Animal Centerpieces To Liven Up Your Next Party Table: Every Animal Lovers’ Favorites

animal centerpieces, Animal Centerpieces To Liven Up Your Next Party Table: Every Animal Lovers’ Favorites

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Everybody needs a centerpiece at a party, because it’s a great way to bring your guests’ attention to the table so everybody has something to talk about and admire as they tuck in to your delicious party food or meal. A great way to do this is with animal themed table centerpieces because who doesn’t love at least one animal, right? We’ve put together a list of 10 amazing animal centerpieces for your next party to delight your guests, and we’ll even give you some suggestions about which themed party it would be perfect for! Ready to find out more? Follow us! 

1. Cake Tray with Black Nest Dome 

Want to make an impression when you bring your birthday cake out? There’s no better way to do it than with this amazing black nest dome for your cake. This is the perfect centerpiece for any birthday party, and the cute bird on top completes our animal themed table centerpieces idea well! 

2. Elephant Oil Burner 

You know what’s better than a party table stacked full of amazing smelling food? A party table with an oil burner releasing your favorite smell! This elephant oil burner is the perfect centerpiece for a Thai-themed party, given the importance of them in Thai culture. But you can also just pick this up if you like to have different scents for different parties too! 

3. Curled Cat Wooden Tealight Holder 

A curled cat wooden tealight holder sounds like the stuff of dreams, right? We thought so too, so when we saw this beautiful centerpiece, we knew we had to suggest it to you guys. If you’re having a chilled party, or maybe even a slumber party, then this is perfect! Look how relaxed the little guy is. Who wouldn’t feel chilled out after looking at a candle burning supported by a snoozing cat?

4. Easter Bunny Rabbit Centerpiece 

Animal centerpieces are great to bring out on special occasions too! An Easter party is the perfect time to put out these Easter bunny rabbit centerpieces, with four unique designs you can pick your favorite out or use all of them! These are adorable, and they’ll impress kids and adults alike.

5. Pug Puppy Dog Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set 

Animal themed table centerpieces don’t need to be big or showy, they can be useful or themed to the party table too! This pug puppy dog salt and pepper shaker set is the perfect way to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. This would be perfect for any party or dinner as a talking point for guests, but it’s especially relevant to those of us who like to throw a birthday party for our pets too! Yes, we are those people. We love parties and we love animals. What else did you expect?

6. Vases with Animal Print 

Animal print party centerpieces can be great for bringing the animal theme to a party without it being overwhelming. These vases with animal prints are great, and whilst the centerpiece itself might not be suitable for a particular party, it’s a beautiful piece that can be used whenever. Focus instead on making sure the flower has a meaning that suits the party and then put them inside the vase to tie everything together.

7. Rainbow Unicorn Honeycomb Centerpiece 

Something for the kids now! This rainbow unicorn honeycomb centerpiece is perfect for any little girl’s unicorn themed birthday party. You can dot these 9 pieces around the whole table so everybody gets a good look at them as they sit down to a delicious party meal! We guarantee this one will bring the magic to any birthday celebration.

8. Jungle Safari Theme Party Decorations Table Toppers 

We did one for the girls above, so lets treat the boys to something amazing too. This jungle safari theme centerpiece is perfect for your cheeky monkey’s jungle themed birthday party! It looks great, has all the usual animals you’d expect to see, and it’ll impress everyone who sees it as they sit down to eat.

9. Cats Honeycomb Centerpiece 

From a sleeping cat to a studying one! This cat centerpiece looks amazing, and the cute cat in their little glasses is adorable. A great time to use animal centerpieces like this one is for a primary school graduation party. This cat looks like they’ve been studying hard, just like your child, so let’s let them both take a load off with an amazing graduation party to celebrate all their hard work.

10. Sea Animal Honeycomb Centerpiece

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to have a party in a beach house or one anywhere near the sea, then you should have a sea animal centerpiece that reflects that! We think it would be an amazing idea to create an entire underwater world at your dining table with these amazing sea animal centerpieces!

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