A Guide to 10 Fun Sweet 16 Party Games

sweet 16 party games

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Turning 16 is a big deal and it will be nice to throw a perfect Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party for them. It is a stage where teenagers are no longer kids, at the same time feeling not full-fledged adults. It is a little bit of taste of freedom while growing up. But birthdays come and go. And for these teens, you don’t have to forget about the entertainment. Luckily, there are a few fun sweet 16 party games that these kids can enjoy. Even better, these activities can make your daughter’s event more memorable. 

Games for sweet 16 party

In this article, we will present you with a list of ten sweet sixteen-party games that can turn your guests crazy. The games we have chosen are popular and easy to pull off. 

Let’s get started. 

The Great Gatsby Theme Fashion Show

Preparation required

How to play

Prepare a stage at your home. Let all your visitors wear Gatsby costumes. Give everyone an index card to vote who dresses best in the show. 

The game offers your children a chance to showcase their fashion and modeling expertise. 

Balloon Truth or Dare

Preparations required

  • Balloons
  • A pencil and piece of paper

How to play

Before the guests arrive, write down plenty of truths and dare on paper. Stick each in a balloon. Make many balloons as possible. Then blow them. Gather your visitors together. By taking turns, allow them to pop up balloons as they answer the truth and dare questions inside the balloon. Some questions to answer may include;

  • What is the most embarrassing thing anyone has ever told you? 
  • Have you ever crushed on your friend’s boyfriend? 
  • Have you ever kissed a boy?

Balloon truth or dare is a great game that is simple to play and a must-have for any party girl. 

Karaoke Contest

Preparations required

  • Karaoke/DVD/CD player

How to play

Gather your participants in a circle. Let each contestant pick their favorite songs to perform. Allow guests to vote for winners. 

Children performing karaoke have fun. They also express themselves in a better way.

Wink Murder

Preparation required

  • Enough playing space

How to play

Gather your guests together and ask each to close their eyes. By tapping them on the shoulder, choose one visitor to be a murderer. Others should remain detectives. Once the players open their eyes, the murderer should begin killing the detectives dramatically by winking at them. If the detectives notice who the murderer is, they can tell their name. In addition, If right, the game is over. In the case that this is wrong, they have to die. But if the murderer ends up killing off all the detectives, she wins. 

Wink murder is a funny game to play at a sweet 16 party that works best for both girls and guests. 

Scavenger hunt

Preparation required

  • Find and seek scavenger hunt cards

How to play

Set the scavenger items in unique places. Give each player a scavenger hunt card. Allow them to find the matching items appearing on their specific cards. The first person to finish the race wins. 

The scavenger hunt is a fun on-the-go game that can offer a lot of versatility to your girls. Kids will love playing it no matter the weather-rainy or calm days. 

Sixteen Got talent

Preparations required

  • A CD/DVD player

How to play

Set a decent stage at the party venue. Let players pick their favorite lyrics and perform to entertain guests. Allow visitors to vote for the winners. Award the winner with a small prize. 

Sixteen got talent is just like an American got talent that allows contestants to showcase their talents uniquely. 

Sweet 16 Pinata

Preparations required

  • Sweet 16 Piñata
  • Sweet candies
  • Blindfold
  • Hitting stick

How to play

Fill up the pinata with favorite candies. But you can choose other lightweight things such as confetti, small trinkets, among others. Hang it on a tree, a basket hoop, or any support beam. Line up your players and decide the first group to start. Blindfold each player and allow them to take turns trying to hit the pinata. Let players collect goodies once the pinata gets broken. 

Sweet piñata 16 is a perfect sweet 16 party game for girls who cant get rid of the piñata for several days. It works wonders for bringing extra fun to the party. 

Guess the tunes

Preparations required

  • CD/DVD player
  • A timer

How to play

Gather your visitors together. Have an ideal selection of Spotify playlists, or CDs together. Set a countdown for every music. Get your visitors to try to guess each song. To make the game more interesting, play the songs harder. Even better, record an ideal snippet from the middle of each tune.

One of the fascinating things about the guess the tuning game is simple rules. Players need to listen to the song and try to be first to identify the artist. 

Guess the tunes is a perfect game suitable for a group of 2-3 members. Add a few prizes to winners for a complete experience. It is even funnier if you include chocolates to dish out when playing this game. 

Who knows the birthday girl’s best?

Preparations required

  • Who knows the birthday girl’s best cards.

How to play

Print who knows the birthday girl’s best cards. Gather your visitors together and give everyone a card. Allow guests to guess about all your little girl’s favorite facts. Some of the questions to answer may include; 

  • What is the color of her eye? 
  • Favorite song of her? 
  • What is her dream vacation? 

The game offers an exciting opportunity for guests to put their birthday daughter’s knowledge to the test. 

Lip sync

Preparation required

  • A playlist of popular songs
  • A CD player

How to playAfter creating a playlist of the most popular songs, gather your guests into a group. Pick a judge, and allow each player to take turns performing to rival the original artists. The player with the funniest performance or dramatic flare wins. Honor her with a small birthday prize. 

Or, you can pair all your visitors to battle it out on the face. And this can make the party even more interesting. 

The game encourages your visitors to do an excellent diva impression. It is also fun watching your friends sing and act their favorite songs. 

Conclusion of Sweet 16 Party Games

Sweet 16 birthday parties are a better way to create everlasting memories. And the above games can surely turn it into a blast.

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