Alice in Wonderland Party Favors: 12 Madly Attractive & Affordable Gifts for Kids’ Birthday Parties

Alice in Wonderland Party Favors

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Alice in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll, has long been one of the most favorite themes for kids’ birthday parties. Everyone loves the story and theme of this amazing story for sure! Being a host of these parties with this fabulous theme, it will definitely be a nice gesture to prepare some Alice in Wonderland party favors for kids to bring home so that they will continue to revive and enjoy the sheer happiness of the wonderful party.

When it comes to selecting Alice in Wonderland-themed party favors, the criteria should include the following four factors.

1) It should be related to those classic characters of Alice in Wonderland story
2) Secondly, it has to be utterly beautiful.
3) It must be madly attractive and super interesting.
4) Of course, it should be inexpensive.

Based on these four special factors, we have picked twelve astounding, affordable, and totally unique Alice in Wonderland Party Favors for kids! Let’s quickly discuss these party favors so that you can grab the right ones!

1) Alice in Wonderland Pinback Buttons

Do you still remember the famous quotes of the Alice in Wonderland story? There were many inspiring quotes, such as “we’re all mad here”, “The best way to explain it is to do it”, etc. These quotes have a deep, inner meaning for sure! The best part is that these well-known, inspirational quotes are now available in the form of pinback buttons. You will get ten such pinback buttons in every pack. Rest assured that these are cute and encouraging gift options for Alice in Wonderland theme parties.

2) Alice in Wonderland Bookmarks Cards

Not sure about Alice in Wonderland Party Bag Fillers? No worries as we have picked this recommendation for you! You will get a total set of sixty pieces of these bookmarks. What’s even more interesting, these bookmarks will be apt for bookworms and bibliophiles. These are made of matte cardboard paper with a double-sided water-resistant coating. Plus, these bookmarks even feature some inspiring quotes (extracted directly from the main story), along with Alice in wonderland characters such as Cheshire cat, Mad hatter, Tweedledee, and Tweedledum.

3) Mini Playing Cards

Looking for some ideal Alice in Wonderland Party Favors for kids? If yes, then your search now ends here! Do you remember the Queen of hearts and her soldiers? These miniature playing card sets will perfectly represent those characters and are ready to add a fun twist to any birthday party. You’ll get 20 decks in every set of these mini playing cards. This will be a novelty treat for kids. Also, they come in such an inexpensive price tag.

Gamie Mini Playing Cards - Pack of 20 Decks - Poker Cards - Miniature 1.5 Inch Card Set - Small Casino Game Cards for Kids, and Adults - Great Novelty Gift, Party Favor for Boys and Girls

4) Enamel Alice and Mr. Rabbit Charms

Who does not remember Enamel Alice and Mr. Rabbit? These favorite characters are now available in the form of high-quality charms. These gold-plated and brand-new charms are appropriate for different types of DIY crafts. You will get many types (32 pieces/pack) of charms in this pack like Pink Charm, Blue charm, Purple Charm, Black Charm, and more.

5) Mr. Rabbit’s Horn Noisemaker

Most of us who have read Alice in Wonderland story can probably recall The Horn, that Mr. Rabbit was always using. Now, kids can use it too especially if they like Mr. Rabbit’s character. Made of premium plastic material, these sturdy, durable, safe, and non-toxic horns are so apt for Wonderland tea parties and birthday parties. In each pack, you will get twelve pieces of these trumpet toys.

6) Bunny Ear headband

Alice in wonderland birthday party favors must be unique and interesting, isn’t it? That’s why we have brought this amazing party favor option for you! These are simply amazing headbands that are made of super soft plush material. They are comfortable to wear and durable to use. Plus, they come with rabbits ears which look even more cute and adorable. You will get a total of six pieces of plush bunny ear headbands in different color options, ideal for kids.

7) Mad Hatter Paper Hat

Mad Hatter Paper Hats are always exclusive, especially for Mad Hatter Mad Tea Party events. They are so perfect for Alice in Wonderland party themes. The best part is that you can now get these paper organ party hats in four style options including orange lines, blue dots, red dots, and green lines. Made of durable and reusable paper material, these hats won’t fade or deform over time. These accordion hats are even foldable and stretchable. When not in use, you can just fold it up and store it conveniently.

8) Key Shape Pen

If you know the story of Alice in Wonderland, then you certainly know about the key that Alice used to open the mini door and get access to her wonderland. These keys are now available in the form of key shape pens, Note, you will get 36 pieces of key shape pens in 6 multicolored styles. These pens are made of high-quality plastic shell, features a smooth and uniform rollerball felt tip ink distribution, water-based oil liquid gel ink (refillable and quick dry feature). By default, these pens are filled with black ink color with 0.5 mm ball pen point for sleek and smooth writing.

9) Teapot teacup card holder

Tea parties are very common. We usually arrange casual tea party events to meet friends and families for social chit-chat. That’s why it’s always so nice and useful to have lots of teapots and teacups. Hence, these party favors are a nice gift for the guests! Each set includes 3 teacups and 3 teapot-shaped cardholders with attached metal stems. These teapot sets have a sophisticated and stylish design, along with a reasonable price tag.

10) Queen of Heart Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy

The Queen of Heart (Alice in wonderland character) has a big rounded head! This Queen of Heart Push Pop (with its unique, red heart shape) will let you remember this evil character always. This fidget sensory toy is designed to effectively relieve stress and anxiety. Note, it’s made of B.P.A free, durable, harmless, safe, child-friendly, high-quality silicone material. Furthermore, it’s reusable, washable, and easy to carry.

11) Mini Stuffed Flamingo Plush Toys

Do you remember the croquet competition? Red Heart Queen and Alice used a flamingo to take part in this competition. Taking this into consideration, these flamingo plush toys are selected as Alice in Wonderland birthday party favors. In every pack, you will receive six pieces of mini plush flamingo toys. These plush flamingo hanging ornaments are made of PP cotton fabric, which is soft, cozy, comfortable, durable, and safe.

12) Flower and butterfly-shaped bubble wand

Can you recollect the story of the exquisite flower garden Alice used to pass by, and also Mr. Blue Caterpillar who evolved into a butterfly? So, to remember these special moments of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland story, we have chosen these cute bubble wands as party favors. The blowing bubble wands will keep the kids entertained for long hours. These are inexpensive, interesting, fun, and fuss-free party favors for Wonderland tea party and birthday party.

Alice in Wonderland parties shouldn’t be boring. So, how to make these events more engaging and enticing for kids? Well, this is now easily possible with the above-mentioned Alice in Wonderland Party Favors.

Alice in Wonderland-themed birthday parties are absolutely incomplete without these amazing and affordable party favors!

Whether you are looking for Mad Hatter party favors or Alice in Wonderland characters party supplies, we have covered everything already. So, grab your preferred gift picks, put them in cute favor bags, and get ready to celebrate your kids’ birthday parties in the best possible way!

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