21 Exciting Lawn Games for Summer Parties: Have fun in the Sun!

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Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Are you planning to make your summer thrilled? Do you want some innovative games for your kids? If yes, you are in the right place. You can make sunny days super exciting by arranging some party in your backyard. You can make the party fun and joyful by adding some backyard games. Yes, everyone will appreciate this idea. Your kids will enjoy the party the most. You can arrange some outdoor lawn games for all age groups. Instead of focusing on a particular game, you will have to consider variations to create a fun environment.

Games will lower the stress and can develop social skills. Some games can also contribute to cognitive functions. Are you a bit excited? Do you want to know which yard games can serve you the most? Let’s help you to choose the best lawn games. In the following, we will cover different types of backyard games. You can consider adding a few to entertain all your guests.

1. Yard Pong Game

The yard pong game set will come with twelve buckets and four balls. Also, you can use your imagination and play the way you want. It can be the best for group parties. You can consider this outdoor-friendly and supersized game for all age groups. The gameplay is easy to understand. Also, the gaming rules are flexible, and you can add your innovation to make it more interesting. The buckets are durable, and the balls are made with quality material to serve you for a long time. You can use this game for backyard parties, picnics, or any other outdoor activities. Besides, the portable design ensures easy storage. You can consider this addition for both kids and experienced players.

2. Ring Toss Game

You will love this innovative lawn game. The ring toss game will definitely entertain all your guests. Also, you can use this for both indoor and outdoor parties. You do not need any specific occasion to play this game. Whenever your kids are bored, you can consider playing this game. All of you will have a lot of entertainment. Additionally, you can easily set the game without spending a lot of time. Within a few minutes, your game will be ready. The compact size is an added benefit. Yes, you can carry it for your camping or outdoor parties. The material is durable as well.

3. Inflatable Lawn Dart Game

It can be a perfect addition if you want to spend some quality time with your family and friends. The set comes with four inflatable lawn darts. In addition to the darts, there are a tote bag, a dual-sided mat, and four lawn pegs. The ideal kit can offer you endless fun. When it comes to kids, this game can improve their motor skills. Also, it will develop social skills and hand-eye coordination. Your kids can play with a team and become more sociable. You can use this lawn game for both outdoor and indoor parties.

4. Number Block Tossing Game

The tossing game can offer you a lot of family fun. The best thing about this game is that you can play it on different surfaces. You can keep it on the grass and sand. That means you can use it for yard or beach parties. The premium rubber wood will ensure a durable result. Furthermore, the game is easy to play and can be perfect for young kids. There will be a wooden storage crate to help with easy storage and transportation. As the game does not require any specific skills, you can use your innovations to make it more exciting.

5. Giant Tower Game

The giant tower game set comes with an extra smooth finish and lifetime warranty on cracking, twisting, splitting, and wrapping. The slide blocks can entertain your kids without causing any inconvenience. They can play fast and have unlimited fun in your backyard. Also, the set is weather and water-resistant. Therefore, you can use them outdoors for a long time without bothering much about the damage. Whenever your kids are excited, they can explore and enjoy their creativity. It will require a light assembly. You can carry it comfortably wherever you want.

6. Ladder Toss

If you want a lightweight and easy-to-play game for your outdoor lawn parties, you can think of the ladder toss. Also, your kids will develop a competitive spirit and try hard to outsmart the competitor. The set will have everything that you need in ladder toss games. There are six rubber bolos and score trackers. The rules are easy to follow as well. The assembly will not take more than two minutes. The rubber bolos are the best for kids. Also, there are extra-thick strings to prevent tangles. You can use it for a long time for indoor and outdoor entertainment.

7. Disc Throwing Game

You can consider this game to boost the disc-throwing skills of your kids and yours. You will need four players for this fun lawn game. Also, it will have two plastic cans that feature a slotted front and an open top. The objective is to hit the plastic can using the disc. Also, the game boosts competitive skills. You can play it in your backyard, picnic, or any other outdoor activity. If you want to win, you will have to get 21 points. The setup is super easy, and you can start playing within a few minutes. Also, the storage will not demand much space.

8. Giant Yard Dice Game

You can go with this yard dice game when you have guests of different age groups in your backyard parties. It can be a perfect game for both indoor and outdoor entertainment. It features dry-erase scoreboards, a drawstring carry bag, and markers. The set will enable you to play different types of dice games with your family. You can enjoy Yardkle and Yardzee games. Apart from that, the strong pine wood will offer a durable result. 

9. Slammo Game

Slammo is one of the exciting yard games for kids. Also, adults will love this game. The set will come with two competition size balls, one slammo target, and one training ball. Additionally, it will include game rules and a travel carrying case. It is an action-based game, and teams need three hits to spike or bounce the ball to the net. You can consider this game for yard parties, camping, beach parties, or other fun settings. The game will keep your kids engaged and entertain them a lot.

