7 Multiplayer Nintendo Switch Video Games for Birthday Party

video games for party, 7 Multiplayer Nintendo Switch Video Games for Birthday Party

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

If you are looking for fun activities to do at your next birthday party, you should absolutely consider pulling out some multiplayer games for the Nintendo Switch. Video game giant Nintendo’s current console has been extraordinarily successful, if you are looking for video game for party, Switch it is. It also happens to be well-suited for entertaining party guests due to its flexibility, family-oriented games, and motion controls. The following seven games can all help elevate your next video game birthday party to the next level.

1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

What Is It? Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a re-release of Mario Cart 8, which was originally released on the Wii U. It is a racing game, where players take control of an iconic Mario character and their vehicle to race one another along a wide variety of colorful, unique racetracks. Items can be collected that give players a boost or used against other players to put them at a disadvantage.

Why You Should Pull It Out At A Party: The Mario Cart series is one of the first things to come to mind when people think about video games for party. Up to four people can play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe together locally, making it an excellent choice for a party game. Competing against one another in a fun race. During the race, anything can happen is almost certain to result in your party guests having a good time.

2. Super Mario Party

What Is It? Like Mario Kart, the Super Mario Party series has been around for years. The game is designed to be a party game, where players take control of various characters from the Mario franchise to play a variety of fun minigames against one another. These include the main board game as well as a bumper cars game, a photo-taking game, a game where you try to avoid getting smashed with hammers, and more.

Why You Should Pull It Out At A Party: Super Mario Party is not just a game with a multiplayer mode that’s fun at parties – the entire game was created with this purpose in mind. It is fun because of its versatility, offering 80 minigames to play so there is sure to be something that will delight your guests.

3. Just Dance 2021

What Is It? Just Dance 2021 is a rhythm dance game where players dance along with the cues on the screen to a number of popular songs. Aside from the base game, there is also the option to purchase the Just Dance Unlimited subscription service, which offers access to hundreds of additional songs.

Why You Should Pull It Out At A Party: It’s awfully fun to see who has the best dance moves at a party, especially when a game keeps score through its motion controls. It is also healthy and fun to get up and move around, which is a central focus of this game.

4. Super Bomberman R

What Is It? In Super Bomberman R, players navigate their way though a dynamic environment of 3D mazes, mostly with the help of bombs. It has a story mode which two players can work together to beat, as well as Battle Mode where players compete against one another. Each character you can play displays a distinct and fun personality.

Why You Should Pull It Out At A Party: If you are looking for cooperative play, your party’s attendees can clear levels and fight bosses with one another’s aid in Story Mode. If your friends are competitive, though, you can switch over to Battle Mode to enjoy either a battle royale or team match.

5. Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics

What Is It? Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics consists of 51 classic games such as chess, backgammon, checkers, blackjack, dominoes and more. In addition to the games themselves, there are also trivia and guides for how to play each one.

Why You Should Pull It Out At A Party: These video game for party can be played between two players on the same Nintendo Switch system or on multiple systems, so your guests can even bring their own systems to connect and play the same game. Aside from classic games that will be familiar to most people, players can also have fun discovering new games from different cultures around the world.

6. Overcooked 2

What Is It? Overcooked 2 is a unique entry on this list because it is a competitive cooking game. In it, you gather ingredients, chop them, cook them and serve the food they become. It’s a lot wilder than it sounds, however, because you’re dealing with constantly-changing kitchens, mines that need to be avoided, and zombie bread that needs to be dealt with.

Why You Should Pull It Out At A Party: In Overcooked 2, players compete against each other in teams. The game is especially fun because of how chaotic and over-the-top it can be. You probably never knew that good cooking skills would be key to saving the world.

7. Mario Golf: Super Rush

What Is It? As the name implies, Mario Gulf: Super Rush is a golf game where players follow the regular rules of golf: try and get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. Unlike real golf, however, you have to contend with other factors, such as the special abilities of the individual characters and obstacles such as banana peels.

Why You Should Pull It Out At A Party: Like other video games for party on this list, Mario Golf: Super Rush was designed to largely be a multiplayer game. It’s a fun game because players get to test their skills and coordination against others in a variety of different modes, from Standard Golf to Battle Golf.

So there you have the best Nintendo Switch video game party ideas for adults and kids for party entertainment. With these games everyone can participate and have a good time, even if you need to rotate players so everyone gets a chance to play. Pulling out the right games can cause your guests to leave your party smiling and laughing after having a truly memorable experience.

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