A Complete Guide To Hosting A Chocolate Themed Party For Your Loved One

chocolate themed party, A Complete Guide To Hosting A Chocolate Themed Party For Your Loved One

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, Christmas, Easter – there isn’t a special event in someone’s life that a chocolate themed party isn’t perfect for. Why? Chocolate is like magic. A sweet, delicious mouthful of happiness – come on, if that isn’t magic, we don’t know what is. And happiness is something you want to create at every party to bring joy to all your guests.

So, if you want to put a smile on your loved one’s face, then a chocolate themed birthday party (or any other party depending on the special event) is a great place to start, and we have everything you need to host the perfect chocolate themed party right here! Ready to find out more? Then bring along your sweet tooth and let’s get started!

Chocolate Themed Birthday Party Invitation

A great invitation card for this party theme is a chocolate cupcake! Chocolate AND cake? No other combination screams ‘party time’ like these two. Pick a chocolate cupcake invitation card that allows you to deliver all the information your guests need. Nothing promises a sweet party quite like these invitation cards! Let’s CELEBRATE!

Chocolate Themed Birthday Party Decorations

Okay, let’s focus on the decorations for a moment. And yes, there’s chocolate. EVERYWHERE.

Dark Brown, Brown, and White Balloons 

You can already see where we’re going with this one, right? Chocolate has different cocoa percentage amounts, creating bitter dark chocolate, sweet milk, and creamy white. By using these different colored balloons, you can create a chocolate balloon arch that features every chocolate type in all their glory. Guests will love this because it caters to everyone’s favorite chocolate, no matter what it is. 

Create A Hot Chocolate Bar

Chocolate is great, but hot chocolate! Now that’s an extra treat nobody will be expecting! Just use this hot chocolate bar kit to create an area in your party venue where guests can go and get a delicious cup of hot chocolate. This bar kit has it all – a hot cocoa banner, bar sign, and tent card to create the perfect space for sipping on some delicious hot cocoa! 

Pom Poms and Paper Lanterns 

Use these cream and tan pom poms and dark brown paper lantern to create the most beautiful chocolate scene on your ceiling. The pom poms look like marshmallows and cream for your hot chocolate, and the lantern looks like a giant dangling Malteser. Every one of your guests will start salivating the moment they see this, excited about all the fun and delicious treats that’s to come. 

Vintage Chocolate and Candy Claw Machine 

Place this vintage chocolate and candy claw machine in the middle of the chocolate bar table with your favorite chocolate packs inside, and you’ve got yourself an amazing piece of décor that guests can actually play with. How cool is that? And the best part is, at the end of every game, your guests will walk away with a tasty pack of chocolate to enjoy until the party food arrives!

Chocolate Themed Party Backdrop

A great way to introduce a party backdrop at a chocolate themed party is to find something that’s bright and colorful and full of delicious sweet treats. This chocolate themed party backdrop is perfect for photo opportunities because it’s got dripping chocolate, and an assortment of brightly colored sweet snacks that guests can pose in front of before snapping up a storm for their social media pages. 

Chocolate Themed Party Food

Of course, you’ll need chocolate chips, chocolate cookies, chocolate bars and all the usual suspects for a chocolate themed party. But in addition to these, we’ve also got five unique ideas we’d like to share with you to make this chocolate party even more memorable.

Chocolate Fountain 

A chocolate fountain is such a classy addition to a party, and delicious too! Better yet, all you need to do is prepare some fruits, macaroons, marshmallows, etc, and put them out besides the chocolate fountain so guests can create the combinations they love the best. What’s not to love? But for more information, check out our ‘Why You Need A Chocolate Fountain At Your Next Party?’ post if you need persuading further!

Mocha Pots de Crème

Mocha pots. Delicious, and about as simple to make as anything you’ll find for a party. All you need is a microwave, some chocolate, vanilla extract and cream. That’s it. Check out the full recipe details at BBC Good Food here, and then serve in an ice cream glass to turn these mocha pots into an extra dose of classy deliciousness at your chocolate themed party!

