Unique Birthday Gifts For Mum That Say ‘Mama I Love You’

unique birthday gifts for mum

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

There’s something special about a mother’s love, isn’t there? No matter what we do in our lives, we can always guarantee that Mum will be there to support us. Well, don’t you think it’s time we repay that with some great birthday gifts for Mum that are both thoughtful and kind on our wallets? So, once you’ve gathered all her friends and family for the big day, make sure you pick up one of these 20 budget-friendly and unique birthday gifts for Mum to let her know how much you love and appreciate her on her birthday! Trust us, she’ll love them!

1. Best Mom Ever Tote Bag

Let’s start with a simple gift that expresses everything you want to say really clearly. This ‘Best Mom Ever’ tote bag is beautifully designed and will look great when your Mum takes it shopping with her as she runs her errands. Best of all, not only do you get to show your Mum that you know she’s the best Mum ever, but everyone else will see it too as she shows it off whilst shopping!

2. Mama You Got This Cosmetic Bag

Even Mums that don’t wear makeup have a need for a cosmetic bag, even if they’re only keeping their shower supplies in there. Whatever they decide to use this cosmetic bag for, they’ll probably be using it in the morning, right? So what better message is there to have printed across the front than ‘Mama You Got This’ so she’s reminded how strong she is every day. Big meeting at work? 1000 and 1 things to do? With this gift your Mum will know she can do anything! This unique birthday gifts for mum is a great option she can use everyday.

3. Hand Cream Gift Set

Your Mum’s super busy. She must be, because she raised you and she’s got work to go to and errands to run, and not to mention her share of the housework! What we’re trying to say is that a mother’s hands are never not working, so give her an excuse to pamper herself with this amazing hand cream gift set filled with a bunch of different scents so she can find her favourite! This is one of those gifts your Mum won’t think to purchase for herself, but she’ll love when she has one of her own!

4. Lavender Spa Gift Set

Along the same line of thinking, your Mum is so busy that she rarely has time for moments to herself just to unwind and relax. By buying her a lavender spa gift set like this one, though, you give her the perfect excuse. Whether it’s releasing stress and pain after a long day’s work, or simply an excuse to feel amazing at the weekend, this bath set will make her feel special, and it’ll definitely show how much you love her.

5. Wall Decor to put family pictures in

If pampering and shopping isn’t really your Mum’s thing, then we can guarantee that family will be, because family means everything to every Mum in the world! So, why don’t you pick up this amazing wall decor that she can use to put all her family pics in? There’s no better way to say ‘I love you Mum’ than with something as thoughtful as this. That way, she can look back on all her special memories with her family whenever she likes. This is going to be a unique birthday gift for mum that your whole family would appreciate.

6. Trinket Tray

Mums are busy people, but they also spend a lot of time collecting meaningful things over the years. Whether it’s that ring your Dad bought her when they first met, or a bracelet you picked out as a child that never fit but she couldn’t get rid of anyway. The point is, she has a lot of trinkets, even if you don’t know about them, so a trinket tray is a perfect, thoughtful gift that’ll make her feel special on her birthday! As an added bonus, it also says I love you, so every time she looks at it, she’ll be reminded of you!

7. Flower Tea Cup

She might not have a lot of time to sit down with a good ol’ cuppa, but when she does, she’ll appreciate drinking from a flower tea cup as beautiful as this. It also means she’ll think of you every time she’s relaxing with a hot beverage, so you’ll be in her thoughts lots and she’ll appreciate how much effort you put into her birthday gift. Whenever she drinks from this beautiful tea cup, she’ll be reminded of your love and that sounds pretty special to us!

8. I Love You Mom Heart Pendant Necklace

A heart pendant necklace like this one says everything you need to say without words. I love you? Check. An infinity sign to show you love her forever? Yep. A love heart? Absolutely! It’s literally a dream necklace for your Mum because it reminds her of how strong your bond is, and will always be, and that’s something that’s really precious to her, especially as she turns another year older on her birthday!

9. Love Heart Necklace

If your Mum prefers things that are altogether simpler, then this love heart necklace ought to do the trick. The Mama Sloth and Baby Sloth is a really adorable touch, and the ‘I love you more’ engraving is a great way to immortalise your victory in the ‘Who loves who more’ argument you probably had all the time when you were a kid. It’s thoughtful, it’s budget friendly, and it’s definitely unique. We love this one, and she will too!

