15 Best Party Card Games for Adults To Liven Up Any Event!

best party card games for adults, 15 Best Party Card Games for Adults To Liven Up Any Event!

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

We’ve previously spoken about board games for teenagers, but we know adults like to play games at parties too, so today we’re shining a spotlight on the best party card games for adults to help make any party that much more fun! Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with the games listed either, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about each one, from the basic rules to the number of players, so you’ll be an expert at fun adult party card games by the time you’ve finished reading. Ready to find out more? Well, come on then! 

1. Exploding Kitten Card Game

Product required: Exploding Kittens (the card game, not real life exploding kittens because that would be a WHOLE other thing)

Number of players: 2-5 

OK. Explaining this card game is… complex. There are exploding kittens, goats, enchiladas, magical future-seeing unicorn pigs, and pretty much everything else besides. But whilst trying to explain this game logically is difficult, the game itself is pretty easy to play. It’s essentially a Russian Roulette inspired game where the person who picks the exploding kitten card, well, explodes. Then they lose. If you don’t explode, you win. 

There are 52 cards in the game in total. Some will help you defuse an exploding kitten to keep you alive longer, others will help in other ways. The game creators claim you can learn the game in 2 minutes, and play it in 15, so it’s a great fast-paced party game. It becomes even more tense the more you play because the more cards that you draw that aren’t exploding kittens, the more likely it is that the next player will draw it and explode. You can play strategically too by playing the right card at the right time to keep yourself alive, which adds some really fun dynamics to the party.

Honestly, we can’t explain it any better than that because it’s one of those games that has to be seen to be believed, but just know that it’s one of the best party card games for adults out there, and you and your guests will have a blast if you pick this up! 

2. The Voting Game

Product required: The Voting Game

Number of players: 4-10

The voting game is simple enough. One person is the question asker, and they assign the remaining players a number from 1 to 9. The question asker then draws the question, asks it to the group, and then each player hands over the number card of the player they most think the question applies to. For example, the question might ask ‘Who gives the most awkward hugs?’. If there are 9 players, each person will already have their number, so everyone can vote by handing the card over to the question asker. Say your friend Julie was number 5, and she’s well known for her awkward too-long hugs. Then most people in the group would probably hand over the number 5 card. The question asker then reveals the results of the votes and everybody has a giggle, and then they move on to the next question. 

The reason we love this game so much is that it gives opportunities to get to know your friends better, because often someone will reveal a personal story or someone will make a joke and everybody will laugh. It’s a great way to have a laugh with friends at a party, and we’d recommend it to anybody! 

3. Search History Card Game

Product required: Search History

Number of players: 3-16

With 3-16 players being able to join in, this is one of those fun adult party card games that are perfect for large parties. The idea behind the game is simple enough. One person is the card reader, and the rest are players. The card reader must read the card. Each card has the beginning of a common search engine enquiry, but with the last few words missing. Each player then guesses what the answer must be. If they get the answer correct, then they get the point, but if nobody gets it, the card reader can decide on their favourite answer and that person gets a point. They provide the actual search engine enquiry on the card too.

This is hilarious to play with friends, especially the NSFW edition, because it gives you some, ahem, surprisingly revealing information about your friends, especially if they get a lot of the questions right. You might never have wanted to know your friends’ search history before, but this can reveal A LOT about it. We recommend this to anybody who has a group of friends at their party that they don’t mind talking about NSFW stuff with. Trust us, with the right people, this game can be the most hilarious of the lot! 

4. Apples to Apples

Product required: Apples to Apples Party Game Box

Number of players: 4-10

Apples to apples is simple enough. You deal red apple cards (with things on them) to all players, and then each player takes it in turns to be the ‘judge’. The judge draws a green apple card (with descriptions on them) and the remaining players play the red apple card they think best matches the description. The judge then decides who wins and gets to keep the description card. First to four green apple cards wins! 

