12 Affordable Wedding Gift Ideas: Gifts Given With Love

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Last updated on May 25th, 2022

There are few times more special in a person’s life than their wedding day. Celebrating their love with friends and family is something every newlywed couple will carry with them for the rest of their lives. The only tiny problem with wedding days for guests? Deciding on thoughtful wedding gifts that are both special to the couple, and inexpensive for the buyers. Finding an affordable wedding gift that the bride and groom will truly love on their wedding day can be hard, especially if the couple hasn’t provided a wedding registry detailing gifts they would appreciate. Even if they have, you might want to surprise them with something extra so they receive something they didn’t see coming. 

If you’re looking for inexpensive, thoughtful, and fabulous wedding gifts for your favourite couple, then we have just the things right here for you to consider. Our 12 affordable and thoughtful wedding gift ideas will truly bring a smile to the newlywed couple’s faces on their special day! 

Ready to hear our suggestions? Then read on!

1. Cheeseboard Set 

This bamboo cheeseboard set comes complete with a stunning pale bamboo cheeseboard with room for biscuits, chutneys, and cheeses as expected, but it also has a wonderful bamboo cheese knife selection that makes serving guests at a dinner party really easy to do. 

It’s perfect for those newlywed couples that like to entertain, and it’s a really sophisticated and classy gift to give to a couple that is just starting out on their lives together. A cheeseboard is one of those things you don’t realise you need until you need it, and every time the couple reaches for it at a dinner party, they’ll remember that it was you that gave it to them on their special day. 

2. Wine Glass Set 

There’s going to be a lot of celebrating for the couple after their wedding day. After all, this is just the beginning of the exciting things to come for them. This wine glass set is perfect, and the king and queen design will remind them of how powerful they are as a couple every time they take a sip from one. 

Once again, it’s a luxurious gift to give. Yes, the couple may already have wine glasses, but they won’t have any that’s as meaningful as these. If you’re looking for thoughtful wedding gifts, then you can’t go wrong with these wine glasses.

3. Photo Album 

This stunning photo album with its white design and sophisticated feel is the perfect gift for any bride and groom on their wedding day. It looks great, but it’s also just a really practical gift to give out too.

A photo album such as this is affordable, but incredibly special. EVERY newlywed couple needs something to record all of their special memories in, and a photo album is the perfect way to do that. Especially one that’s all about love! 

4. Flower Vases With Iron Art Frame 

Home decor is something that is often overlooked on a wedding day, because guests are scared to give a gift that might not be to the couple’s taste. And we understand that, but who wouldn’t love these striking flower vases with the iron art frame? It’s a simple design that really stands out, and it’s something the couple will use constantly. 

This is the perfect gift for any bride and groom because it’s an inexpensive wedding gift that they can use constantly to put some lovely flowers on display in their home. It’s also a great way to remind the groom that flowers for his wife are always appreciated, even if they’ve done nothing wrong…

5. Wooden Home Sign With Wreath

Want to give a thoughtful wedding gift to help the newlyweds celebrate building a home together? This home sign is striking, but really understated too, so it won’t clash with any decor ideas the couple already has. They can also hang the sign with the wreath however they like, so it’s customizable to suit the space they have. 

A home sign like this is perfect for any couple that is excited to finally build a home together, and the sign is a lovely reminder of your contribution to their big day. Yes, this is quite a big gift, but it’s still affordable and incredibly thoughtful!

6. Funny Kitchen Towels Set 

One of the nicest affordable wedding gifts a guest can give a newlywed couple is something practical. These kitchen tea towels are practical because every new home needs them, and not every couple remembers to buy them. But more than that, the punny sayings are hilarious, and it’ll bring a smile to every bride and groom long after their wedding day. 

This is perfect for the couple that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. If they love to laugh, then this kitchen tea towel set will do exactly that, whilst being something they use every day too! 

7. Chinese Tableware Tea gift 

We give tableware sets out at weddings like they’re going out of style, so if you choose to give tableware, make sure it’s something unique. This Chinese tableware tea gift set is the perfect example. Its bright colours, authentic design, and useful collection of crockery are perfect for any couple. 

You can give these to any newlyweds. If they’re Chinese, then it’s an obvious choice because sets like these are a traditional wedding gift, but even if they aren’t, it’s still incredibly thoughtful. Themed tableware is great for newlyweds that love to entertain, and who knows, maybe you’ll be invited to their first Chinese dinner party inspired by your thoughtful gift!

8. His & Hers Pillowcases

These exclusively designed his and her pillowcases are the perfect, thoughtful, hilarious, and affordable wedding gift. They’re practical, but they’re also designed subtly that makes them perfectly capable of matching any bedding the couple already has. 

The love tank design is a particular favourite of ours, but any couple will love to receive his and hers pillowcases on their wedding day, because it’s a really simple but effective reminder of their love for one another. 

9. Tealight Candle Holder Glass

A tealight candle holder is a lovely idea for a wedding gift, and one made of glass is a beautiful and sophisticated option. This one is perfect because it’s elegant in its design, so makes a perfect centrepiece for any dining table in a new home! 

Again, this is one of those wedding gifts that just gets used time and time again, and they’ll look great in the centre of the newlyweds’ dining table as they sit down to eat a romantic meal together. The tealight holder is also a glorious reminder of the candle they hold for one another, so it has a lovely romantic message behind it too! 

10. Wedding Ring Keepsake Box 

Not everybody can wear their wedding ring constantly because of the work they do. If that’s the case, then a beautifully designed wedding ring keepsake box is the perfect place for them to store it when it isn’t on their finger. The double heart design is a really simple but beautiful rustic design that shows how special the wedding rings are to the couple, even if they can’t wear them on their finger all the time. 

If you know that the bride and/or groom work in an industry where wearing their wedding rings might not be allowed because of health and safety or hygiene reasons, then this couldn’t be a more perfect gift idea! They won’t have thought about where to keep their rings when they aren’t wearing them, but they’ll be touched that you have. This affordable wedding gift is gonna to make them smile.

11. Couple Coffee Mug Set 

If the young couple are going to be blessed with children in the future, then they’re going to need A LOT of coffee. Even if they aren’t planning on having children, sitting down to a hot coffee in the morning and drinking out of these Mr and Mrs beautifully designed ceramic coffee mugs will definitely bring a smile to their faces. 

Giving a gift that’s useful is important on a wedding day, and these certainly tick that box. Not only is it an affordable wedding present, but it’s something that the couple will get use out of for years to come! 

12. Mr And Mrs Aprons

Finally, we thought we’d finish on another gift that’s incredibly thoughtful, but also really useful. These Mr and Mrs aprons with matching oven gloves come complete with romantic dinner recipe ideas too, so it really is the complete package. 

This is perfect for any bride and groom as they embark on their life together, because it encourages them to spend quality time together by cooking romantic meals and sitting down at at-home date nights to celebrate their continued love for one another. Plus, if they both have a personalised apron, then neither of them has an excuse to shirk on their cooking responsibilities. Here’s look at you groom…

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