18 Best Gifts for a Trumpet Player

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Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Playing trumpet requires a lot of dedication and many years of practice. And a better way to appreciate this terrific work is by giving away gifts. Gifts for a trumpet player need to be personal. But they also have to be unique and connected with passion. 

Are you looking for the best gift ideas for your trumpet player? In this article, we have compiled a list of the 18 best trumpet gifts to save you stress for browsing. Scroll down and choose your best pick. 

Great Gifts that Trumpeters will Love

Pocket Trumpet | Gifts for a Trumpet Player

1. Pocket trumpet

A pocket trumpet is a perfect choice when looking for useful things to gift your beloved trumpet player. 

The first thing you will notice about this instrument is the portability-it’s something smaller and pocket friendly. Its design features excellent tubing to enhance smooth airflow. The entire body is smeared with phosphorus copper to bring the style that every trumpet player can accomplish. 

The pocket trumpet is plenty of fun for beginners looking to learn trumpet basics. But it can also be an excellent choice for specialists looking to take music to another level. 

Best suitable to carry around. It is perfect for an impromptu performance. 

2. Miles Davis Omni book

Give them a bit of trumpet history with this mile Davis Omni book. This fascinating book comes with fifty note-for-note jazz transcriptions, which you can play on Bb instruments. Some of the best songs may include stablemates, tune-up, and all of you, among others. 

With easy-to-read notes and plenty of pieces to play, this book is an ultimate source for practicing your jazz chops every day.


Trumpet Multiple Mute Bag with Modular Walls,Black | Gifts for a Trumpet Player

3. Trumpet multiple mute bags with modular walls

Add some flair and protection to their mute with this bag. It is perfectly crafted with every day trumpet player in mind. 

The bag is covered using water-resistant materials to ensure optimal protection for your instrument. It also features a loop closure, so you can be sure of the safety. For extra comfort, it comes with shoulder straps and a side pocket for water bottles. 

Players will love to use it anytime when invited for a performance. 

Finger Strengthener | Gifts for a Trumpet Player

4. Tension adjustable finger strengthener

A chance to help them keep their fingers busy with this adjustable finger exerciser!

Ideal for strengthening their fingers, this tool is also best for those who love traveling. Thanks to its portability. The device is constructed using silicone materials to allow comfortable pressing. 

It is best loved for its design. Use it to strengthen your fingers, hands, or even wrists anytime you wish. 

Trumpet Lyre | Gifts for a Trumpet Player

5. Trumpet Lyre

This trumpet lyre is a perfect gift idea for the trumpet player in your life. It will help them read PDFs and take pictures and videos while playing at ease. 

Trumpet lyre is universal, so it can fit perfectly in all standard smartphones. Another feature you will like about this gift is versatility. The device is excellently engineered to work well in portrait and landscape positions. Lastly, it is expandable, so you can easily mount it. 

Best-loved for its portability. So, you can carry and use it anywhere. 

6. Trumpet care kit

Help them keep their trumpet clean and safe with this all-in-one trumpet care kit. From flexible bore brushes to lubricating oil, this kit has everything you need to maintain your instrument in pristine condition. 

Its production comprises quality, durable and odorless materials. It is universal, so it can work pretty well for any trumpet. Also, it comes with instructions. 

Any great trumpet player will appreciate this gift, thanks to its user-friendliness. Use it every time after the performance. 

Trumpet Stand | Gifts for a Trumpet Player

7. Portable trumpet stand

Every trumpet specialist needs a stand. Ensure they have this gift to protect their trumpet from scratches or damage. 

The stand features five legs to provide excellent support when using it. It is constructed using hard composite, so you can be sure of its durability. 

The stand is secure at any height and can provide players a safe place to store their trumpet when not playing it. 

Yamaha SILENT Brass Flugelhorn Mute | Gifts for a Trumpet Player

8. Yamaha SILENT Brass Flugelhorn Mute

To help them make their trumpet sound practical, give them this incredible silent brass device. 

The system is perfectly designed with headphones so you can hear yourself playing. It also features a mute to allow high-performance no matter where you are playing the trumpet. Even better, it allows you to connect to a smartphone. So, you can play your favorite music without any worry. 

It is a perfect gift for your trumpet players to practice anywhere and anytime. 

Trumpet 6-Point Leather Valve Guard | Gifts for a Trumpet Player

9. Trumpet 6-Point Leather Valve Guard

A valve guard will prevent the trumpet from dents and scratches. It will also keep the valves clean and tidy. 

