18 Awesome Kids’ Construction Birthday Party Favor Ideas

construction birthday party favor ideas

Kids love things that move. From cars and trucks to tractors and airplanes, you can never beat their fascination with moving items. You might find them playing with toys at any time of the day, pretending to be builders. In this article, we will go through 18 brilliant construction birthday party favor ideas for you.

If your kids love dump Lorries and other construction-related things, throwing a construction themed party is a sure bet for a day full of fun and excitement. While many things can set the tone for the party, don’t forget about the party favors. They are essential ingredients that can surely keep the party going.

In this article, we have rounded up a list of 18 construction birthday party favor ideas that will turn kids crazy. Rest assured, you will never hear “I’m bored” from their mouths as they get back home.

18 Construction Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Construction Trucks Stampers | construction birthday party favor ideas

1. Construction Trucks Stampers

You can’t go wrong with these construction truck stampers. They are always a hit with little ones.

The first thing you will notice is its exquisite appearance. The 24 pieces come in different colors and details that can match your party theme. They are flexible, meaning you can change them the way you wish. Their construction features high-quality and safe materials to ensure kids’ safety and long-lasting performance. Even better, they are washable.

Construction truck stampers can bring fun and encourage construction to kids’ daily use.

2. Kids Construction Toy Tools

Kids cannot get enough of this fantastic construction tool. It comes with everything kids want to become engineers.

The tool includes 28 pieces of equipment, including a hammer, axes, hand saw, etc. And the most crucial part, they are similar to actual tools. So, it can stimulate your kid’s imagination and creativity. It is lightweight and features an appropriate size that is comfortable for your kids. Also, it is safe for your kids, thanks to non-toxic material construction.

This is a daily use party favor suitable for kids looking to develop their construction skills.

Construction Plastic Straws | construction birthday party favor ideas

3. Construction Plastic Straws

These cute plastic straws can add a delight to your kid’s party. The product features vibrant colors that can catch the attention of younger guests. The straws are curved, and their attachments are constructed with rubber to ensure durability. The size is a breeze, and even cleaning is easy.

The reusable straws are ideal construction birthday favor ideas to use at any party celebration.

4. Mini Tape Measures Keychains

How adorable are these mini tape measures keychains? Manufactured by Meekoo, the product includes twelve pieces of keychains that can stretch up to 3 feet in length. It is lightweight, so kids can easily carry them around in goodie bags. It comes with a stable slide lock, making it easy and comfortable to use.

Mini tape measures keychains can be used as a unique construction party favor to hold kids’ keys in school, home, etc.

Cars and Trucks Temporary Tattoos for Kids | construction birthday party favor ideas

5. Construction Tractor Themed Temporary Tattoos for Kids

If your kid loves vehicles, these temporary tattoos are a perfect addition to your favor bag. First, you will love their premium quality. They are constructed using non-toxic materials, so they cannot cause any allergies to your kids. Second, they are easy to use. Mounting is straightforward, and removing is effortless.

Best suitable to use on bags, DIY decorations, and many more.

Pull Back Construction Vehicles Toy Set | construction birthday party favor ideas

6. Pull Back Construction Vehicles Toy Set

For another party favor bag idea? This pull-back construction vehicle set is waving at you. The product offers an assortment of vehicles, including cars, trucks, etc., so kids will love it. The toy is constructed with high-quality materials to boost durability. The materials are also non-toxic, so they are safe for children to play with.

The cute construction toy set is pull back, let-it-go kind of vehicle that can be used as decorations for tables. But they can also make a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer.

Construction Trucks Coloring Book | construction birthday party favor ideas

7. Construction Trucks Coloring Book with Crayons

Another excellent party package for your party favor bag? These coloring books with crayons will bring a smile to your kids’ faces. The product comes with 12 coloring books and 48 crayons. The books are compact and lightweight, so they can fit perfectly in kids’ small bags. Even the size is incredible.

This is a perfect party favor for kids to use at home, on school, on trips, etc.

Mini Truck Toy Kit Set | construction birthday party favor ideas

8. Mini Truck Toy

The mini-truck toy is the perfect party favor for a kid who plays gently. Its construction features premium materials to boost durability. The quality is superb. They are sturdy enough, so your kids can constantly run them without breaking. They are lightweight and safe. The colors are even attractive.

