Aloha! Your Foolproof Guide To The Perfect Summer Hawaiian Theme Party

Hawaiian Party

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Nothing says summer like Hawaii does. And this year we can’t all pack our bags and head to the white beaches and clear blue water of these tropical islands. Sigh. But we can bring Hawaii to us! There’s no better way to do that than with a Hawaiian theme party filled with amazing dress up outfits, decorations, drinks, and party games! So if you think you’re ready for a summer of fun – this is how you ought to get started! 

What are the symbols associated with a Hawaiian theme party? 

Chilling with all your friends in the backyard is such a rare treat for us because we just don’t get the weather for it often. So when we do, it’s a good idea to have a party that mixes Hawaiian traditions, bold colours, and lots and lots of fun! So today’s post will cover everything there is to know about throwing an amazing Hawaiian theme party at home. But what symbols are we going to see? 

You can expect tiki, torches, tropical flowers, leis, flamingos, pineapples, coconuts, and palm trees throughout this article. Are we missing anything? Oh, yeah! You can also expect to see lots of ideas about how to make this party the ONE summer party everybody will be speaking about for years! 

1. Start with a Hawaiian theme invitation 

Ready to get started? Great! First, let’s think about a Hawaiian theme invitation. You want something that screams Hawaii the moment you post it through your friend’s letterbox. And our first suggestion is amazing! 

Tiki was the first thing on our list of all things Hawaii, so naturally we’ve picked out this amazing tiki invitation. The bright colours, fun slogan, and flowers say everything your guests need to know about this party. Basically, it screams fun! 

If the bright colours aren’t really your style, then this great pineapple printed alternative will definitely be to your taste! It’s understated compared to the first option, but just as beautiful! It tells your guests that this Hawaiian theme party is going to be both classy and a night to remember! 

Hawaiian theme party invitation wording

We just wanted to include a small section about Hawaiian theme party wording here, because it’s important you get it right. You’ll need all the usual info, such as the start time, where it’s being held, and the reason you’re hosting the party to begin with. But you’ll also have to make it really clear that this is a Hawaiian themed party with a dress code, so everybody else can join in the fun too! It would be sad if your guests didn’t realise that they could dress up in hula skirts, leis, and Hawaiian shirts because your invitation wasn’t clear!

2. What to wear to a Hawaiian themed party? 

Talking about dressing up, it can be difficult to think about what to wear sometimes, but as always, your party planning pals are ready to help! 

Tips for ladies and girls 

Hula girls at the ready! This is one of our favourite parts about a Hawaiian themed party – the dressing up! It’s super fun, everybody looks ridiculously stylish, and the pictures are always amazing. So let’s jump in with outfit ideas for ladies and girls! 

First, don’t be afraid to go all out. There isn’t such a thing as being over the top in Hawaii, and there shouldn’t be at this party either! If you want to buy a coconut bra and a leaf hula skirt set, then go for it! In fact, we’ve found an awesome leaf hula skirt for you, so look at this if it’s something you want to try! 

If you want to dress up with a few more clothes, then we can help you there too. This hula skirt pack comes in a range of bright colours and the material is really comfortable to wear. Wondering what to team it with? We have another suggestion below! 

Hawaiian shirts are not just for men, and this Hawaiian shirt for ladies and girls proves it! It comes in so many colours that we couldn’t list them all but just know that every option is bold, bright, and absolutely authentically Hawaiian! Trust us, you can’t go wrong with this one! 

If you feel a little more comfortable in clothing that covers more of you, then don’t worry, we have that covered too! A Hawaiian maxi dress is just the thing for you, and nothing says Hawaii quite like palm trees, beaches, and a setting sun! Wear this and you’ll definitely be meeting the Hawaiian theme! 

Our tips for ladies don’t just stop here though. Look at the sections below for our suggestions about leis, pineapple sunglasses, and so much more! 

Tips for gentlemen and boys 

OK boys, your turn! Looking up ‘Hawaiian theme party clothes male’ online will probably just bring up a lot of shirtless men in skirts. And hey, if you’ve got the confidence to do that, then go for it! It’s definitely authentic! But if you haven’t, we’ve got a great outfit alternative that will look amazing and we’re certain you’ll feel more comfortable in it! 

This Hawaiian shirt and short set is really all you need. It comes in a range of patterns and colours, so you will find something you like. Better yet, every one of the options fits the Hawaiian theme because they are so bold and brightly coloured – basically everything you expect from a Hawaiian theme party – so you’ll fit right in! 

