Boys Party Bag Fillers Ideas For 6-Year Old

boys party bag fillers, Boys Party Bag Fillers Ideas For 6-Year Old

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Going to host a birthday party for your 6-year old boy and their friends are invited? Kids love birthday parties, games, delicious birthday cake, and of course a wonderful party bags with toys they love to play with. It is like fortune from the heaven just seeing their happy faces while receiving a great party gift. There are loads of great party bags fillers for 6-year-old boys. However, the question is “What should you put in a kids’ party bag?”, we have narrowed down from a long list to just 6 goodie bag filler ideas for boys.

Justice League Bouncy Ball 

Superheroes are once again all the rage with kids, especially boys. And DC’s Justice League is a firm favorite. So Justice League Bouncy Balls, are a great party bag filler for 6-year old boys. You can never go wrong with a bouncy ball. Kids love chasing them, throwing them, and, of course, bouncing them. And the Justice League designs just add to the fun. There are a number of design to choose from, Superman, Batman, The Flash, and Green Lantern are my favorite. Boys are gonna to love this.

Led Light Up Toy 

Anything that lights up is usually appreciated by 6-year old boys. So Led Light Toys are a good bet for your 6-year old party bag. The toy combines a fidget toy with a wrist strap. Kids may wear this like a bracelet. This bracelet toy usually come with spinning and flashing functions such as continuous flashing, fast flashing, and alternating with continuous.

Hand Throw Parachute Men Toy 

This is one of the most popular toys among different generations, and pretty sure that fun will literally like falling from the sky if your boys find this hand throw parachute men toy in their party bag. The toy is a little man wearing parachute that can be launched into the air, it then falls to the floor like a real parachute. Childhood memories are flooding back? Kids are going to entertained for hours like you did years ago. This is definitely a wonderful boys party bags fillers option.

Outdoor Exploration Kit 

Boys always like adventure, agree? Get your 6-year old to explore the gorgeous natural landscape by including an outdoor exploration kit in their party bag. A standard exploration kit for kids includes binoculars, compass, sturdy, lightweight backpack, and a magnifying glass to identify creepy crawlies. It also has a whistle so your 6-year old can make some noise.

Dinosaur Temporary Tattoos For Boys 

Kids have always loved temporary tattoos especially at a themed party with their friends. If you a throwing a Dinosaur themed party, you may consider getting a dinosaur temporary tattoos in their party bags. They can have their favorite T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and the Velociraptor “tattooed” on their faces and hands. If your have a UV Light, you may consider to prepare luminous temporary tattoo, the kids are going to love the fluorescent effect.

Superheroes Slap Band 

Another perfect surprise for a 6-year old boy is gonna be a super-cool superheroes wristbands slap right onto their wrist. As I also said in this article, I am a huge fans of DC super heroes (lol), but please do feel free to add Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America wristbands if you are a big fans of Marvel super hero series. Slap bands are flexible and easily adapt to different wrist sizes and all the boys can wear it all the time, especially when they are playing super-hero role playing game at the party.

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