15 Fun-Filled Halloween Party Games 2021 on a Budget

Halloween Party Games

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Having everyone gather together for a fun-filled night, that too dressed up in unconventional costumes makes the 31st of October one of the best holidays of the year. The Halloween party is the best time to enjoy some super cool and interesting games with the friends and family. Whether it’s some dancing, cool music, funny competitions, or activities laced with laughter and joy – there’s a whole bundle of party-perfect games that you can integrate into your Halloween night. Even better is the fact that most of them can be set up in a super budget-friendly deal using a handful of inexpensive supplies. 

Scroll down to get your hands on 15 amazing Halloween Party Games 2021 that are easy and fun-loaded.

Halloween Ring Toss

Turn the classic carnival game Ring Toss into a Halloween party version of itself by repurposing some old bottles and painting them to match the theme of the occasion. Apart from the bottles, all you need is some tossing rings or glow stick bracelets to get it started. Line the bottles close to each other and let the players toss the bracelets around the necks of the bottles. The one who gets the most rings around the bottles get a prize.

Pin the Spider on the Web

A unique take on the classic Tail the Donkey, this one is a quirky Halloween game calling for a large board or paper, some spider cut outs, double-sided hook, loop fastening, and a marker to draw a spider web. Challenge the guests to pin the spider on the web while they are blindfolded. The player who pins closest to the spider web’s center wins the game. Everyone gets a fair shot at winning and this game is surely going to add some laughs to the gathering.

Shoot the Skeletons

The name itself combines a dash of spook with the thrill of shooting and that’s what makes the game just right for a Halloween party. You need some faux skeletons, a wooden board for the backdrop, and some tiny slime guns to get started. The idea is to line some skeletons on a board at a distance, further letting the guests take turns at shooting them with a toy gun that shoots slime at the skeletons. The one with the highest score gets a prize.

Jack-O-Lanterns Bean Bag Toss

Besides being a great decor element, jack-o-lanterns are also apt for a lovely Bean Bag Toss game. You need a large and a medium-sized pumpkin carved with large mouths, further setting the smaller one atop the larger pumpkin and attaching them with skewers. The guests form a line and take turns at throwing bean bags into the jack-o-lantern mouths. Set more points for bean bags landing in the smaller pumpkin, and the player with the most points gets a prize.

Halloween Costume Contest

A good Halloween party is incomplete without a costume contest. You can add some categories into the contest, such as the funniest costume, best group costume, most creative costume, best DIY costume, most spooky costume, and more! Let all the guests vote for the categories, and the winners get amazing prizes like a bottle of wine or a certificate.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

You need lots of pumpkins and some Pumpkin carving knives to let the guests at the party let their creative juices flowing. Other supplies include a bowl for the guts and seeds, newspaper, and paper towels. You can make things more interesting with added supplies like yarn, paint, googly eyes, and carving templates. The winner is the player who designs the most gorgeous carved pumpkin and takes a prize home.

Pumpkin Bowling

Transform a pumpkin into the ball and turn toilet paper rolls into pins for this super entertaining game. You also need a black sharpie marker to draw faces on the paper rolls and pumpkin before the guests go bowling. If you don’t want paper rolls, you can also paint empty soda bottles and line them up like bowling pins. The guests take turns rolling the pumpkin towards the pins and the one with the highest score wins the game.

Eyeball Pong

Replace the regular ping pong ball with plastic eyeballs in this cool beer pong game. If planning for the kids, you can go for water instead of beer. The guests will take turns bouncing spooky eyeballs on the table trying to get them into the cups. If the ball lands in the cup placed at the center, the player instantly wins. Add point values for different cups or make two teams. The teams take turns throwing eyes into the opposite team’s cups, further removing the cup and cherishing the drink.

Spin the Plastic Pitchfork

A great twist to Spin the Bottle, this game replaces the bottle with a plastic pitchfork to keep things in sync with the occasion. Everyone sits in a circle around the pitchfork and give it a whirl, Whoever the fork points to, gets a challenge. You can read out a funny or scary dare from a bowl of dares and take everyone to those high-school days. This is really a fun Halloween party game.

Halloween Freeze Dance

One of those fun Halloween games that needs no supplies at all – just some good Halloween music and a device to play it on! As you play music, let all the guests dance around like Halloween monsters. When the music comes to a halt, everyone has to freeze in their best spooky positions. The player who moves first is out and the game runs until the last one standing wins. Surely one of the coolest Halloween games for all ages to get everyone grooving.

Donuts on a String

Is there anything more fun that having everyone at the party get a bit messy while trying to grab some treats? To play Donuts on a String, you need a string, some donuts with holes, and a long stick. Tie the string in a way that the donuts dangle from the stick, while spacing the donuts apart enough to create room for each player to stand or kneel underneath. The goal is to finish the donut first while everyone’s hands are tied behind their backs.

Pumpkin Patch Stomp

Pumpkin Patch Stomp is a complete breeze in terms of the prepping. All you need is some black and orange balloons, along with the same number of prizes to put inside each balloon. Throw the balloons in the backyard in a bunch, further having the guests run around and stomp the balloons to collect the hidden prizes inside. You can also break the guests into teams and with each one assigned a color. The team that stomps all the balloons first with their color wins!

Halloween Push Pop Bubble Contest

The game calls for a push pop bubble sensory toy, and is a super fun activity to indulge in. Allow two players or two teams to play this Halloween party game at a time, wherein the first player pops as many bubbles as they want in their chosen row. The second player also does the same, and they keep switching turns until the last bubble needs to be popped by the losing player. The winning team or player gets a Halloween themed prize!

Halloween Pinata Filled with Candy

Candy raining from the sky is a phenomenon that excites the kids and adults alike! It’s a great idea to unleash your creativity and craft a pumpkin-shaped piñata for the party. All you need is lots of colorful candies and of course, a piñata. The guests will wear blindfolds and take turns hitting the pumpkin piñata until it falls open and the whole party enjoys some treats together. You can also add some spooky plastic spiders or some slime to the piñata to make things a bit interesting and suit the theme. The kids are going to like this Halloween party game.

Pass the Pumpkin

Pass the Pumpkin combines music and game-play together to make the party a lot more interesting. You are going to need nothing more than just one small pumpkin to indulge the guests in one of the most simple Halloween games. Let everyone stand in a circle, followed by passing around the pumpkin to some spooky music playing. When the music stops, the player holding the pumpkin is out. The game continues until there’s only 1 player left who gets some Halloween candies!

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