Artificial Flower Centerpieces For Party Table Decorations: Learning To Speak Flower Language

artificial flower centerpieces, Artificial Flower Centerpieces For Party Table Decorations: Learning To Speak Flower Language

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Every party table needs a centerpiece, right? You have to have something bold, or beautiful, or fascinating for your guests to look at as you gather around the table. But more than that, you need something that relates to your party theme; something that means something to the event. And there’s no better way to say something without saying anything at all than with an artificial flower centerpiece!

What’s so important about an artificial flower centerpiece?

Every flower has a meaning. Every flower speaks its own language and whether you’re from England, Japan, or Nigeria, you can learn to speak flower language too. You can express things with flowers even if you can’t express them with words. A bunch of red roses? “I love you.” A daisy behind your child’s ear? “Childhood innocence.” And there are plenty of other examples too. 

We decided artificial flowers were best for two reasons. First, you can reuse them, and we’re all about getting the most out of the products you’re spending your hard-earned cash on. And second, some people are allergic to flowers or have particularly bad hay fever, so artificial is best!

On our blog, we don’t want to give you a simple floral centerpiece for your party without thinking about why it’s suitable. So, we’ve put together this list of 8 artificial flower centerpieces that are perfect for different events, and we’ll tell you exactly why by looking at the meaning of the flowers. In other words, we’re going to translate some flower language for you! Ready? Lets go! 

1. Artificial Yellow Rose 

A yellow rose is a sign of friendship and joy. It’s about connecting with the friends we hold dear. And the flowers we’ve found below will look beautiful at any gathering with friends. Maybe you could include it as the centerpiece for a friend’s birthday party? If friendship is the main theme of your party – then these artificial yellow roses are the perfect floral centerpiece!

2. Artificial White Orchid 

Simple, yet stunning, the white orchid means elegance, and one look at them and you can understand why! In fact, this artificial white orchid flower centerpiece would be the perfect option of any event that requires an extra dose of sophistication and elegance. Perhaps a 60th birthday celebration for your father? Or maybe a beautiful centerpiece for your own private English tea party at home? Whatever it is, if you want some added elegance in a simple way, then this is perfect!

3. Artificial Lotus 

The lotus flower is especially important in Buddhism, and it means enlightenment, rebirth, and purity. If you’re throwing a Thai themed party, then this would actually be perfect, because it’s tying in the themes of Buddhism with the rest of your Thai party. The artificial lotus floral centerpiece we’ve found is stunning, and it captures those Buddhist themes in a really delicate, tasteful way. It’s bound to make any Thai party amazing.

4. Artificial Red Rose 

There’s no better way to say “I love you” than with a red rose. They’ve been the flower of choice at Valentine’s day for centuries, and you can understand why. One look at these red roses and you automatically think of passion, love, and soulmates. And this centerpiece says all of that too, without the need to buy a new set of red roses every year. This would look beautiful at a romantic Valentine’s party for two, or even for a wedding anniversary or engagement party with the rest of your loved ones. If ‘love’ is the theme, then you can’t beat a red rose. 

5. Artificial Pink Peonies 

We find pink peonies is one of the most famous artificial flower centerpieces in so many wedding bouquets, but did you know why? Well, it’s actually because of their flower language! Pink peonies symbolise good luck and prosperity – they’re all about looking to the future with excitement and well wishes. So do you know what would be a perfect time to make these artificial pink peonies the centrepiece? An engagement party, of course! But you could also use them at pre-wedding/wedding dinners too! If you’re having a party that requires a little extra luck, pink peonies should be your first choice!

6. Artificial Gladiolus 

Gladiolus, as you might have guessed, is a word related to gladiators. So, naturally, the flowers are associated with strength, integrity, and victory. That makes this artificial gladiolus centerpiece perfect for a wedding party to celebrate the strength and commitment of your love for one another. But if you’re celebrating a milestone birthday like a young person’s 18th, or if you’re celebrating somebody’s successful graduation or driving test, then these are also perfect for their association with victory!

7. Artificial Tulips 

Different coloured tulips have different meanings, but if there was an overarching theme we could give them, it would be about deep love, of all kinds: family love, romantic love, friend love, etc. Because the artificial tulips we’ve found have a collection of different colours, it would be perfect at any event or party that’s celebrated with love! Maybe a religious ceremony such as a christening or bah mitzvah, or simply a celebration with loved ones at a summer backyard party! Whatever the occasion, tulips will help you express your appreciation of your guests’ love!

8. Artificial Baby’s Breath Flower

Finally, Baby’s Breath flowers have long been associated with everlasting love – the kind parents have for their babies, hence the name. Because of this connection, this artificial baby’s breath floral centerpiece would be perfect at a baby shower, or a party celebrating the arrival of a little one in the family! What better message can you send at an event like this than “I will love you forever and always”? This white artificial flower centerpiece is going to delight your gatherings.

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