be a necessary tool in your guest’s kitchen space. For example, guests can use this bottle opener for a variety of purposes (mainly to pop in bottle lids).

2) Baby Shower Wine Glass Favors

Do you already know if it’s a girl? Are you eagerly waiting to celebrate her precious welcome into this world, along with your near and dear ones? If so, then you can now let your guests have this special moment long-remembered with this unique party favor hamper. It’s all about a stemless wine glass, very intricately designed, and looks utterly stylish. What’s more, this crystal clear wine glass flaunts the verbiage note of “It’s a Girl” in pink ink – thus, so much apt for your girl’s baby shower celebrations.

3) Mason Jar Stuffed with Candies

Who does not like personalized baby shower party favors? Of course, your esteemed guests will be delighted to get such items. So, here’s an excellent idea for you i.e. all you need is to get a good-quality mason jar and then stuff it with various candies for guests. You can add a further twist to it. For example, if it’s a baby boy – then you can use blue candies. Similarly, if the arrangement is for a baby girl, then you must fill the mason jar with pink color candies.

4) Angel Wing Cross Bracelet

The newborn baby, coming to the world so soon is indeed a precious angel. Considering this fact, we have included some angel wing cross bracelets as baby shower party favors. All these angel wing cross bracelets are designed with gold and white cross beads. Along with that, they feature angel wings and cross pendants – hence, they look so elegant and sophisticated. The best part is that every guest (irrespective of his/her gender) should be able to wear these bracelets on various occasions.

5) Baby Shower Candy Bar

It’s another great way to fulfill your guest’s sweet tooth cravings by preparing a candy car. All your guests will simply love having these delicious candies. Therefore, do not waste any further time and get ready to make a candy car right away! To make it even more interesting, we have already come together with some baby shower stickers. All you will need is to use these stickers to prepare a nice candy car and gift them to your guests as baby shower party favors.

6) Baby Shower Jelly Belly

This baby shower jelly belly is ideal if it’s a boy! These blue colored jelly belly beans look very similar to the tiny little boy’s baby feet. What’s even better? These jelly beans are gluten free, fat free, and peanut free. So, please feel free to gift these special jelly beans to your guests and let them fulfill sweet tooth cravings! These jelly belly beans will let everybody celebrate the new arrival, with a blast to their taste buds!

7) Hand Cream

Are you wondering what are good party favors for a baby shower? Well, this hand cream is a great recommendation for you! Each pack includes fifteen travel-size hand cream gift sets in wondrous fragrances, such as shea butter, avocado, rose, milk, butter, cherry blossom, moringa, gardenia, honey, blueberry, and green tea. Made with 100% pure natural vegetal extracts, these non-greasy formulas will make your hands silky-soft and smooth.

8) Nail Polish

Baby shower nail polish party favors are certainly cute, cheap, and useful. In each pack, you will get six bottles of water-based nail polish sets. They feature a non-toxic, eco-friendly, and non-irritating formula. Each of these nail polishes has an easy peel-off and quick-dry feature. Its advanced formula will get dried in 60 seconds without lamp baking. For better results, you should apply two layers of this nail polish, followed by a topcoat.

9) Baby Shower Party Favors Hand Sanitizer

Looking for unique baby shower favors that will be both useful and gender-neutral? If yes, then these hand sanitizers will be so apt for you! Nowadays, clean hands are the key! These mini hand sanitizers are must-haves to remain clean and disinfected. Plus, they even come with high-quality, stylish, outer packaging. Each pack includes ten mini hand sanitizer party favors.

10) Manicure Set

Not sure what to put in party favor bags for baby showers? Are you looking for cheap and useful items? If yes, then this nail care kit will be so apt for you! Made of stainless steel, it will not rust or chip off. The entire manicure set is very sharp and durable. Also, it’s so lightweight and easy to carry. Rest assured that this professional nail clipper kit is a multi-purpose tool to satisfy all your hand care, facial and, foot care needs.

