15 Stunning Gatsby Party Men’s accessories for 1920’s Themed Parties

Gatsby party men's accessories

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

We all love 1920s themed parties. In fact, 1920s themed party is always our all-time favorite. 1920s themed party signifies the era of sophistication, elegance, and finesse. During those old times, Gatsby party mens costume epitomized the wealth and opulence of that particular era. So, won’t it be a fun and nice idea to go back to that heritage era to enjoy this excellent party theme? Now, the question is what kind of Gatsby party men’s accessories we should put on to make us more like a 1920’s Gatsby man.

Never mind! We have already put together 15 great Gatsby accessories for men. Let’s have a quick look at these stunning pieces and get ready to dress like The Great Gatsby Men.

BABEYOND Men's 1920s Brim Boater Hat Gatsby Straw Hat 20s Costume Accessories (Black, Small/Medium)

1) 1920s Gatsby Straw Hat

1920s men’s fashion is all about vintage heritage. Therefore this is a must-have Gatsby Party Men’s accessories. Straw hats used to be a very popular choice option during that time. So, if you are looking for a perfect great gatsby costume, then the 1920s Gatsby Straw Boater Hat will be so apt for you! We have included this 100% all-natural fiber made straw hat with black/red fabric band that brings the timeless fashion essence of the 1920s. The special feature of this hat is that it comes with a one-size-fits-all design and surely fits every man.

2) Gatsby Panama Fedora Hat Cap for Men

Just like straw hats, Panama fedora hats were also the favorite accessory for the gatsby outfit. In fact, every 1920s man had at least one of these elegant Panama fedora hats during that time. These hats go so well with the rich and sophisticated business suit outfits of the 1920s gatsby men. That’s why we have come up with a popular vintage item (Panama Fedora Hat) for the 1920s pizzazz look. It’s made of polyester and felt, so much comfortable and stylish for sure!

3) 1920s Panama Fedora Hat Cap for Men

How to dress like The Great Gatsby Men? Well, it’s pretty simple! All you will need is to have the right accessory to flaunt such a fabulous look. Now, when it comes to the 1920s style great gatsby suit costume, you must consider wearing a hat. Among all the available hat styles and choice options, we will always prefer the classic 1920s Panama Fedora Hat Cap. This elegant piece is still a popular choice among many of us! Starting from the flapper costume to the 1920s pizzazz look, this hat is the best choice for your outfit.

4) Gatsby Men’s Flat Cap

Do you know that flat caps were always worn by the rich, opulent, and fashionable young men in the 1920s? With time, the flat cap grew even more popular and became so much prevalent as standard boys’ wear. So, will you be interested in wearing a classic men’s flat cap for your gatsby party outfit? If yes, then you have certainly come to the right page! Irrespective of whether you’re wearing a polished white suit or any other 1920s business suit, a cotton-based, comfortable men’s flat cap with elastic closure is ready to bless you with a traditional look.

5) Prop Pipe for Gatsby Party

1920s young men were wealthy and opulent. They had a knack for smoking and that’s why wooden prop pipe was one of the most popular accessories for them. So, if you are planning to get a great gatsby costume look, then do not forget to include the prop pipes in your accessories set. Rest assured that these are artificial prop pipes but they are perfect for a gentleman costume in the 1920s. This prop pipe for Gatsby party has a polished wooden look-a-like design and features a traditional shape.

Forum Novelties Fake Cigar Prop - Pack of 4

6) Fake Cigar Prop

1920s men’s outfits must include some cigar props. Not sure why? Needless to say, the wealthy, young generation of that era would always flaunt cigars and smoking pipes. That’s why we have come up with some fake cigar props this time. These cigar props will be perfect for your great gatsby costume ideas, gangster costumes, 1920s style suit costumes, and double breasted costumes, etc. The best part? These artificial cigar props perfectly imitate the original cigar prop design.

Skeleteen Costume White Gangster Spats - Roaring 20s Steampunk Dress Up Faux Leather Costume Shoe Cover White Spats with Silver Studs for Adults

7) White Gangster Spats

Want to stun your friends with a top-notch 1920s style great gatsby look? If yes, then you can now go for a gangster costume. This type of costume was so popular during the 1920s. To further match your outfit style, you can choose White Gangster Spats. In the earlier days, these spats were widely used by men to protect their shoes and socks from mud, rain, and dirt. Apart from their purpose of usage, these spats are even popular for their vintage design. Made of sparkling white color faux leather material, these spats have a stylish button run-down design on their ankles.