The device comes full-fitted with leather to allow optimal valve protection. It also features a non-porous center layer, hook and loop closure, and a fine leather exterior. It is comfortable and appears beautiful too. 

Most players love it for being universal. It can fit all Bb and C horns. Use it every day, anywhere. A perfect gift for both beginners and experienced trumpet players. 

Clip-on Mustache for Trumpet Mouthpiece | Gifts for a Trumpet Player

10. Clip-on Mustache for Trumpet Mouthpiece

This is another fun gift to appreciate your trumpet player. It will make them appear like they have a big mustache. The gag gift can surely make the audience burst into laughter. 

The device is constructed using high-quality materials. Its design prevents the trumpet’s stem from snapping. Use it alone, or you can purchase many for the whole band. 

11. Matte Blue 48 Symphony Music Stand

A music stand is a must for every pro musician. And this symphony music stand is one of the most durable and strongest to give your trumpet player. 

Constructed using heavy steel, it can hold everything for many years without breaking. The adjustable stand is highly polished with polyester to prevent wear and tear. 

Its excellent design doesn’t take a lot of space on stage. And it is very stable at any height. 

Matte 48 symphony stand is perfect for practice rooms and performances. Use it every day, anywhere. 

Rain-Proof Trumpet Case | Gifts for a Trumpet Player

12. Rain-Proof Trumpet Case

Trumpets are fragile. So, protecting them as you move around is necessary. If you want your trumpet player to avoid damage to their instruments, this proper bag can be of great assistance. 

It is crafted using oxford cloth to boost durability. It is light, making it easy to carry around. The exterior is roomy and offers an excellent lining to shield your trumpet from bumps and knocks. It also provides an excellent space for accessories. 

It is best loved for its comfortability. Players can use it anytime, after, or before the performance. 

Warm Up Mute for Trumpet | Gifts for a Trumpet Player

13. Warm Up Mute for Trumpet

Trumpets are one of the loudest instruments and can cause issues when playing or practicing. This warm-up mute can solve the problem. 

It fits perfectly in the bell and plays quietly. Its design offers a polished finish touch. 

Cheerful yet cheap, this mute is meant to produce excellent intonation. Many professional trumpeters recommend it. 

Traditional Wah-Wah Mute for Trumpet - Aluminum | Gifts for a Trumpet Player

14. Wah-Wah Mute for Trumpet

This mute is perfectly designed to produce a classic wah-sound when playing the trumpet. 

Handspun from beautiful premium alloys, this mute is trumpeters’ excellent choice. It is a crucial tool used in particular songs and performances. 

TRUMPET MOUTHPIECE BOOSTER | Gifts for a Trumpet Player

15. Trumpet Mouthpiece Booster

For trumpeters wanting to change their tone, this mesmerizing mouthpiece booster can work excellently. 

Defined by high-quality materials, this gorgeous device promises premium sounds without pretension. Pick up this item, and you will notice how beautifully it is designed. The shiny surface and smooth shape will always keep your tool brand new. 

It is easy to use, so you can easily attach it to the trumpet without any stress. Even nicer, it is powerful and can produce a mega tone. 

It is an essential gift for any professional trumpeter seeking to open up the entire world of sounds. 

16. Star Wars Instrumental Solos

If your trumpet player is a fan of star wars, then this is an outstanding gift to consider. It is a book filled with instrumental solos from star wars movies, perfectly arranged in several sounds. Some of the best star war titles you may find in this book include the flag parade, and the imperial march, among others. 

Every trumpeter will be thrilled learning and playing these songs, more especially on brass. 

17. Gosling’s Lip Balm

Trumpeters use their mouths when playing the trumpet. Sometimes their mouths will go dry, swollen, and even chapped. You can save their chops with this natural lip balm. It was designed by a specialist trumpet with a simple goal- to cater to the needs of woodwind and brass players. 

The lip balm is smaller in size, so you carry it around. It is also produced using natural ingredients for excellent results. 

It is a thoughtful gift that is even recommended by dermatologists. Use it every day, anywhere during your home practice or performance. 

18. Trumpet Player Decor

This is yet another cool metal gift idea shaped like a trumpeter. It is made of durable metals and bolts, measures 6×1 inches, and is contained in excellent packaging ready to be gifted to your player. 

This gift can add a decent decoration to your office table, desk, or anywhere you want. 

Conclusion of Gifts for Trumpet Players

There are a lot of gifts you can buy for a trumpeter for their birthday party if you only understand what he wants. There is something for every trumpeter in here. Happy shopping!

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