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Last updated on May 25th, 2022

So you got pregnant? Congratulations on your exciting news! The next question that clings to everyone’s mind would be; is it a girl or a boy? The truth is, expectant mothers now have a special way of revealing the gender of their new addition. Yes, we’re talking about gender reveal party games with friends and family. 

Gender reveal party games are parties celebrated during pregnancy. The main aim of these parties is to reveal the gender of the unborn little ones. Besides revealing the little one’s sex, gender reveals party games also offer an exciting opportunity to socialize, enjoy and play family games together. 

So, if you are planning to find the gender of your unborn child, read this article for the best fun and creative gender party games that can sure charm your guests. 

21 Best gender reveal party games

Baby Gender Name Suggestions Voting Game 

Preparations required

Here are the materials you need; 

  • Baby voting cards
  • A pen or pencil

How to play

Gather your guests around, give each the voting cards and a pen or pencil. Allow them to write down the name they suggest for the baby. 

Baby gender name suggestions voting game is an ideal icebreaker for families and friends coming together. 

Baby Bingo

Preparations required

To set up baby bingo, you will need the following equipment;

  • Bingo cards
  • Pens

How to play

Distribute each guest with a pen and a blank baby bingo card. Allow them to write down the gifts they think the expectant mother will receive e.g. blanket, clothes, etc. Then, allow the baby mama to open her gifts as guest marks off those appearing on their card. The first guest to score five in a row wins the game. 

Juice Pong ( like beer pong but using juice) 

Preparations required

Here are the juice pong equipment needed; 

  • Plastic cups
  • Ping pong balls
  • A juice
  • Juice bong table

How to play

Divide your guests into two groups and give them ping pong balls. Allow one player to throw the ping pong ball into the other team’s empty plastic cups. Once the ball sinks, the team removes the cup, drinks the juice, and sets it aside. The aim is to eliminate the opponents’ cups before they eliminate yours. The games continue until no cups are left. The side with the remaining cups wins. 

Baby Name Race

Preparations required 

Here are the items required

  • Game sheets
  • Pencils or pens
  • A timer

Setting up this game is pretty straightforward. You only need to supply each guest with game sheets and a pen or pencil. You can even ask visitors to bring their pencils or pens and ensure you have a spare in case anyone forgets. 

How to play

Give every member a piece of paper containing alphabet letters along with a pencil or pen. Set the countdown (the length you wish the round to be, but two minutes can work pretty well). Once you start your timer, let visitors write down the names of the baby they can think of per letter. Allow them to write as many as they can. The player with the most baby names wins. 

Baby name race is a perfect game that is truly quite fun. It is also a breakthrough for the expectant mother to choose a name for their little ones. 

Pink and Baby Blue Corn Hole 

Preparation required

Here are the materials you need for this game;

  • The first one is Cornhole bags with equal pink and blue colors
  • Cornhole board
  • Cornhole boxes
  • A nice flat surface

How to play

Divide your guests into two teams. Allow them to stand on opposite sides but face each other. Flip a coin to determine which group to start. Allow player one to throw a cornhole bag into the opposite cornhole box. Pass the turn to player two until all cornhole bags have been thrown. Ensure your feet do not go past the front edge of the board. Each time cornhole hits the ground and returns, it is removed. The team with the most points wins. 

He or she gender reveal balloons party games

Preparations required

Here are the game requirements;

  • Balloons
  • A pin

How to play

Fill the balloons with the color of your choice. You can pick blue for a girl or red for a boy. Bring your guest together and pop it with a pin, a pen, or anything sharp. The glitters will explode everywhere in a fun way. 

Old Wives Tale quiz

Preparations required

You will need;

  • Old wives tale gender sheet 

How to play

Gather your guests and give them each a piece of old wives’ tales sheet. Allow the guest predict if you are having a girl or a boy by or not agreeing with wives tale predictions. Here are a few examples; 

  • Are you carrying high? If yes, that is a baby girl.
  • Are you carrying low? If yes, then that is a baby boy. 
  • Is your skin flawless? Expect a boy, all the way. 

Count points and give small prizes to winners. 

Gender reveal balloon surprise box

Preparations required

Here are the materials needed for this game;

  • A gender reveal box with balloons inside

How to play

Allow your guest to sit together. Bring the gender reveal balloon surprise box and unwrap it. Outcome your blue or pink balloons to allow guests to reveal the baby’s gender. What else? Have your camera ready and enjoy the moments. 

Scavenger hunt

Preparations required

To set up this game, you should have the following items; 

  • Scavenger hunt list

How to play

Prepare the clues on the venue and allow visitors to search for them, decipher them, and find the final location where a balloon is hidden to reveal the gender of the baby. 

Baby Name Alphabet

Preparations required

Here are the materials needed; 

  • Baby alphabet game sheet
  • Pens or pencils

How to play

Give each of your guests a baby alphabet game sheet and pens or pencils. Set a countdown of two minutes. Allow them to write down the baby-related word per letter. The player with the most words wins the game. 