This is such a fun game because you can only play the red apple cards in your hand, so it often forces you to give a silly or funny option rather than a logical one. Describing somebody’s dance moves as ‘wrinkly’ might not be the most accurate, but it can sure bring out a few laughs around the table. We love this game, and you will too! 

5. Unstable Unicorn

Product required: Unstable Unicorn Card Game

Number of players: 2-8

The aim of the game is simple enough. You have to build a unicorn army by drawing cards – the first to 7 unicorn cards in their play area (or stable) is the winner. However, as each of you tries to build your own unicorn army, the other players are plotting to destroy it, so they win instead. It’s a strategic card game with different playing cards that allows you to prevent attacks, cause damage to your opponents, or upgrade your own stable. 

This game is so fun because it causes you to destroy your friendships, in a very fun, party-friendly sort of way. Gang up on the last winner to ensure they never win the title of unicorn army king/queen again, or work with others to plot your friend’s army’s demise. Trust us, this is an absolute blast, and EVERYBODY will love it at your next party! 

6. Cards Against Humanity

Product required: Cards Against Humanity

Number of players: 4-20

Who hasn’t heard about Cards Against Humanity at this point? But in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, here’s the basic description. Each player takes it in turns to provide part of a statement or question from a black card, the others complete it with their most hilarious white card. The person with the funniest answer wins the round. Simple enough, right? 

It’s one of those games most people know by now, so it’s going to be a crowd pleaser at your next party. It’s also rightfully one of the most played games at adult parties because it is so hilarious and throws out some truly side-splitting answers that’ll have you crying with laughter. Because it’s able to be played by so many people, it’s the ultimate party card game for adults! 

7. What Do You MEME? New Phone, Who Dis?

Product required: New Phone, Who Dis? Card game

Number of players: 3-20

A similar type of game to cards against humanity here. Basically, players take it in turns to draw a white text message card. They read it aloud to the other players, who then play their best blue response text message. The player with the most hilarious answer wins the white text message card, and play continues. 

This is a truly fun adult party game in every sense of the word, as a lot of the inbox white text message cards are quite risque. Trust us, though, this is hilarious and it can create some hilarious responses from your friends. This is the type of game that shows your friends in a whole new light as you realise that some of the quieter members of your group have some of the wittiest responses! Perfect for parties with adults, and a great way to break the ice with others. 

8. The Rumour Generator

Product required: The Rumour Generator game

Number of players: 3-10

There are many ways to play this game, but we’ll start with the simple one. If you play in two teams, then each person takes it in turns to add a word to the sentence. The team that creates the most hilarious rumour wins the round. Simply add a word card each time to create more and more outrageous rumours. 

This can be another great icebreaker at a party, because nobody has to use their imagination. They simply need to provide the next word card in the sentence to create something hilarious. This removes any pressure and lets everybody relax as they work together to create sentences that’ll make everybody laugh. It’s a really fun game, and it can really change the mood of the party if people are flagging towards the end! 

9. That’s What She Said

Product required: That’s What She Said

Number of players: 4 or more

Perfect for any adult party, this is essentially an ever dirtier version of cards against humanity (if that’s possible). The ‘judge’ starts by reading the red set up card, and the rest of the players provide their most hilarious/dirtiest white response card. The judge decides who has the best answer, and the player that wins the round keeps the red setup card. First player with 5 cards wins. 

This is one of those fun adult party card games that is just perfect for adult parties such as hen dos, stag dos, and adult party nights. The white response cards work with every red setup card, so there’s never any awkward moments that aren’t funny. This is a clever game, hilarious to play, and a great way to bond with friends at a party.

10. Guess Or Drink

Product required: Guess Or Drink Game

Number of players: As many as you like!

The ultimate drinking charades game for adults, this is one of those games that’ll have everyone in fits of laughter. Split into two teams. A person from team A draws a card and has to imitate what’s on the card (but let us warn you, there are some NSFW cards thrown in too). Others in team A have to guess within 60 seconds. If they do so successfully, team B has to drink. If they don’t, team A must drink. Then the roles reverse. 

