50th Anniversary Party Favors: 10 Affordable Gifts for Guests

50th anniversary party favor

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Are you going to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary? Heartiest congratulations for achieving such an important milestone in your personal life. Needless to say, 50-years is such a long period of time and you should definitely plan on throwing a delightful party with family and friends to celebrate such a great lifelong journey. Additionally, as a host, you should consider preparing some amazing and affordable 50th anniversary party favors for guests so they can always remember this wonderful marriage, a pure symbol of love, care, affection, and support between the married couples.

50th anniversary party favor ideas derived from common symbols

Now, when it comes to picking 50th-anniversary party favors, we should consider choosing such items that can be associated with this golden anniversary theme. There are some common symbols associated with the golden 50th anniversary, such as yellow rose, gold, heart, and the number “50”.

In addition to it, the gifts need to be classy, useful, and unique so that guests can actually use them and also keep them as a pleasant memory of this grand celebration.

Are you now wondering what are the best 50th anniversary party favors available for the guests? If yes, then please check the sections below and reveal our hand-picked 50th wedding anniversary party favors.

Let’s now reveal a brief review of these items in the sections below.

1 Yellow rose pin

Yellow rose is often a symbol the golden wedding. If you are looking for an exclusive and unique golden anniversary favor at an affordable price, then these rose pins will be a nice option. These pins are adorned with light gold and dark yellow roses! In each pack, you will get twelve pieces of these yellow rose pins.

2 Gold colored mint tin & 50th anniversary mint

Your 50th wedding anniversary is absolutely incomplete without special party favors! Considering that the gold color is the theme color for the 50th wedding anniversary, we have picked some golden 50th party favors for your guests! This party favor is all about stylish golden color mint tin cans that have multipurpose values for various household needs. These mint tins have no sharp edges, they are seamlessly designed, have rounded shapes, and can be used as a perfect container for storing different goods such as mints.

These 50th Anniversary butter mints are surely the must-haves for your grand celebration. Your friends and family members will surely love and appreciate the exceptional taste of butter mints. In each pack, you will get a hundred pieces of super smooth, creamy, and utterly delicious butter mints to delight your guests’ taste buds.

If you are looking for affordable and useful anniversary party favors, then we will suggest you consider this recommendation too! This isn’t any ordinary cookie cutter. It features the special shape of the heart which symbolizes pure love. Your guests will always keep this red heart shaped cookie-cutter party favor as a memory of your wedding celebration and even use it for preparing delectable snacks too!

4 Gold Hand Fan

These silk-material, golden-color hand fans are indeed great for 50th anniversary favors. These are made of premium-grade bamboo fabric. They feature a one-of-a-kind design too i.e. these fans have 23 strong bamboo ribs and a soft tassel. These fans will be extremely useful on hot summer days. Plus, you may use them as party props, souvenirs, party favors, and decorative pieces of accessories.

5 50th Wine Stopper

For all the gold-themed anniversary parties, these wine stoppers will certainly be a top-notch choice as party favors. Each of these wine stoppers is embellished with sparkling rhinestones and stunning golden color. They have an extremely gorgeous and classy look. Your guests will surely be like these specially charming bottle openers.

6 Heart Shape Measuring Spoon Set

Spoon sets always have a versatile use in every household kitchen. That’s why we have picked this gift option for your anniversary guests. These heart-designed spoon sets are durable and sturdy. Moreover, they have a specially constructed handle with various love quotes adorned, such as A spoonful of affection, A pinch of joy, A heap of love, and more.

7 Scented Yellow rose soap

Do you want to send a small token of gift to your wedding anniversary party attendees? If yes, then these yellow rose scented soaps are, of course, a great choice. They emit a sweet and charming aroma. What’s more, these reasonably priced, rose-shaped soaps are delicate and smooth on your skin.

8 Gold Floral Shape Teaspoon Set

This gold rose shape teaspoon set is a perfect way to showcase and express the symbol of love. The entire set has a stylish and exquisite appearance and even features a classic design. Your guests will not only keep this specially designed and extremely unique teaspoon set as a symbol of remembrance, but also they’ll subsequently use them too for various household needs.

9 Gold Loveheart Shape Bottle Opener

Bottle openers are always a useful gift for anyone! Now, when these bottle openers are adorned with “love forever” special tags, they become even more valuable. Your 50th anniversary party guests are surely valuable. That’s why you can gift them these exclusive bottle openers that guests can use it for seamlessly opening any type of bottle (beer, soda, wine, and all others). Note, these bottle openers are designed with premium-quality, super-hard zinc alloy material and have an electroplated gold surface. Along with that, they come up with a gift box. Hence, they are ready to be one of the most adorable party favors to your guests.

10 Yellow Rose Plush Toy

At your golden 50th anniversary party, some guests will be kids too! Isn’t it? For these kid guests, we have selected a good-quality yellow rose plush toy. These soft, plush, and high-quality toys are made of PP cotton filling. They are super comfortable to touch and also feature a surface-washable construction (for easy cleaning). These cute and cozy yellow-colored rose plush toys are available at a reasonable price tag.

Your 50th wedding anniversary has to be a grand and magnificent celebration. It must be your dream of organizing such a marvelous event.

Of course, it indeed is! You may also want to celebrate this memorable event with your near and dear ones.

Thus, it will be a perfect idea to send your small token of gifts to your friends and family members in the form of party favors. To make your life easy, we have already picked ten ideal golden anniversary favors.

These party favors will not only match the theme and purpose of the event, but also they are super affordable and useful. So, pick these items quickly and delight your guests with 50th wedding anniversary party favors.

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