Team this with some leis or sunglasses that we’ll talk about below, and you’ll look great! 

Tips for your furry friends 

We also understand that your dog is your family too, so why not get them involved? This lovely Hawaiian shirt for dogs certainly matches the theme – and just imagine how adorable they’ll look in it! Make sure you take plenty of pictures please!

Tips for the party host

This last section is for the party host, but even if you’re a guest, it might be worth purchasing some of these for yourselves too! As a host, it’s your job to make sure everybody is comfortable and having a good time! Sometimes guests simply forget to dress up for a party, so it’s a good idea to have some extras around to make them feel like their part of the fun still. 

To start with, you’ll want to pick up a pack of Hawaiian floral leis. This 40 pack ought to cover it, and they come in so many styles and colours that your guests are bound to find one they feel comfortable in. Pick these up to guarantee an instant Hawaiian feel at your party! 

Another great, slightly whackier option is to pick up a pack of party sunglasses. There’s everything in this pack, from pineapples to flowers, and flamingos to cocktails – and each one is crazier than the last! If you want to guarantee a good laugh at your party, pick up this pack of sunglasses for your guests! 

3. Hawaiian theme party decorations to make it Instagram-able! 

To guarantee a successful party, you need successful decorations. And trust us, every one of these Hawaiian theme party decorations will make your party that much more Instagram-able! Even your friends who can’t attend will see the joy in every picture with these decorations in the background! 


Talking of the background, there’s no better way to show off a Hawaiian theme than with an Aloha backdrop for all your pictures. This bright backdrop will make your guests feel like they’re sipping cocktails on a beach in Hawaii too! 

Inflatable decorations 

Another great thing to have dotted around your garden or placed in your pool/paddling pool is inflatable decorations. These Hawaiian inflatable decorations have everything: flamingos, palm trees, pineapples, tropical fruit, and much more besides! The photo opportunities with these decorations are endless! 

Tropical flower garland 

A tropical flower garland such as this one will bring some additional colour to your party! Hang it by your dining area, from a fence, or simply pin it wherever you have the space! No matter where it is, it’ll instantly make the space look and feel more Hawaiian! 

Hawaiian themed helium balloon 

It’s a party, so of course you need balloons! The Hawaiian helium balloon decorations look amazing, and the giant Aloha balloon stands out as one of our favourites! We’re sure everyone at your party will have different favourites though, so get the lot and start some Hawaiian themed conversations too! 

Hawaiian photo booth props 

Taking photos is important at any party. In fact, it’s so important that we’ve put together another article about selfie frames! Look at “Top 5 reasons why you’ll need a selfie frame for your party” to find out why! 

As for this party, check out these amazing Hawaiian photo booth props with a selfie frame included. The amount of fun you’ll have with these is endless, and every single guest will love taking their pictures with these hilarious props and the amazing selfie frame!

Pineapple hanging string light

Finally, you need some amazing lighting to make the space feel complete! These pineapple hanging string lights will do the trick, and they also fit the theme wonderfully. It’s a win-win! Make sure you grab these to give your party a cosy feeling in the evening!

4. What to serve at a Hawaiian theme party 

OK, so that’s the invitations, the outfits, and the decorations all done! Now on to the good stuff: food and drink! 

Hawaiian theme party food 

You can find Hawaiian recipes anywhere online, so we won’t bore you with recipes here. But we will give you a list of must Hawaiian theme party food -have dishes at your Hawaiian theme party! 

1) Grilled pineapple meatball skewers – grilled meatballs with sweet, juicy pineapple is delicious. And perfect for a Hawaiian night too!

2) Grilled ham and pineapple kabobs – salty ham, juicy pineapple, yes please! Your guests will be queuing for this one! 

Hawaiian Grill

3) Pineapple fried rice – sensing a theme here? Oh well, pineapples scream Hawaii, so the more the merrier we say! And fried rice is always great!

Hawaiian theme party pineapple fired rice
Image by Marisa04 from Pixabay

4) Hawaiian salad – the beauty about this is you can put whatever you like in. But expect to see lots of tropical fruits and delicious veggies!

5) Hawaiian burgers and sandwiches – serve your favourites with a chilli and pineapple twist and it’s instantly Hawaiian!

6) Tropical fruit ice cream/ice pop – whatever tropical fruit you like. Pineapples, bananas, mangos – you name it, you can make it a dessert!

Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

7) Fruit kabobs – delicious and even better if you grill them too! 

8) Tropical fruit tart – again, if you can think of tropical fruit everyone will love, then bake it in a tart and you have yourself a winning dish!

Drinks for adults 

We had to separate the drinks for the adults and the drinks for the children because lets face it, we all want a little cocktail at the beach, and we can’t bring the beach to your backyard without a cocktail in hand. It simply wouldn’t be fair! So here are some must-haves!

1) Blue Hawaiian – brightly coloured and full of classic Hawaiian flavours. This is a must-serve. Pineapple, rum, curacao – what more do you need?

2) Pina colada – Another classic, rich in pineapple and creamy coconut!

3) Strawberry daquiri – Maybe not traditionally Hawaiian, but full of fruity summer flavours just the same! This is a safe bet for every guest!

4) Our top pick: Lychee frozen margarita – We LOVE a frozen lychee margarita for its fresh summer flavours and ice cold hit! Your guests will too!

Drinks for kids 

We have so many suggestions for kids, but the key is always to make them colourful, so they have lots of fun drinking them! In fact, we have so many ideas that we’ve already published an article on the matter. Look at our “7 Best Colourful And Fun Mocktail Recipes For Kids Parties” for all of our favourite recipes and serving suggestions!

How to serve your food and drink

Sometimes it isn’t what you serve, but how you serve it! And the following products will help make your party really special! 

Tiki bar

You don’t need to buy a huge tiki bar for one night, but a Luau table skirt would be amazing! This one will instantly transform your old outdoor dining table into a tiki bar fit for a Hawaiian party! 

Want to go a step further? Then why not pick up this amazing tiki bar opening sign too. That way, your guests know that you’re open for business and the drinks will flow all night long! 

 Hawaiian tableware

A Hawaiian party isn’t complete without appropriate tableware, and the tiki masks and Aloha cups are so bright and fun that everybody will love it! This has everything you need, and all of them tie in with the theme wonderfully! 

Luau cups and toppers

These Luau cups with toppers will really complete the look of your party. Just imagine all your friends and family sitting around sipping their drinks out of pineapples, coconuts, and watermelons! Doesn’t that sound adorable?

Finishing touches

Not everybody has a lot of time to prep for a party, but if you want to add some finishing touches, then we think we have some extra ideas that’ll just seal the deal on your Hawaiian party being considered the summer party of the year this year!

Sometimes the little details matter, so we think this pineapple shaped ice cube mould will help! Freeze plenty of ice cubes beforehand so you have enough to put in your guest’s drinks. Trust us, it will be appreciated!

Finally, why not try a cocktail decorator? You don’t have to have spent years behind the bar to make your drinks look the part. Just pick up a pack of these cocktail decorators so you can add pineapples, palm trees, and flamingos to everybody’s drink!

5. Hawaiian theme party fun and games! 

For our last section, we thought we’d address some fun Hawaiian-inspired party games! Any of these will be a riot and your guests will love them – kids and big kids alike!

Flamingo toss game 

This is a hilarious game! You take an inflatable flamingo, pop it on the head of one of your guests, and then everybody else gets to throw hoops at them as they try to get it around the flamingos neck. This flamingo toss game is great for parents and children to play together, but it’s also fun for the adults after a cocktail or two…

Musical sprinkler freeze game with pineapple sprinkler 

The first thing you’ll need for this game is this amazing pineapple sprinkler. Then all you need to do is turn it on. The rules of the game are simple. An adult is the sprinkler master – they decide when it’s turned on and turned off. When the water is on, kids have to freeze, no matter how soaked they’re getting. If they move, they’re out! Once the water is off, they can move again. The little one that can withstand the water the longest is the winner, but we’re pretty sure most kids will just love being soaked anyway, so there might not be a clear winner for a while! 

If you want to prepare some more water games for the kids, then we have a tonne of different suggestions too. Check out our “Fun Water Party Games for Kids in This Summer” post for inspiration! 

Wrapping Up- Keep your guests cool

Just before we leave you to have fun in the sun with this Hawaiian theme party, we wanted to let you know that we have some awesome cooling tips to keep all your guests comfortable at your summer parties. Look at our post, “Summer Backyard Party: 8 Ways To Make It Even Cooler With Cooling Gadgets” for the ultimate guide to staying cool at all of your parties this summer!

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