17 Fun Sleepover Party Games That Every Kid Can Play

sleepover party game, 17 Fun Sleepover Party Games That Every Kid Can Play

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

What is the point of a sleepover?

Sleepover party games are increasingly taking the world among kids and teenagers. They offer an exciting opportunity for children to spend quality time while interacting with each other. These games also provide a chance for kids to catch up with their life. They are the perfect partner for your kids to keep awake throughout the night while busy with night sanity. 

What games to play at a sleepover party?

Let us present you a list of seventeen fun sleepover party games that will make your children’s pajama party count. Remember, these games are easy to play and kid-friendly. 

1. Spin the Nail Polish

A color game that every kid will love

How to prepare for this game

  • An adult inspector 
  • A spinner
  • Eight bottles of nail polish
  • Cotton balls
  • A towel or old blanket

For a large group of kids, dividing them into two is something you might want to consider. The game is suitable for less than six kids.

How to play 

Let the kids sit around the game board. 

Allow the first player to spin the spinner to select the bottle of nail polish. Let her paint the toe with the chosen color. The game continues as other players spin the spinner while painting their toes at a time. The game ends once every player has painted all the toes. 

One of the best things about this game is that it is easy to play. Also, many kids love this game, and every player wins. 

2. Classic Sleepover Game- Pillow Fight 

How to prepare for this game

  • A group of teens
  • A safe place to play

How to play

Make a group of about 6-8 players. Set a time limit for them to play and let the children fight for pillows. You can also set the rules, including no hitting on the face. Allow them to enjoy the fun. 

The game is fun, easy to play, and offers kids unforgettable memories. 

3. Make your own Pizza 

Introduce the world of cooking to your kids

How to prepare for this game

  • 25 shaped pizza slice cards
  • Four pizza boards
  • One double spinner
  • 1 Head Chef Board
  • One instruction leaflet

How to play

Allow your kids to sit together. Let player one spin the double spinner and select the topping card. The first player to fill their pizza board wins. But take a geek of the yucky toppings that fall to the bin. 

Unlike traditional pizza, the topping of this game is yucky, which most children find hilarious. 

A pizza game is best suitable for children under the age of 10. It is an educational game that boys and girls can enjoy and experience. 

4. Indoor camping with Teepee Tent 

How to prepare for this game

  • Teepee tents for kids 
  • Enough space

How to play

Gather your kids together in a spacious room. Allow your kids to decorate the tent whatever way they want. Let them decorate it with dolls, books, or anything else that they love. Give rewards to the winner. 

Indoor camping with a teepee offers a tent for your kids to play, have fun and spend some quality time alone. 

5. Braids for others Games 

Best suitable for girls

How to prepare for this game

  • Braiding toy

How to play

In a pair of two, allow girls to choose the braiding type they prefer. Let the other try to create it through hints. Waterfall braids, fishtails, and corset braids are combinations of styles that are worth a try. 

The game offers an opportunity for girls to showcase their braiding abilities.

6. Makeup Artist 

A chance to make your models beautiful

How to prepare for this slumber party game

  • Makeup kit for kids

How to play 

Gather your teens. Give each a makeup kit. Allow them to play with the makeup to see who will create the perfect makeup. Give a prize to the winners. 

The game can enhance the growth of friendship among children. It also improves teens’ creativity and aesthetic ability. 

7. Watch a Scary Movie 

A chance to watch the most favorite scary movie

How to prepare for this game

  • A scary movie
  • A TV

How to play this game

Let your kids sit together. Play them one of the scary movies. You can choose to play them horror movies. Those with strong hearts can find the films funny and fascinating. 

Watching a scary movie, thus, offers an exciting opportunity for kids to spend quality time together. 

8. Karaoke – Let’s sing 

How to prepare for this fun sleepover party game

  • Enough space
  • The Karaoke machine

How to play

Gather your kids and bring a karaoke machine. Tune in the favorite music and let them sing along. You can let them decide on the theme of the music to play. Be it Disney tunes or top pop hits, let them feel crazy. 

This game offers kids an excellent opportunity to sharpen their singing skills. 

9. Make the popcorn together 

How to prepare for this slumber party game

  • Popcorns
  • Popcorn machine

How to play

Divide your kids into two groups. Set time and allow each group to make popcorns. The first group to finish wins. 

Popcorn game offers a challenge for kids to come up with cooking ideas.