The beauty about this game is that it puts people in some hilarious positions as they try to imitate the card, and you get some hilarious responses from those who are guessing too! Every adult party should have a game like this! It’s also just as fun to play without the drink too, if you prefer! 

11. 5 Second Rule

Product required: 5 Second Rule Uncensored 

Number of players: 3 or more

If you’ve played the family friendly version of the game, then this one isn’t too dissimilar, but the questions on the cards certainly are! The question reader reads out the ‘name 3’ question on the card and then flips the timer over. The person who is asked has 5 seconds to answer. If they name 3 things successfully, then they win and keep the card. 

This uncensored version of the game creates even more opportunities for hilarious responses. Yes, it can make some people uncomfortable at first, but played with the right group of friends this can be a whole lot of fun! Throw caution to the wind and shout out the first things you think of. This game always works better if you leave your censors at the door! 

12. Who Knows Me Better?

Product required: Who Knows Me Better? NSFW Edition

Number of players: 2 or more

Another fun, NSFW game here (are you seeing an fun adult party card games theme here too?)! All you have to do for this one is have somebody be the question master, and all other players are the guessers. The question master asks the question from the card about them, providing two answers – A or B. The players then guess what they think the question master chose. If they’re right, they score a point. If they’re wrong, they score 0. 

This is one of those games where you get to see what your friends really think about different situations and about you. It’s a lot of fun, exposes some hilarious secrets, and provides plenty of opportunities for funny conversations. It’s a great game and one of the best group card games for parties! 

13. Never Have I Ever Card Game

Product required: Never Have I Ever Girls Edition

Number of players: 2-8 

Never have I ever is a great game, but this girl’s edition is hilarious and the perfect game to whip out at a hen do, adult sleepover, or girl’s night in! It rewards you for honesty, so be prepared to reveal some of your most hilarious, awkward, or embarrassing secrets to your girlfriends! The game is simple enough. The first player reads the pink play card, and the remaining players must respond with the ‘I have’ or ‘I have not’ side of their play paddles. Whoever answers truthfully first wins the pink card. The winner is the person who collects 5 pink play cards first! 

This is one of those games that’s best played with a group of friends you can reveal ANYTHING to. The more honest everyone is, the more fun it is to play! So leave your pride at the door for this game and get ready to share, share, and share some more for a hilarious party game!

14. Big Potato Mini Colourbrain

Product required: Colour Brain Game

Number of players: 2-20 

This game is so simple, but a lot of fun. Not everything has to be NSFW, and this one has all the fun without the dirty talk! Instead, a question is picked, and each team must decide to play one of the 11 coloured cards in their hand. The first to get the answer right, wins the card. The first team with 10 points wins! 

This isn’t about hilariousness like most of the other games we’ve looked at. Instead, it’s a genuine test of memory, and can lead to some great discussions with friends about old books, TV shows, and movies you’ve seen in the past. It’s a genuinely fun game that sparks great conversations at parties and it’s definitely a party card game everybody should have in their games cupboard at home! 

15. Game That Song

Product required: Game That Song

Number of players: As many as you like! 

This is the ultimate party card game for music lovers, and it’s a great way to connect with others through music. Each player takes it in turns to pick a question card. The card will read as ‘a song…’ and then every other player must choose a song to play that matches the request on the card. For example, a card might read ‘A song to play while watching a sunset’. The player who picked the card, judges the best song, and that player wins. First to 5 wins is the overall winner of the game! 

We thought we’d finish on this one because it’s a party card game for adults that you can play over and over again with different results depending on who you’re playing with. You get to connect through songs, learn new music, rediscover old ones, and form deeper connections with friends. And after all, isn’t that what party card games should be all about – bring everyone closer through fun?

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