Apple Themed Party: Adorable way to celebrate Kids’ Birthday

apple themed party, Apple Themed Party: Adorable way to celebrate Kids’ Birthday

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Introduction of Apple Themed Party

Are you looking for a better way to celebrate your kids’ birthday? Then apple-themed parties are a perfect way to start. This is especially true if you are looking for something to grab the incoming crisp wind or fall. Or, if your kids love apples, an apple themed party can bring a lot of fun and leave them awe-struck. In this article, we will provide you with extensive ideas for everything you need to know about apple themed parties. From favors and decorations to games and menus, we have got you covered. 

Apple Themed Party Invitation

For any birthday celebration, you want it to be fun, entertaining, and budget-friendly. But a party is at its best when you invite friends and loved ones. Just a simple invitation card and you are good to go. Or, you can make an order online for a customized invitation card. An apple themed party invitation card is a great way to let everyone know that you are celebrating the joy of your kids.

Apple Themed Party Decorations Ideas

Throw the best birthday bash with the following party ideas. You can be sure to find a range of ideas that can meet your baby’s tastes and preferences. 

Apple tree-themed backdrop

This backdrop idea is perfect for photo shooting. It can create a realistic pattern that every kid can accomplish. The apple themed backdrop is stunning, incredibly easy, and exactly the joy kids want. It can also make a beautiful photo opportunity for your visitors. 

Red balloons

Balloons are a necessity for any birthday party. You can have them customized to a cheery birthday name. Attach apple signatures and throw a birthday bash that is sure to be a blast. 

Apple balloons

Cover your kids with apple balloons and make them feel like they are surrounded by apples. They are a perfect addition to a balloon decoration or bouquet.

Apple tissue honeycomb

Apple tissue honeycomb decorations are a perfect way to style kids-themed parties. Just match them with a classic party décor(red or pink); they are adorable and can make an excellent statement. 

Apple Of Our Eyes photo banner

Apple of our eyes photo banner is a saying, especially for a kid who is one year old. It is an ideal chance to showcase how far your kid has grown over the past year.

Party lightning 

Lightning is a must for every party. Be it red or blue, it brings the birthday vibe that every kid deserves. But apple lightning around the party is all the kids’ birthday fun. 

Apple chalkboard

Apple chalkboard offers a chance to build memories with your loved ones. It also provides a surface to display a welcome message to your thanksgiving visitors. 

Apple Themed Party Banner

With an exciting apple-themed party banner, you can be sure to bring the vibrance your kids need to the party. Just hang them around and make your kids’ event more thrilling.

Apple eye-catchers

apple themed party, Apple Themed Party: Adorable way to celebrate Kids’ Birthday
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

These are vases filled with apples as centerpieces. Put several of these apple eye-catchers around the event area. They are so stunning. 

Apple halves

Cut apples into halves ensuring they fit the candle in them once scooped. Apple halves can bring a birthday vibe once lit. 

Some people use apple halves as flower holders. Kids love this. 

Apple Themed Party Food

When it comes to apple-themed parties, it is all about apples. But here is what to start with;

Caramel Apple nacho bar

It is one of the favorite party food for most kids. Just drench apple in caramel, nuts, chocolates combined with other goodies. You can be tempted to include toppings such as milk chocolate and peanut butter for a complete experience. The menu is a big hit for every kid. And all the parents are amazed to get the kids eating them. 

Apple Hand Pie

It is best-loved for kids. But also, it is healthy and nutritious. Have a look at BBC GoodFood, and you can be sure to learn a step-by-step guide recipe


No party is complete without cupcake favors. Think of red iced cupcakes-they are just a fun party food to enjoy with the kids. Top it with an apple-themed cake topper for a complete experience. 

Apple themed tableware

Once you prepare some delicious apple menu, it doesn’t get much better until you make the dining table cute. You can be sure to catch most guests’ attention. 

Apple Themed Party Games

Want to liven up your kids’ birthday party? These exciting games will offer plenty of fun and laughter amongst your visitors. Here is a list of apple-themed party games that can surely help everyone get started. 

Apple balance race

It is easy and very simple. Just let the kids balance an apple on their hand with one hand, allowing them to run from one designated point to another. Don’t allow them to catch the apple if it starts to fall. The player who finishes first without dropping the apple wins. 

Apple Bobbing

Bobbing for apples has been a tradition for years. The game involves dipping your head into the water, biting and holding the apple in another’s mouth. Yes, without using the hand. 

Preparation and materials needed for this game

  • A container
  • Water
  • Two apples per competitor

How to play

Pick the order of your players by alphabetical order or by age. For two players, two containers can work pretty well. If you have a large container, allow kids to compete at the same time. The rule of the game is no kids are allowed to use their hands. And they should let them stay at their backs all the time. Set two minutes countdown. The first kid to get the apple wins the game. 

Apple Toss Game

Preparation and materials needed for this game

  • Apples
  • A container
  • Two kids per team

How to play

Allow the kids to stand behind the line. Supply each with three apples and put a container a few meters away from the line. Allow the kids to try tossing their apples into the container as you record scores for each successful apple toss. The kids who score the most points win. 

Apples to Apples Junior

Preparation and materials needed for this game

  • Apples to Apples Junior Game Set

How to play

Open the green apple cards, mix by shuffling them thoroughly. The same goes for the red apple cards. Remove one green card and one red card from the box and select a judge randomly. Let the judge play the top green card, face it up, and read the word aloud. Every player must pick the red card except the judge and face it down on the table. Then the judge gives the card to those whose red cards were picked, collects them, and discards them into a container for every round played. The judge passes the box to the left to become a new judge. The game continues until someone wins four green cards.

Apple passing race

Preparations and materials needed for this game

  • A container full of apples

How to play

Divide your kids into two groups and line up them side by side. Place an empty container at one end and another full of apples at the other end of each team’s line. Once signaled, players next to a container full of apples should pick an apple and pass it to the next teammate. The last player in each line should drop the apple into an empty container once they receive them. Once they drop the apple, they should run to take place as the first players in the line. The game continues until all apples have been passed from one container to another. The team to finish first wins. 

Worm in the apple

Preparation and materials needed for this game

  • A large box
  • Marker pen
  • A music instrument

How to play

Open the box on two sides and draw a large apple image on the remaining walls. Color them. Play the music to signal start. Allow players to pass through the open boxes one by one. Then pause the music randomly. The player caught inside the box is eliminated. The game continues until one person remains. 

Apple Themed Party Favors

Apple-themed favors are a perfect way to thank your visitors in style. We have highlighted a few ideas you should incorporate into the party. 

Sweet treats

Fill the container with apple candies. Make sure the color you pick can remind your kids of the fantastic day. 

Apple Fidget Toy

Kids love fidgeting. Whether it is twitching hands or tapping feet, kids have a desire to move. And an apple fidget toy is a perfect way to go. 

Apple Stress Ball 

Kids also experience stress no matter how much they deal with school. So, these little apples stress ball can become a perfect relief and a gift at the same time.


There are plenty of ideas surrounding an apple theme birthday party for your children. We hope the above ideas for games, favors, and décor can bring you and your kids the joy you deserve. 

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