Cake Pops 

chocolate themed party

Cake pops are simple to make and always delicious. Whether you’re catering for kids or adults, they’ll go down a treat. To avoid chocolate overload, we’d recommend making two cake batters – one chocolate, and one plain. You can dip both in melted chocolate with sprinkles, nuts, and other toppings at the end, but it’s good to give your guests options rather than just serving chocolate cake dipped in chocolate. We love chocolate, but even we might find it a little sickly after all the other sweet treats on offer…

Chocolate Bubble Tea 

chocolate themed party, A Complete Guide To Hosting A Chocolate Themed Party For Your Loved One

For the drinks, you might want to provide an alternative to the hot cocoa at the hot chocolate bar from earlier. And that’s why chocolate bubble tea is such a great idea. Bubble tea is enormous right now, so serving this at your party is a wonderful idea so all your guests can find a drink they like. It’s crazy to us too, but not everybody likes hot chocolate, and for those people, chocolate bubble tea might be the perfect fit.

Cheese Platter (Yes. Really.)

chocolate themed party

Wait! Before you accuse us of losing our minds, just hear us out for a second. A chocolate themed party is going to have A LOT of chocolate and sweet treats, but that can become a little overwhelming after a while. You need something savory to break up all the sweet, and a cheese platter is the perfect way to do it. Just prepare different cheeses in small pieces, serve with crackers, chutneys, and fruit, and guests can serve themselves when their sweet tooths get a little too, well, sweet!

Chocolate Themed Party Games and Entertainment

Want to keep things fun at your party? These chocolate themed games and entertainment are the perfect way to keep everyone occupied, from tiny tots to full-grown adults! 

Chocolate Tasting Competition 

chocolate themed party
chocolate themed party
chocolate themed party, A Complete Guide To Hosting A Chocolate Themed Party For Your Loved One

This is such a fun party game. Just prepare some simple blindfolds for your guests and have them sit down with a selection of chocolates in front of them. It could be anything from classic chocolate bars to ones with different levels of cocoa percentage from 90% to pure milk chocolate – you could even add in flavors such as orange, cinnamon, or even chili. Then the guests guess the chocolate they’ve tasted! It’s a simple game that promises lots of fun (and maybe even some hilariously wrong answers).

Make Your Own Chocolate 

chocolate themed party, A Complete Guide To Hosting A Chocolate Themed Party For Your Loved One
chocolate themed party

Prepare a letter chocolate mold and some chocolate chips for melting. Then guests can come into the kitchen and make chocolate messages to take back home with them or gift to a loved one. If doing this task with little ones, make sure an adult is supervising at all times. Then just prepare a chocolate box and guests can leave the party with a little treat they made themselves. How sweet!

Chocolate Themed Movie Night

Movies are always a great way to entertain guests at party. And at a chocolate themed party there should be a chocolate related movie, right? But which one…? Well, if it was left to us, we’d choose ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. It’s fun, it’s certainly chocolate related, and it’s the perfect movie for both kids and adults. Basically, it’s the perfect choice for a chocolate party!

Chocolate Party Favors

So far, guests are leaving with a chocolate message they made themselves during the make your own chocolate idea, but that’s not enough just yet! Instead, let’s prepare some chocolate party favors to thank guests for coming to our party and making it so special.

Chocolate Selection 

Is it a glaringly obvious choice? Yes. Will your guests care? No! Who would when they get to take a goodie bag home stuffed full of chocolate! Just purchase an assortment of chocolate for your party favor bags (maybe even try something a little different with unique flavors guests won’t have tried before) and then send them on their way to try out some delicious treats at home. 

M&M Lip Balm 

Besides the obvious chocolate choice, you might also want to provide them with a useful gift that’s as tasty as it is practical! Yes, we’re talking about these amazing M&M lip balms. It’s got to be fun moisturizing your lips whilst tasting M&M chocolate, right? So your guests are sure to love this little gift then!

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