8) Suspender and Bow Tie set

Attending a party in the jay gatsby theme? If yes, then this Y-shaped strap design cum bow tie set will be the ideal accessory for you! It comes with an adjustable Y-shaped strap design with elastic straps. You can easily open and close elastic strap clicks to adjust the suspender and bow tie accordingly. Please note that the suspender has a good-quality belt with great elasticity, sturdy metal with teeth, solid clips, and rich colors. For the elegant design and chic men’s looks, the stretchy bow tie suspender set can be a wonderful piece of accessories.

9) Suspenders with Swivel Hooks

In the previous pick, we have talked about a Y-shaped suspender cum bow tie set. This time, we have come up with a suspender with swivel hooks. First of all, this suspender has a vintage leather bronze hook. Secondly, it features precise sewing and solid stitching for maximum durability. Furthermore, it’s ready to offer you a retro look, especially the classic medieval aesthetics. Rest assured that this suspender is the much-needed accessory for the vintage 1920s looks.

10) Men’s Gold Metal Satin Bow Tie

Dreaming of a gatsby party mens costume? Do you want to look elegant, classic, and fashionable? If yes, then this exquisite bow tie is ready to make you look gorgeous and handsome. The design is so classic, elegant, and fashionable that it’s ready to compliment your attire. This satin bow tie knot comes with an adjustable design, along with a one-size-fits-all style. The best part? This bow tie set is even easy to wear!

I-MART Smooth Vintage Pocket Watch with Chain (Gold)

11) Vintage Pocket Watch with Chain

The pocket watch is a perfect symbol of a gentleman! That’s why all 1920s men had used pocket watches in order to convey social status symbols. Considering this factor, we have put together a vintage pocket watch design for you! This golden pocket watch for men has a super gorgeous look. It’s made of golden alloy material and the design is so apt for the 1920s themes. The watch is also quite easy to adjust; all you will need is to push the stem to open the top and adjust the time.

Gold Rimmed Round Costume Glasses - 1 Pair

12) Gold Rimmed Round Costume Glasses

Our Gatsby party men’s accessories list has now included a gold-rimmed traditional costume glass eye accessory for you! In the 1920s days, golden color eyeglasses were extremely popular and prevalent. What’s more, the men of that era mostly preferred round-shaped costume glasses. Considering all these factors, we have now included a gold rimmed round costume glass accessory with adjustable nose pads. Please feel free to try on these eye accessories and you’re ready to rock with your vintage 1920s looks.

Upper Deck, LTD Victorian Style Wood Walking Stick ~ Cane with a Brass Handle, Brown

13) Walking Stick

Around the 18th and 19th centuries, a wooden walking stick has been an extremely essential part of all European gentleman’s wardrobes. During the 1920s, walking sticks became a style statement of a men’s fashion and dress accessory. A walking stick was also a perfect symbol for showcasing status and wealth. Considering all these versatile purposes of a walking stick, we have come up with a recommendation this time. This walking stick features a beautiful heavy brass handle, victorian detail embellishments, a black wooden shaft, and a rubber bottom for traction.

Beistle Handlebar Hairy 'Stache with Self Adhesive Tape, 5-Inch, Black

14) 1920s Mens Mustache

1920s men always had a mustache, isn’t it? You must be now wondering how to flaunt such a big and beautiful mustache? Well, no worries! Here’s an artificial men’s mustache for you which comes with self adhesive feature. You will simply need to use the adhesive, attach it to your skin, and get ready to have a realistic 1920s men’s mustache look. This small piece is really worth your 1920s stylish men’s attire. So, do not hesitate to give it a go right away!

Forum Novelties Roaring 20s Garter Armband - One Size - Blue

15) Roaring 20s Armband Garter

Keen to find out the 19th-century Gatsby menswear trend? If so, then Roaring 20s Armband Garters are also worth your attention. That’s because — armband garter not only features the elegance of 1920s fashion but also it has versatile usage especially for customizing sleeve lengths and cuffs. This particular armband garter comes in the classic blue color, a perfect piece for every Gatsby costume.

So, what are you waiting for? For your Gatsby party mens costume, please do not forget to include our hand-picked, above mentioned Gatsby party men’s accessories.

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