Airplane Party Decorations For Boys’ Birthday Party: Prepare For Takeoff

airplane party decorations

Last updated on May 29th, 2022

It’s every boy’s dream to be a pilot at some point in their life. Sure, most of us grow out of it, but even we sometimes look up at the sky and dream about what could have been… Anyway, enough about us, let’s focus on how an airplane party is the perfect theme for your boy and we are going to give you a list of perfect airplane party decorations ideas

An airplane party is magical, because airplanes are magical to boys. You might look up at the sky and think the chunks of metal flying around up there aren’t so special, but to boys all over the world they represent freedom, fun, and adventure – everything a great party should represent too! So, in this article we’re going to give you 15 airplane party decoration ideas to prepare the most wonderful birthday party for your boys! Ready to find out more? Then fasten your seatbelts for take off, because we’re about to fly through some amazing ideas! 

Airplane Party Decorations

Below we have 15 sweet airplane party decorations that are perfect for your airplane themed birthday party! 

Hot Air Balloon Vintage Airplane Photography Backdrop | Airplane party decorations

1. Vintage Airplane Banner

Sometimes it’s nice to take things back to where they all began, don’t you think? And that’s why this vintage airplane banner is the perfect backdrop to your party. There’s the vintage aircraft, of course, but also a hot air balloon – showing how we used to see the earth from above before the invention of the aircraft. The hot air balloon carries our dreams to see the world from above, just like your boy has now. Pictures in front of this banner will be ones to keep forever!

2. Airplane Runway

With your little boy’s energy, you might sometimes feel like they are the airplane – not the pilot! Well, if that’s the case, this airplane runway is the perfect decoration. Just use this to stick the runway running mat to the floor in your party venue and sit back and enjoy your boy and all his friends running up and down the runway for takeoff and landing. Not only does this decoration look great, but it’ll create lots of special memories too, and that’s perfect. 

Cloud Shaped Foil Balloons Airplane Foil Balloons for Birthday | Airplane party decorations

3. Airplane Foil Balloons

You know? We’ve just thought of one tiny problem with airplanes. They’re not nearly colorful enough! Why don’t we ever see bright pink, blue, or red planes soaring through the sky? Well, at your airplane themed birthday party we can correct that, with these airplane foil balloons that are as bright and colorful as you can imagine! They’ll certainly catch everybody’s eyes as they step into the party venue for the first time – so just dot these around for a burst of color. 

Blue Cloud Latex Balloons | Airplane party decorations

4. Let’s Party Among Clouds – Cloud Balloons

Whenever we’re on an airplane, it’s probably clouds that we see the most, right? Sure, when you get glimpses of the mountains, the sea, or towns and cities below, it’s exciting, but being amongst the clouds is just as beautiful – it’s like you’re in your own world up there! To help recreate that magical feeling in the party, let’s party among the clouds and use these cloud balloons! Taking your boy on an adventure among the clouds is a pretty special birthday treat, don’t you think?

5. Airplane Birthday Banner

For an airplane 1st birthday party, this airplane birthday banner is just perfect! You can use it in one of two ways, too. Stick it to the wall like usual, creating a magical fly zone, or by sticking it to your little boy’s high chair and making it look like he’s literally flying with an airplane! However you choose to use it, this banner is bright, adorable, and one of the best airplane themed birthday party decorations we could find for your little one’s big day! 

2Pcs Airplane Themed Birthday Party Decor | Airplane party decorations

6. Clouds And Airplanes Garland

Want to feel even more like you’re flying with the airplanes among the clouds? Then this clouds and airplanes garland is the perfect decoration to hang in your party venue. The trick to a successful themed party is in the details, and the more you can create a magical world for the guests that attend, the more successful the party will be! This might just be a garland to you, but to the kids it’s airplanes they can race among the clouds as they fly after them. 

Hanging Hot Air Balloon Paper Lanterns | Airplane party decorations

7. Paper Hot Air Balloons

Back to the hot air balloons again now with these paper hot air balloons that you can hang around the party venue in different places. It’s important to bring in different elements for a themed party, and hot air balloons are another fun form of air travel that the kids will be able to imagine they’re flying around in.