The pull-it-pack mini toy truck is a perfect favor that can deliver a lot of fun to children. Best suitable for indoor play.

Mini Construction Notebooks | construction birthday party favor ideas

9. Mini Construction Notebooks

The 24 pieces of mini construction notebooks come in various styles to cater to your different expectations. So, you can choose your favorite design and add a lively touch to the construction activities. The notebooks also offer an appropriate size, making them portable and convenient for daily carrying. The quality of the papers is top-notch.

Mini notebooks are practical construction birthday party favor ideas for daily use when kids record essential things.

Construction Snap Bracelets | construction birthday party favor ideas

10. Construction Zone Slap Bracelets

These slap bracelets can sure enhance kids’ personalities. The product involves 40 pieces of bracelets, so they are sufficient enough to cater to all your younger guests. They are made of PVC materials which are durable and comfortable to use. The size is perfect such that it can fit your kids’ wrists without being too loose or tight. The colors, pattern, and design will never disappoint.

This is a perfect party favor for an ornate dinner table.

11. Construction Themed Silicone Wristbands

The silicone wristbands include 15 pieces of bands; 5 yellow, 5 orange, and 5 black. It features an appropriate diameter that can fit most kids. The product is constructed using top-quality materials, making it comfortable and safe for kids. The silicone material is also solid and durable-expect these wrists to last for many years.

Best party favor to wear every day to parties and other special events.

12. Shovel Shaped Dessert Spoon

Send your younger guests home with these disposable shape dessert spoons. They are a real hit, and kids will love them.

The product includes 50 pieces of spoons, so they are sufficient for everyone at the party and even win the preference of some family members. They feature a novelty shovel design. The size is ideal for most kids.

Best party favor to use when eating yogurt, ice creams, and other delicacies.

13. Construction Themed Balloons

Use these construction balloons as party decors and allow kids to take them home as favors. The 14.5 inches balloons come in 12 pieces suitable for dump truck, excavator, and forklift party decoration. Its construction features high-quality aluminum foil, so you can be sure of the high level of aesthetics. Aluminum is also durable, so expect these balloons to withstand long display hours. They are lightweight and easy to fill with air.

These are the perfect party favors that can bring a warming atmosphere to kids’ homes.

14. Construction Worker Hats and Vests

Construction worker hats and vests are simple and predictable gifts that you should include in your party favor bag.

The vests are tailored with a high level of craftsmanship, offering authentic and vibrant colors that can attract younger guests. The helmets are sturdy and can add a lot of excitement to make your kid’s party successful. Considering your child’s safety, the set is constructed using soft materials.

This ideal gift set is best suitable for career days, hours, or imaginative play and dress-up.

Neon Hammer Inflates | construction birthday party favor ideas

15. Neon Inflatable Hammer

This inflatable hammer can work both as favors and party decors. The product comes in 12 pieces, each with different shades and colors. They are made of high-quality materials, which makes them stand long hours of active fun. And the size is excellent.

Best pool, beach, and bathtub toys to keep kids occupied all hours.

16. Cars and Trucks Stickers

These stickers can make a perfect addition to any construction-themed birthday party. They are fun and provide vibrant shades. The packaging includes more than 160 stickers, including cars, trucks, buses, etc.

This is an ideal decorative party favor and excellent equipment for teaching kids about vehicles.

17. Mini Wooden Tower

What kid doesn’t love games? The mini wooden tower is a perfect party favor for your kid’s birthday. 

The product features a natural wood color, which can add vibrancy to the party. This is a 4 pack product with 36 wooden strokes. Balance the stroke pieces, build a tower and win without making the tower fall.

This is an ideal favor bundle best suitable for craft projects to keep kids occupied all the time.

Construction Birthday Favor Bags | construction birthday party favor ideas

18. Construction Birthday Favor Drawstring Bags

We also loved these construction favor drawstring bags for boys and girls. The package includes 16 bags made of fabric materials that are durable and comfortable to touch.

The bags offer an ideal space sufficient to hold kids’ stuff. The vibrant colors and detailing are combinations of features that make this bag a real hit. A bonus; kids can use these bags in two ways-as handbags or backpacks.

This is a practical gift for kids to use daily when shopping, going outs, etc.

Conclusion of Construction Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Construction parties will never go out of style. Make your kid’s construction birthday stand out with the above party ideas. 

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