Gender reveal Pictionary

Preparations required

You will need;

  • A paper and pen for players
  • A list of more than ten baby-related actions and words to add to an index card

How to play

Divide your guests into two teams and give them enough pens and paper. Allow one member from each group to come forward and show both the word and the index card. Then let them back and draw the items on the card. The first team to correctly guess wins the round and passes to another team member. The team with the most guesses wins the game. 

Team Pink vs. Team Blue gender reveal party yard games

Preparations required

  • Nothing much needed

How to play

Before revealing the baby’s gender, allow guests to be on their prediction teams. Or, you can let them choose their team. 

Gender Reveal Scratch Off Cards

Preparations required

Here are materials you need to have for this game;

  • Scratch cards

How to play

Gather your guests and give each of them a scratch card. Set a ten-second countdown to have everyone scratch their cards. You can be sure to reveal the gender of the baby. 

Diaper raffle

Preparations required

  • A roll of pre-printed raffle tickets
  • Pens 
  • A large container

How to play

Gather your guests and give them pre-printed raffle tickets. Allow them to write down their name on it. Collect them again and put them into a large container for mixing. By taking turns, allow them to pick the tickets from the container. The guest with the most tickets wins. Give a small prize to appreciate. 


Preparations required

To play pinata, you need the following items;

  • Pinata
  • Stick or bat
  • Blindfold
  • A rope
  • Candy

How to play

Fill the pinata with pink and blue candy and hang it from an appropriate height. Give each guest a stick or bat, blindfold them, and give the chances each player has to hit the pinata. Once on their turn, allow them to step forward and hit the pinata one at a time. As soon as the pinata gets broken, the candy showers down as your visitors scramble for the goodies.

Gender Reveal Balloon Drop Bag

When it comes to ready-to-go and simple baby gender reveal party ideas, this drop bag option also demands your attention! The package contains one balloon drop bag with pink and blue balloons, along with a small balloon pump. Based on whether it’s a boy or a girl, just fill up this drop bag, pull it up, and the balloon will represent the baby gender to your family and friends.

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon

Let’s now share one of the best gender reveal party ideas in this section. This confetti cannon just needs a fillup of pink or blue powder. The pink or blue confetti cannons are power-loaded with two layers of safe, ultra-fine food-grade corn starch material. Just aim, point, twist it around and reveal the mega milestone announcement of your life (your baby) in a stunning way.

Gender Reveal Fishing Ball

Do you want to add a fine twist to your baby’s gender reveal parties? If yes, then this gender reveal fishing ball will be a perfect option for you! Made with high-quality plastic material, these fishing balls simply need a fillup with either pink or blue powder. Now, once these fishing balls are hit at a wall or any other hard surface, they will break and reveal the gender color.

Gender reveal party soccer game

Keen to organize and plan a gender reveal party? But, are you now looking for some cool and interesting ideas? If yes, then this soccer ball will be worth your consideration. This soccer ball may look like a simple ball; but, in reality, it’s a colorful cloud puff. Just fill it up with either pink or blue powder, kick it on, and it will immediately reveal an amazing cloud of brightly colored powder (pink/blue), signifying the gender.

Gender reveal cupcake tasting game

We have probably heard about pink or blue balloons, pink or blue powder, or pink or blue confetti as gender reveal party ideas. But, are you interested to opt for something unique and different? If yes, then, you can go for this beautiful gender reveal cake. First, you’ll need to bake a cupcake with blue or pink cake-color dye in the center. Next, you can use a baby gender reveal cupcake stand to hold the cupcakes with no buckling or wobbly. What’s the cherry on the top — you can further decorate the cupcakes with pink/blue toppers wrappers. The overall arrangement will be so great for gender recognition parties.

Gender reveal baseball game

These gender reveal baseballs just need a fillup of blue or pink powder inside. In each set, you’ll get one pink and one blue baseball. When you are all set to reveal the baby gender, go ahead, hit the ball, and it will create a cloud of colored smoke. These soft baseballs will make you ready for the most exciting day of your life.

Gender reveal party game prizes.

For every game won, there is a price, right/ Here are the best gender reveal gifts that can sure make your guests happy. 

Gender Reveal Party Bottle Opener

Stop worrying about what perfect prize for your guests. Heat the games with a gift that everyone will love, and this reveal party bottle opener is an ideal gift to go. 

Baby feet soap

This is another fascinating gender reveal party favor that can surely impress your guests. It is also an exciting way to celebrate your unborn baby on the way. 

Conclusion of Gender Reveal Party Games

With these activities, you can be sure to make your party a memorable event. Any of these games above can help you reveal the gender of your baby. Even better, they can suit your guests. What are you waiting for? Pick your theme, set the date, and make it a blast.

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