6 Easy Magic Tricks for Parents to Perform at Their Children’s Birthday Parties

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Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Do you want your child’s birthday party to be unique and unforgettable, but you don’t have the funds to hire a magician? I’ll tell you that as a parent, you can master a variety of simple magic tricks to perform at your children’s next party. These various magic tricks for kids will keep their friends and classmates entertained for hours. Who doesn’t enjoy magic, after all?

1.Spoon bending illusion

For magicians, the ability to bend a spoon with your mind is a must-have skill, and mastering it will constantly improve performance. And you, as a parent, can easily pull this off because only two spoons are a must for this magic trick.

One approach to execute this trick is to have two separate pieces ready; you’ll need a bent spoon and a straight stem different from the spoon. This time, you’ll utilize magic tricks and angles to complete the illusion, and make sure your kids don’t notice since it’ll be a complete failure if they do.

You’ll need to have the bent spoon in your palm to begin this trick, and you’ll place your fingers to cover the stem from your audience’s view.

The straight stem will be position as if it were about to emerge from the spoon, creating the impression that it is straight.

You can already bend the spoon and carefully release your grasp on the straight stem once everything is ready. It will allow it to gently slip down and rest on the spoon’s bent stem, which is already covered. Maintain the straight, separate stem hidden in your palm while you take the pre-bent spoon out by the cup and call the viewer’s attention to it once the bending is complete. 

And then it went off! You’ve mastered the art of spoon bending.

2.Magnetic Pencil Trick

You’ll only need two pencils and a wristwatch for this trick.

You will need to support the second pencil by slipping the end of the first pencil below it to perform the trick. The first pencil, placed below your hand, is held in place by the first pencil under your wristwatch. It would help if you kept the second pencil on the table steady. Your one hand must be used to grasp your wrist, and your second hand needs to extend from beneath your wrist and grab it.

Viola! You can already raise your hand to reveal the second pencil, which appears to be stuck to your hand. 

3.Cup through the table trick

For this trick, you’ll need:

  • Paper Cup
  • Handkerchief
  • Table

To begin, you must take a seat behind the table for this easy magic trick. Remember to cover the table with a tablecloth so that your guests can’t see what’s below it. Place the cup upside down on the table and cover it with the handkerchief. Now hold it up with both hands and entertain your audience by convincing them that you really can magically make the cup pass right through the table. Make sure you have the handkerchief in your fingers on both sides as you raise it. Continue to interact with the crowd while bringing the handkerchief closer to you.

Allow the cup to drop into your lap silently. The handkerchief will still be held out by your fingers, giving the impression that the cup is still present. Now smash your palm down on a table in the forward motion so that even if your audience notices any motion, they’ll assume that’s just a part of your hand moving downward.

Boom, the cup has vanished from the table! Take it off of your lap and show it to your audience.

4.Make appear and disappear water from a magazine

For this trick, you’ll need:

  • Magazine
  • Magic wand
  • Bag of plastic
  • Water
  • Glue

Apply glue to the plastic bag’s ends and then attach one of the bag’s edges to one of the magazine’s inner sections. The magazine must then be closed and firmly pressed. It would be best if you first allowed it to dry. 

The magic trick is now ready to begin. Fold the magazine in the cone shape and insert the wand between both pages (the plastic bag). Then, to open the bag, move the wand about.

Here you can fill the plastic container with a water pitcher. Lastly, roll out all the magazines and grasp the top edges with both hands. After that, voila! Wrap it and put it on your foot to keep water out.

5.Color Changing Scarf Magic Trick

You’ll need a black and white scarf for this easy magic trick for kids, but any scarf will do.

When doing this trick, the first step is to hide the white scarf and reveal to the viewers the black scarf. You can slide it with your other hand (which holds the other scarf). Begin by slipping the black scarf into the palm of your hand, which should be closed. You could now pull the white scarf from the other side of your hand once you’ve inserted some of the black scarfs into your hand. 

All you have to do now is continue the cycle until the complete black scarf is in your palm. However, be careful not to pull out the entire white scarf while the black scarf is still exposed. 

And there you have it! You can take out the white scarf once the black scarf is entirely covered to show your audiences that the scarf has switched color.

6.Fifty Greatest Card Tricks

For this trick, you’ll need:

-Playing card

-Glue Dot

-Thin plastic


This is a wonderful easy magic tricks for kids. You must prepare your card before doing this trick. The glue dot should be placed in the center of the back of the card. Then, attach this to the glue dot using your piece of plastic (tiny, rectangle-shaped, and easily bendable). In this part, you must inform your audience that in order to reduce the density of the card, you should first expand its volume by raising its heat. You’ll need a hair dryer to warm up the card this time, and then you’ll be ready to show the magic.

The card must be placed in your hand. Hold the piece of plastic across your thumb’s base and your index finger. As you compress the plastic, you’ll notice that the card appears to float. To levitate your card, twist it gently before pressing the plastic and floating away from it.

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