11) Mummy to Bee Soap

As a sweet gesture to the baby shower guests, this can be an interesting gift option to consider. This is a hexagonal, yellow, and honeycomb glycerin soap that comes in clear, protective shrink-wrap. The soap has a one-of-a-kind feature i.e. it has a Mommy to Bee belly band with a black-and-yellow and mommy and baby honeybee graphic.

12) Bath Bomb

For both wedding favors and baby shower guest favors, these colorful bath bombs are also an excellent option. Each pack includes six pieces of bath bomb sets, infused with a different calming scent. With these bath bombs, your guests will enjoy a soothing and enchanting bath experience. It’s great for calming spa sessions to enjoy ultimate relaxation. The best part is that these bath bombs are made of natural, high-quality ingredients that will gently treat and moisturize your delicate skin.

13) It’s a Baby Lip Balm

Whether you’re hosting themed baby shower events, these it’s a baby lip balm chapsticks can be a perfect token gift for guests. This multipack contains ten sticks of moisturizing lip balms with delicious angel food flavors. These lip balms will ensure soft, smooth lips always. Definitely, it’s a very practical and useful gift for all baby shower guests.

14) Oh Baby Hair Ties

For unique baby shower favor ideas, these baby hair ties are really very much apt! This is a bulk pack where you will get 24 individually wrapped high-quality hair ties. These adorable and affordable hair ties are perfect for baby showers, gender reveal, and baptism events. You can either opt for gender neutral, blue, or pink hair ties as per your preference.

15) Blooming Flower Tea Ball

We always love tea party events! With this canister, you will get a tasty selection of twelve fruit flowering tea bags, such as Apple Cinnamon, Tangerine Spice, Pineapple, Orange, Mango, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Acai Berry, Vanilla, Litchi, Melon, and Peach. The most interesting thing about this tea party pack is that it features a perfect mix of subtle and bold fruit flavors to delight everyone’s taste buds.

16) Trinket Dish

This white ceramic heart-shaped trinket dish is so suitable for baby shower favor gifts. It’s made of 100% high-quality ceramic material. Not only it’s a great baby shower favor gift, but also it’s a marvelous decorative piece for everyone. Moreover, it comes with a pocket-friendly price tag.

17) Feeding bottle candy box (remember to fill some candies in it)

You will get 24 pieces of mini pink and blue baby bottle candy boxes and 6 pieces of handmade roses in this pack. These baby bottles feature a little teddy bear on the front, along with ribbon and jewels. You can make these bottles even more beautiful and cute by filling some colorful candies into them. So, get ready to amaze and please your esteemed guests with these feeding bottle candy boxes.

18) Gender Neutral scented candle for baby shower

These elegant and classy scented candles can be an ideal way to send your love and appreciation to the baby shower guests. There are several colors and design options available to choose from. What’s more, these baby shower favors are made from 100% soy wax which is completely safe to use. Each candle has a burning time of 15-20 hours. These candles even emit a fine and light aromatic smell.

With this, you have revealed twelve absolutely beautiful, unique, and high-quality party favor items for baby shower guests. To wrap up these cute gifts, we have come up with two favor boxes or favor bags.

Floral Baby Shower Party Favor Bag

These high-quality, lightweight, and convenient favor bags are great for storing baby shower favor gifts. Each pack has fifty pieces of beautiful floral print favor boxes. These bags are made of burlap, a lightweight and washable material.

Unicorn Baby Shower Party Favor Bag

For unicorn baby shower party favors, these gift bags are really great. They are made of recyclable quality kraft paper. Although these bags are paper-made, they are sturdy and can’t be torn easily. These favor bags are perfect for filling small gifts.

Are party favors necessary at a baby shower? Are you still in a dilemma about it?

Well, your near and dear ones will come to the baby shower and send their warm wishes and blessings to the expectant parents as well as the upcoming baby.

So, it will certainly be a nice gesture to prepare some tiny and cheap baby shower party favors for these guests. In this way, you will not only showcase your love and care towards them but also make the event more memorable for everyone.

Hence, please do not think twice! We have already discussed 12 pocket-friendly baby shower party favors. So, based on your budget and individual preference, select the ideal pick and get ready to surprise and please your guests with some tiny, useful, and pleasant gift items.

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