10. Greatest Mum Apron

Your Mum’s the greatest mum in the world, right? All mums are to their children. So why not pick her up something that says exactly that, right across the front! She probably also enjoys cooking, or at the very least has to spend a fair bit of time doing it whether she likes it or not, so this greatest Mum apron makes sense. It’ll keep her clean as she cooks and remind her how much she means to you. What’s not to like?

11. Body Weight Bathroom Scale

This one might seem like a random choice, but believe us, if you include a note explaining that this isn’t about weight but about health, then she will understand why you’ve picked her up some bathroom scales. By giving her the tools to look after herself and care about keeping herself in shape, you’re actually showing how much you care for her, because you want her to be healthy and live a full, happy life alongside you. Trust us, if you handle this gift with care, it could be one of her favourites and it’ll certainly show her how much she means to you.

12. Resistance Band Kit

Want to keep the fitness and healthy lifestyle theme going? Then pick up these resistance band kits so the two of you can spend time working out and feeling great together. It’s always hard to take on a fitness journey alone, but if you’ve got somebody who loves and cares for you helping you out, then everything is easier. Use this as an excuse for the two of you to workout together and spend even more quality time with one another. It has two benefits: nurturing your health and nurturing your relationship with your Mum!

13. Mini Massage Gun

Now you’ve worked hard together, you should reward your Mum with something to take away all the aches and pains of exercising. Even if she hasn’t been exercising, then a mini massage gun is still an excellent choice as a birthday gift idea for Mum. It’ll help her relax after a tough day and it’s great for helping your muscles relax after working out. What better way is there to say ‘I love you Mum’ than with a gift that shows you want her to be comfortable? This is gonna be one of the most practical and unique birthday gifts for mum.

14. Jade Roller For Face

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful forever? Using a jade roller to massage your face is a great way to make your face more firm, and therefore keep you looking your best for longer. Some Mums really care about getting older, and for some Mums it can be difficult when their birthday comes around because it reminds them of getting older. So, help them feel great by picking them up a jade roller that they can use to feel great every day. It shows how much you care about her feelings, and that’ll certainly remind her how much you love her.

15. Scented Candle Set

All Mums really want is a scented candle and a night to themselves. Ask any one of them, and they’ll probably say the same thing. A great way to encourage that is to buy a scented candle set. Nothing is more relaxing than a scented candle in the evening after a long day, and this set is perfect because the four different candles are sure to have something that your Mum will love. Plus, the four candles give her four evenings of peace! What could be better than that for your busy Mum?

16. Mama Bear Cushion Set

All Mums are as protective of their children as a Mama bear is over their cubs, so show your appreciation of their fierce love and protection with an adorable Mama Bear cushion set like this one! It’s a really cute cushion set and it will look great on your Mum’s sofa. We just know that she’ll feel proud to show it off to any visitors too, and she’ll be even prouder when she gets to explain that it was bought for her by you too!

17. Thank You For Helping Me Grow Planter

We love this planter because it has two meanings. First, you’re thanking your Mum for helping you grow, and it’s a really meaningful way of doing that. But second, you’re showing how much you appreciate her by providing her with a planter that she can nurture and care for and be reminded of you every time she does. Whatever plant she puts in it will be special because it will be something to remember you by, and what’s more precious to a mother than preparing this unique birthday gift for mum?

18. Cute Coffee Mug for mum

This coffee mug is adorably designed, but it’s hilarious too, and your Mum will smile every time she takes it out to drink from it. If you and your Mum have the sort of relationship where you can joke together and have a great time, then this tumbler is the perfect way to honour that and we just know she’ll love it!

19. Scarf

Sometimes Mums just want to feel glamorous, and what better way is there to do that than with a silk scarf? This one is perfect because it looks luxurious but it’ll also keep her warm in the winter months when she is running her errands or heading to work. It’ll also be special because whenever she receives a compliment for it (and she will, because it’s stunning) she’ll be able to say that you bought it for her as a special birthday gift!

20. Birthday Card

Finally, there’s no better way to say ‘Mama I love you’ than coming right out and saying it, right? There’s no better gift to her than hearing you say you love her, so write it down in a special birthday card like this one. Just don’t forget to say it in person too when you hand over this card with some gifts on this list, because hearing it face to face is the most special gift of all! This is gonna to be a favorite and unique birthday gifts for mum.

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