Alice In Wonderland Themed Party: 18 Mad Ideas To Create Your Own Wonderland At Home!

Alice in Wonderland Themed Party

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Generations of children and adults alike have loved Alice in Wonderland, and it’s still as loved today as it ever was! It was first released in 1865, and people are still theming parties around it today – an Alice in Wonderland birthday party, an Alice in Wonderland tea party, and an Alice in Wonderland bachelorette party are all common sights. Still, it can be difficult knowing how to throw an Alice in Wonderland party because there’s so many weird and wonderful things going on! Thankfully, weird and wonderful is our specialty, so today we’ll take you through 18 mad ideas to create your very own Wonderland at home for your next Alice in Wonderland themed party! Ready to go a little crazy and hear all our mad ideas about Wonderland? If so, let’s go! 

And remember what the Mad Hatter said to Alice as you follow us into our own Wonderland: 

‘You’re entirely bonkers. But I will tell you a secret, all the best people are.’ 

1. Heading Down The Rabbit Hole! 

If you’re throwing an Alice in Wonderland party, then you’re going to need to send out some invitations to invite them down the Rabbit Hole to your own private Wonderland. What better way is there to do that than with this amazing Mr White Rabbit invitation card? Just remember to check your watch on the day of the party, because you don’t want them to be late for a very important date!

2. Don’t Forget The Mini Door

When they arrive, your guests need to feel like they’re heading straight into Wonderland, and one of the best ways to do this is with the iconic mini door! Place this at your party entrance and ask all of your guests to find the mini doorknob to gain entrance. Once they do, it’s off to Wonderland for the lot of you! 

3. Or Turn Your Front Door Into A Rabbit Hole 

If the mini door isn’t crazy enough for you, then this certainly will be! (Personally, we like the idea of using both ideas, because hey, you can never have too many entrances to Wonderland!). By using this amazing ‘Down the rabbit hole’ sign, you’re inviting your guest through your front door – ahem – rabbit hole, and into their very own version of Wonderland! It’s a really special way of getting them in the mood for an Alice in Wonderland themed party and a lot of fun too! 

4. Show Them The Way With A Wonderland Sign 

Remember all the confusing signs sending Alice this way and that, leaving her scratching her head and wondering which way to go? Well, now you can recreate that for your guests with these totally bonkers signs! You can use these signs to direct your guests to the mad tea party, and place the other signs around your house so they want to explore and see all the amazing party supplies we have to come! 

5. Mushrooms! 

Do you remember when Alice ate those mushrooms to turn bigger, and then the other half was used to make her smaller? Of course you do, it’s one of the craziest scenes in the entire book! So why not use mushrooms as a decor piece for the party? These beautiful mushroom lanterns are perfect because they fit the theme so well, and they bring a bit of magical lighting to the party too! These work great indoors or outdoors with an LED light, so put it wherever you think looks best at your party.

6. Welcome Drinks 

Everybody remember the ‘Drink Me’ sign in Wonderland right? Where Alice has to drink the little glass jar with it attached? It’s one of the most iconic scenes, and now you can recreate it with a mini mason jar with a paper tag that we can write ‘Drink Me’ on to entice your guests into drinking their welcome drinks. It doesn’t matter if there’s alcohol inside for the adults or mocktails for the kids, these welcome drinks will go down a treat because it screams Wonderland!

7. It’s Always Tea Time 

Now it’s time to decorate, and at the Mad Hatter’s tea party it’s always tea time, so make sure you decorate with lots of vintage floral teapots. The first thing we have are these beautiful hanging teapot decorations that are just perfect to hang above the tea party table to get everybody in the mood for a vintage Alice in Wonderland tea party! 

Once you’ve hung the teapot decorations, it’ll be important to remind your guests that this is an Alice in Wonderland themed party, and nothing says party like bunting! So, pick up this Alice in Wonderland bunting with tea pots and tea cups complete with all your favorite characters and quotes, to really set the scene and get your guests in the mood to celebrate the special day! 

8. The Importance Of Playing Cards 

Everybody will remember the scene when Alice is fleeing from the playing card soldiers as they start to fly! And whilst we can’t get the real flying playing card soldiers to attend your party (they’re obviously too busy in Wonderland), we can recreate the idea with some amazing playing card balloons. This is the perfect compromise because hello, balloons, and we love balloons, but also because it ties in so well with an Alice in Wonderland party!

9. Decorate Your Table like the Mad Hatter tea party

To recreate that memorable Mad Hatter tea party table, you’ll need to make room for lots of guests! A large table with tones of decorations will be the best way to achieve this, to make it feel like you’re all really sitting down for tea with the Mad Hatter himself! Start with a lovely table cloth to cover your table. This Alice in Wonderland one is perfect, and the ‘We’re all mad here’ quote from the Cheshire Cat is perfect for a party like this one! 

Next up you’ll want tea pots, and lots of them! You’ll already have the bunting and hanging decorations from earlier up, but picking up this Alice in Wonderland tableware set will really help complete the theme and make it feel as though you’re all in Wonderland! We love this tableware set and we’re sure you will too!