10. Croquet Set

The conquer set can be the best game for all age groups. Also, it features hardwood handles, hardwood ending stakes, weather-resistant balls, and steel wickets. The setup is super easy. All you need to do is to screw the handles into mallets. It will not take more than a few seconds. Also, it comes with an extra drawing bag to support the storage needs. You can play this game with two to six players. Conquer set can be great for picnics, family parties, and gatherings.

11. Toss and Catch Ball Set

The Toss and Catch Ball game will have six paddles, three sets, and three balls. You can use it for a family party in your yard. When it comes to benefits, it can improve eye-hand coordination in kids. Also, it will boost social skills and can keep your kids active throughout. The material is waterproof and reinforced with quality stitches to help with a lasting result. Your kids can use it to play anytime and anywhere without any additional help. You can use it for any outdoor party that includes beaches, yards, parks, or gardens. The game will contribute to the physical and mental growth of your kids.

12. Backyard Lawn Bowling Game

The lawn bowling game can be the best addition to backyard parties. It can keep you and your kids engaged for hours. You can use this game in both indoor and outdoor activities. Also, the game is made to last long and entertain players of all age groups. The set will have a mesh carrying bag to support easy transportation. You will have ten bowling pins and two bowling balls with a carrying bag.

13. Giant Four in a Row

You will love this giant four in a row game. The size makes it the best choice for kids and adults. Also, kids can enjoy this game without causing a lot of noise. Additionally, the material is water-resistant. The material makes it perfect for pool and beach parties. However, two players can play and enjoy this game. They can insert the coins into the frame from the diagonal, horizontal, and vertical lines. You might find this game a bit innovative and challenging.

14. Tail Pulling Games

Tail Pulling Games can be the best entertaining option for people with twelve to forty waistlines. You can select the ribbons and colors based on your gaming needs. You need two players to start this game. However, more players can play tail pulling games. Also, you can decide the game format after considering the participant numbers, exercise intensity, and the site condition. The benefits of this game are improved social skills, strong bonds, and better concentration. You can consider this game for beaches, parks, picnics, backyards, or other outdoor parties. The quality built and material make the end product super durable.

15. Egg Spoon Race Game

The egg spoon race can entertain all the players. Yes, there are different colors of wooden spoons and wooden eggs. Also, the sizes of spoons and eggs make it a kid-friendly game. Also, eggs and spoons are made of odorless and non-toxic wood and come with smooth finishes. Additionally, the set has gone through a rigorous certification process before introducing for playing. Your kid will love different colors, and also it will help to improve eye-hand coordination. Furthermore, it will contribute to improved motor skills. 

16. Potato Sack Race

Potato sack race is a very fun and competitive lawn game for kids. They will love the gameplay and develop a competitive spirit to perform better. Most of the kids find it worth playing. You can add it to your lawn party to surprise them. The set will have six potato sack race bags. Six kids can participate in the game and try hard to win it.

17. Giant Tic Tac Toe Game Set

Giant Tic Tac Toe can entertain both kids and adults. You can play this game both indoors and outdoors. Also, you can play both in the day and night hours. That means you can play whenever you want without bothering about the setting. It has everything to have a lot of excitement in the dark. The glow sticks can inspire your young kids to have more entertainment outdoors at night. The setup is easy and does not require any experience. Also, it is lightweight, and that ensures easy transportation and storage.

18. Badminton

Badminton is another fun game for backyard party. This game can support only two or four players. Therefore, you will have to make other arrangements if you have more guests. The assembly will not demand much effort. You can extend the poles and attach the net and start playing. It features a freestanding base setup. You can set it up in any of your convenient places.

19. Bean Bag Bucketz

Bean Bag Bucketz features easy setup, portability, and easy storage. The best part is that many players can play this game at a time. Also, this interactive game can be the best for outdoor activities. You can plan this for your sunny evening parties. Your kids will love the idea.

20. Corn Holes Outdoor Game

You will appreciate the foldable design and easy assembly. You will not take more than a few seconds to set up the game. Also, this versatile game can be perfect for any age group or any place. The lightweight bean bag is easy to carry as well. The durable material and foldable design ensure easy storage and a lasting result.

21. Kubb Game Set

Kubb Game Set can be a great addition to your backyard family party. Yes, it can entertain up to twelve players. Also, you can set it on the grass, ice, snow, or any of your preferred places. The waterproof construction and solid pine wood make it a perfect choice for different settings.

Choose a few of the above games and have a lot of fun with your family and friends!

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