60th Birthday Party Decorations With A Silver And Blue Color Theme

60th birthday party decorations, 60th Birthday Party Decorations With A Silver And Blue Color Theme

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

If you’re wondering why we’ve chosen a silver and blue color theme for a 60th birthday celebration, well, we’ll get into that in a moment. For now though, buckle yourself in for a whistlestop tour of how to throw the perfect 60th birthday party for your Dad or Grandpa. By the time you’ve finished this post, you’ll have a 60th color theme, 60th birthday party decorations, and a better understanding of what men really want at 60. Ready? Then lets go!

Best Birthday Colors For Age 60

A milestone birthday like a 60th deserves to be a classy event that every man will love. At this age, your Dad or Grandpa won’t want a huge fuss made of them, but they will want a party that is suitable for an older gentleman such as themselves. That’s why we’ve really taken the time to consider the theme for this one. We’ve chosen silver and blue as 60th birthday colors, because their meanings really line up with what men at 60 want.

Meaning Of The Color Silver

We associate the color silver with illuminating the future, or, more simply put, shining a light on the way forward. At 60, men know they are coming to a time in their life that is going to be filled with exciting things for them. Whether it’s retirement, the arrival of grandkids, or simply more time to do the things they love – turning 60 is all about the future. So, what better way to drive that message home than having silver as a birthday color theme? 

Not only that, but we associate silver with prestige and achievement too, and no matter what your Dad or Grandpa has done with their lives, by the age of 60 we bet they’ve had more than their fair share of achievements!

Meaning Of The Color Blue

We chose the color blue because it is the color of tranquility and calm. This comes back to our point earlier about a man at 60 not wanting a big fuss to be made. They no longer want parties that last until the early morning. Instead, they want their family, friends, and loved ones gathered together to celebrate their birthday in a relaxed way. Think about it, blue is the color of the sea and of the sky, two of the first things we look to when we want to feel that sense of calm.

Blue is the perfect color because it relaxes the atmosphere and provides your Dad or Grandpa with the reassurance that yes, you still want to celebrate their big birthday, but you’ll also be respecting their wishes of a more peaceful party than perhaps they’ve had in the past.

Why We Think It Works As A 60th Color Theme? 

The mixture of silver and blue as a 60th color theme just makes sense. It catches their excitement for the future and their calm in the present. And not to mention the two colors work great together aesthetically too. 

Hey, that reminds us, your Dad or Grandpa said they didn’t want a fuss, but they said nothing about decorations, and we think we have the perfect suggestions to respect their wishes, whilst also making the place look great!

60th Birthday Party Decorations

In order to pick out the best silver and blue decorations for a classy 60th birthday party, you need to break down what you really need to decorate so you don’t go overboard (or else all that tranquility might be lost in an explosion of too much color). But don’t worry, we’ve done all that hard work for you.

1. The Silver and Blue Backdrop Decorations for 60th Milestone Birthday Party 

Yes, we want calm, but it’s still a party, right? So don’t forget all the usual party supplies. You’ll need a balloon arch (silver and blue, of course) to welcome all your guests into your home for the big party. You’ll also need banners and bunting to let everybody know that a celebration is happening. We’ve found the perfect classy decorations for the backdrop so you don’t have to. 

Another really subtle but effective way to decorate your space is with some hanging paper fans. The ones we’ve found are really eye-catching without being too over the top, and we’re certain your Dad or Grandpa will love them!

2. Classy Blue and Silver Tableware for 60th Birthday 

Next up is the classy blue and silver tableware. You never want to throw a big party and have a tone of washing up to do at the end, so make sure you invest in some tableware! The set we’ve found really ties in with the silver and blue 60th color theme well, and everything from the plates to the cups are sophisticated and appropriate for a true gentleman. 

3. 60th Birthday Party Table Decoration Ideas with Blue and Silver Colors

Now you’ve got your tableware, don’t just stop there. Table decorations are key to a 60th birthday party decorations because we’re not going overboard with decorations elsewhere. Instead, we’re making the table the focus point of the party, so make sure you decorate it with more than just pretty plates and cups. One suggestion we think would work wonderfully is some blue candle holders and a simple and chic metallic silver vase. This combination of table decor is very stylish and will add even more class to the 60th milestone birthday party. 

As well as those, you could also pick up these teal artificial flowers, which work wonderfully with the tableware suggestion above. If you want a truly tranquil party, then these will certainly help! 

4. 60th Birthday Cake Topper

Your last thing to think about (we told you it’d be a whistlestop tour didn’t we) is the cake topper. Now, all you want here is something simple because we’ve kept everything sophisticated so far. The last thing you want to do is lose it with an obnoxious cake topper. For us, this simple silver 60 cake topper is the perfect finishing touch to what is sure to be an excellent 60th birthday party for your Dad or Grandpa!

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