10. Slumber Party Scavenger hunt with a flashing 

Time to take your slumber party to another level

How to prepare for this game

  • Flashlight
  • Basket/Bag
  • Enough space
  • A scavenger hunt list

How to play

Hide specific things beforehand and give clues to them. Turn off the lights. Give your kids a flashlight and allow them to start searching. Allow the kids to follow clues to help them find the items. Allow them to collect items they found into the basket. Check the bag to ensure they found all the things. Some of the scavenger hunt clues may include;

  • Find an item that is the color red.
  • Find something that is very shiny.

The game offers kids a chance to uncover hidden treasures in the dark. 

11. See the Stars Together 

How to prepare for this fun sleepover party game

  • A telescope

How to play

During the night, gather your kids together. Fix a telescope around the backyard, and allow everyone to have a glance at the universe. 

The game is a better way for kids to understand more about astronomy. 

12. Glow in the dark Tattoo makeup games 

A chance to give your kid a glowing tattoo

How to prepare for this game

  • Glow in the dark tattoo

How to play

Gather your kids. Allow each kid to select the tattoo of their interest. It may be a tattoo of a snake, monsters, pirates, dragons, and many more. Apply the temporary tattoos on their hands and remove them. Allow the kids have fun around the house. 

Glow in the dark tattoo makeup games is easy to apply and remove. There is something unique about the tattoos they choose which makes them excited.

13. Glow Sticks Toss Games

A perfect game to add extra fun when the night falls

How to prepare for this game

  • Glow stick
  • Duct tape
  • Empty plastic bottles
  • 1 or 2 cups of sand, rice, or dried beans

How to play 

Gather your kids and the tossing rings together. Allow the youngest person to play first. Let the first player toss all the rings, one ring at a time aiming to land their posts. Once all things have been tossed, the first player retrieves the rings for the next person. Allow each player to take turns until a person lands all the rings. The game continues until everyone crowns the winner. 

The best thing about this game is that everyone wins. Even better, it is kid-friendly and lets everyone get it on the fun. 

14. Truth & Dare Card Game

A classic sleepover party game that every kid loves

How to prepare for this game

  • A plastic bottle
  • A list of truth and dare questions

How to play

Allow your kids to sit in a circle, with a bottle placed horizontally downward in the center. Allow player one to spin the bottle, and where the mouth of the bottle points when the bottle stops spinning has to pick between speaking the truth and accepting the challenge. If the kid chooses for truth, they need to answer a funny question. But, if you opt to dare, you really need to tackle a task assigned to you. 

Truth and dare game has more than 50 questions targeted towards kids. The questions are silly and fun. But they are not too old for younger teens. 

15. Flashlight Tag Hide and Seek

A game for night owls

How to prepare for this fun sleepover party game

  • More than three kids
  • Flashlight
  • Extra batteries (back up)

How to play

Let until evening falls. Pick one kid to be it for a flashlight tag. Toss a coin in case more than one player wishes to be it. The first person to be the flashlight tag gets the flashlight, covers the eyes, and begins counting to 50. After finishing counting, the other players start looking for the hiders using the flashlight. Once found, �it’ shines the flashlight and calls the name out aloud. The hider then gets out and waits in a designated area until the rest are found. Once all players are found, you get back to the designated meeting spot and pick another �it’ for a new game. 

The flashlight tag hides and seek are a perfect game for teens to end camp in style. 

16. Toilet Paper Fashion Show 

How to prepare for this fun sleepover party game

  • Four rolls of toilet papers
  • A group of 12-16 kids

How to play

Divide your kids into a group of four. Give each group toilet paper, and allow each group to choose one player to be the model. Give each group a minute to dress up their model in the best fashionable toilet paper outfit. Once the minute is up, do a show and allow everyone to vote the best-dressed player. The winner gets a prize. 

Toilet paper fashion shows can offer kids entertainment and some good fun. It also provides a chance for kids to work together. 

17. Hot Chocolate before Going Bed

A perfect game for winter falls.

How to prepare for this game

  • A cup of chocolate
  • Sorts of spice

How to play 

In a group of fewer than ten kids, allow the children to play outside. This is especially true if it is the winter season. Then you can go around serving them chocolate. For optimal experience, mix the chocolate with spices (pumpkin, orange, peppermint, etc.).

The game promotes a strong family bond and togetherness.


Slumber sleepover party games for kids are the most fun way to enjoy your night. A pick of these games can help you achieve this wish and desire for a perfect sleepover party.

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