10. Eat Me! 

Next up is the food! You’ll want lots of it to create that sense of wonder that Wonderland is all about! Whether you’re throwing an Alice in Wonderland tea party or an Alice in Wonderland birthday party, food is going to be a big part of it, so make sure you present it well! These Alice in Wonderland ‘eat me’ food sticks are the perfect way to present your Mad Hatter tea party finger food, and it’ll remind your guests of those famous ‘drink me’ and ‘eat me’ scenes from the movie!

11. Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Cupcake Stand 

You’ll want cake of course, it’s a Alice in Wonderland tea party after all! So when you’re serving up cupcakes (or sandwiches, or any other finger food for that matter) you can present it on an Alice in Wonderland cupcake stand! It’s as haphazard and weird as you’d expect from an Alice themed cupcake stand, but that’s what makes it even more special! Everything about Wonderland is upside down and topsy-turvy, so why shouldn’t your food be presented in a whacky way too?

12. Painting The Roses Red 

Everybody remembers when Alice and the playing card soldier tried to paint the white rose red, so why don’t we make our guests remember that famous scene by using a red rose centerpiece in the middle of our party table? This artificial red rose table centerpiece will do the trick, and once you’ve turned your home back into your home and kissed Wonderland goodbye, you can use these flowers for a Valentine’s day centerpiece too, so they won’t go to waste! 

13. Tea Pot Vase 

Remember earlier how we said we’d need LOTS of tea pots? Well, here’s another one for you! This teapot vase is the perfect centerpiece to hold those beautiful red roses above, and it helps tie in the Alice in Wonderland theme some more. Want to make your Alice in Wonderland tea party extra special? This centerpiece and red roses combination ought to do the trick!

14. Flamingo Solar Light 

When the Red Heart Queen and Alice go toe to toe in that infamous croquet game, they use the flamingo as the croquet mallet. So, in order to tip our hat towards that memorable scene, we thought it would be great to use this flamingo solar light to light your back garden in the evening if the party goes on a little later than you were expecting! After all, the White Rabbit might care a lot about the time in the beginning, but as Alice journeys through Wonderland she loses all track of time, so it might just happen to you at the party too! And with a few alcoholic welcome drinks, you almost certainly will…

15. Croquet Competition 

Talking of the Queen of Heart and Alice’s intense croquet competition, why don’t we recreate it and use this as the first party game? Throwing your own lawn croquet competition is a lot of fun, and we’ve found an awesome croquet set that you can pick up, so you’re all set for the big day too! Croquet is a lot of fun. Just make sure it doesn’t become as heated as Alice’s and the Red Heart Queen’s! The best part about croquet is that it’s actually a lot of fun for adults and children, so everybody can join in with this one and have a blast!

16. Chess Game 

Depending on the time of year you choose to throw your Alice in Wonderland themed party, it might not be appropriate to head outside and play a round or two of croquet! In this instance, let’s fall back on something that can be played indoors, is a lot of fun, and is still tied to Alice in Wonderland. Know what we’re talking about yet? Chess, of course! You’ll need to pick up a chess set, but once you have one, you can all sit down and take turns playing against one another. It’s a lot of fun, and children will still love it once you have taught them the rules. 

17. Mad Hatter Party Favor Bag 

By now, your Wonderland has all the madness and weird and wonderful things you can expect, but you’ll still want to thank your guests for joining you before they leave, right? In that case, you’ll need a party favor bag, and this Mad Hatter one is perfect! The thing about visiting Wonderland is that the magic and wonder never really leaves you, so recreate this by handing out party favor bags that will remind your guests of their outstanding time in Wonderland long after they’ve left your Alice in Wonderland themed party. Trust us, they’ll want to hold on to the wonder as they’re leaving, so a party favor bag is a great way to do this! 

18. Party Costumes

To finish, we had to talk about costumes. You didn’t think you were going to make it to the end of an Alice in Wonderland themed party idea post from us and not see some costume suggestions, did you? If you’ve been keeping up with us for a while, then you know how much we love to get dressed up, and this is the perfect excuse to do just that! The best thing about Alice in Wonderland is that it is so loved across every generation, and it has been for hundreds of years, so naturally there are costume options to suit everyone of every age and gender!

Alice, the Cheshire Cat, Red Heart Queen, Mr White Rabbit, Mr Caterpillar, the Mad Hatter – you name it, there’s a costume for it, and you’ll definitely be able to find something that suits you. Wearing a costume to Wonderland is the perfect way to make your Alice in Wonderland party feel like the real thing, so make sure you ask everybody to join in the fun so you can really create your very own immersive Wonderland in the comfort of your own home! 

Just before we leave you, we thought we’d leave you on another quote, this time from Alice herself:

‘When I used to read fairy tales, I fancied that kind of thing never happened, and now here I am in the middle of one!’

Want to create your very own Wonderland fairy tale at home? Then follow the steps above and you surely will.

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