These are all brightly colored and fun to look at too, so we already know these paper hot air balloons are going to be popular with the kids.

8. Airplanes Hanging Swirl

Hanging swirls are a really fun way to decorate any party, but these airplanes hanging swirls are especially great! Why? Because of the hanging swirl’s design, whenever a door is opened or a breeze passes through, the airplanes will move! The kids will love watching the airplanes fly around and it’ll really help immerse them in this magical world among the clouds you’re trying to create for them. There’s everything from vintage aircraft to modern jets here too, so there’s something for everyone!

Flying Lessons Vintage Metal Sign | Airplane party decorations

9. Flying Lessons Vintage Metal Sign

This flying lessons vintage metal sign is the perfect way to welcome the guests! We imagine the ‘$1.00 to fly, $50.00 to land’ joke will be lost on the kids, but the adults dropping them off at the party will get a good chuckle out of it! Besides, there’s no better way to welcome guests than with a flying lessons sign outside the party venue so everybody knows they’re in the right place. There’s no mistaking they’re at an airplane party when this sign welcomes them, right?

10. Airplane Table Runner + Glider Plane Toy

Use this airplane table runner to create a runway on your party table. Then pick up some glider plane toys and dot them along the runway to make it look like the planes are parking in the airport. If you ever struggle to get the kids to sit down and eat at a party because they’re having so much fun, then this airplane runway party table trick is definitely going to help! Who wouldn’t want to sit down and have some party snacks at an airport runway?

11. Airplane Party Photo Booth Props

Every party needs an excuse to take hilarious, fun pictures, so nobody forgets to capture those special memories. So when we came across these airplane party photo booth props, we just knew we had to include them on our decoration list. With fun slogans like ‘in airplane mode’, ‘you’re so fly’, and ‘let’s party among clouds’, the kids will be able to take some lovely pictures with these fun props and have a great time together – which is what a birthday party is all about!

Vintage Airplane Tablecloth | Airplane party decorations

12. Vintage Airplane Decor Tablecloth

A great thing to put under the airplane runway table runner on your party table is this vintage airplane decor tablecloth. It features, as you might have guessed, a large, dramatic print of a vintage airplane – and the whites, blacks, and reds really pop with this piece, making it a piece of art as much as it is a tablecloth!

This will look great at the party, and with the table runner from earlier running down the center, this will complete the party table look. 

Airplane Party Supplies | Airplane party decorations

13. Airplane Birthday Theme Party Supplies Set

All you really need to keep the kids happy at food time are some themed plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery – and this airplane birthday theme party supplies set has everything you could need! The thing we love the most about this particular set is that they have two themes in one – airplanes and hot air balloons – so the kids can choose which they prefer when they grab a plate. This birthday party supplies set is sure to make snack time a much more enjoyable experience, for even the fussiest kid!

14. Time Flies Cake Decoration for Airplane Party

This time flies cake decoration is the perfect way to decorate the birthday cake for the birthday boy. It wishes him a happy birthday, wealth, happiness, and health, all whilst featuring a boy pilot flying a vintage plane, more planes, hot air balloons, and clouds, and all the bright colors and fun every boy wants to see at the top of his delicious birthday cake. This cake topper decoration set really has it all, and we think your boy is going to love this.

15. Mini Suitcase Party Favor Box

It’s always a great idea to send the guests home with a themed party favor, but when the mini suitcase party favor box looks this good, it doubles up as a party decoration too! Just stack these along a table and give them out to the kids as they leave. Fill them with sweets and toys and fun momentos from the day, and they can head to their ‘baggage claim’ table and grab a mini suitcase stuffed with party fun to take back home with them. How fun is that?

Wrap Up of Airplane Party Decorations

That’s everything from us today! Stick with the airplane party decoration ideas throughout this post, and we just know the birthday party will be a roaring success! All that’s left for us to say is ‘bon voyage’ and we wish you the best of luck with your amazing party. 

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