Baby Shower Gift Ideas: 12 budget-friendly items

baby shower gift ideas

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

A baby shower is definitely a pleasant and delightful event to attend, isn’t it? Plus, it will be so happy and exciting seeing the smile of the mum-to-be when she opens up the baby shower gifts. Are you also planning to attend a baby shower recently? If yes, then what will be the best baby shower gift ideas for you? Well, some common questions will probably come to your mind now. First of all, you must be wondering what gift should be given in a baby shower. Secondly, how much should you spend on a baby shower gift. On average, a baby shower gift will cost you anything between USD $25 – $100, and we are going to offer you with some affordable, fantastic and useful suggestions.

Looking for some recommendations now? No worries!

In this article, we are going to introduce some fantastic, adorable, and budget-friendly little items that parents will actually like and use for their baby in the future. So, without wasting any further time, let’s go through our twelve recommended picks for the cute yet cheap baby shower gift ideas.

#1 Portable Diaper Changing Pad

If you are looking for a practical, convenient, and affordable baby shower gift, then this product will be so much apt for you! This product will allow expectant parents to seamlessly change their little baby’s diaper pads without being messy. This portable changing mat is 20% longer, comes with a built-in 1/2 inch memory foam pillow where you can lie down the baby, and gently change the pads. The product is made of high-quality, durable, and waterproof material. This portable diaper changing pad has a convenient handle for smart carrying and extra zipper pockets to store the diaper pads and other things.

#2 Baby Diaper Organizer for Changing Table

This product is indeed another great baby shower gift. Are you wondering why? Well, it’s a perfect organizer where you can store all the essential belongings of your toddler including diaper napkins, tissues, water bottles, cream, and much more too. Note, it comes with 4 pockets, one large diaper compartment, and 2 strong hooks for hanging purposes. It’s made of water-resistant polyester material, both sturdy and durable.

#3 Baby Soother Cry Activated Toys Elephant White Noise Sound Machine

If you need unique baby shower gift ideas, then you should also consider checking this innovative toy for babies. This product comes with as many as twenty soothing sound channels including Relaxing Songs, Birdie Tweets, Mama’s Heartbeat, and much more too. Just turn this lullaby sound machine on as per the preferred mode and let the baby enjoy a peaceful and blissful sleep. The product also has a soft galaxy light projector feature with green, red, and blue stars and it automatically turns off after 30 mins.

#4 Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket

This product is nothing but a multifunctional blanket package that includes a swaddle snuggle blanket, a playing mat, a nursing bed blanket, and 12 milestone stickers for capturing the toddler’s precious moments. The blankets are made of thick, silky, plush, and super soft material. What’s more, the material is fade-proof, wrinkle-resistant, and dye-free.

#5 Bath Towel with Bear Ears

If you are searching for useful gift sets or baby shower gift ideas at an affordable price, then this baby towel is worth your attention. Made as per the latest textile technology, it features extremely thick, absorbent, and double-layer materials. This hooded baby towel is extremely cute and useful. Plus, it gets dried very fast and it does not cause any skin issues or skin allergies.

#6 Baby Wipe Warmer

This wipe warmer is one of the best baby gifts! With this product handy, the expectant parents will no longer need to deal with wet and cold wipes. Instead, you can now easily warm them up simply by using this machine. Its innovative design and advanced feature will warm the wet wipes and you can store up to a week’s worth of your baby’s favorite diaper wipes in it. It is integrated with a built-in changing light feature and a low voltage power consumption option.

#7 Baby Bottle Warmer

For perfect baby shower gift options, this product should also be included in your list. This is a game-changing machine when it comes to warming milk or any other liquid. This bottle warmer is totally compatible with any baby bottle’s diameter. Plus, it will instantly warm breast milk with its 360 degrees of the heating feature. Rest assured that it will never cause overheat or destroy breastmilk proteins. Depending on the amount of milk you put, it will hardly take 5-12 minutes to warm up the bottle.

#8 Elephant Hooded Towel

For mums-to-be in baby shower functions, this creative and unique towel will also be another useful gift for sure. It will ensure special bath time fun for the young toddlers. The material is very much comfortable and gentle for the baby’s skin. The product includes a complete package with an elephant hooded towel, three toys (elephant, hippo, and alligator), and a book.

#9 Anti-Scratch Newborn Baby Mittens

The product includes eight pairs of baby gloves. Rest assured that each of them is made with soft fabric. They are so much soft, breathable, lightweight, reusable, washable, durable, and comfortable. Rest assured that these baby mittens will never cause any skin-related issues. 

#10 Baby Swaddle Blanket

Swaddle blankets are another great baby shower gift. In this product, there are four such swaddle blankets available. The material features an excellent blend of 70% Bamboo and 30% Cotton. It’s breathable, comfortable, soft, and gentle. There is no risk of overheating and it’s extremely gentle on your delicate baby’s skin.

#11 Baby bodysuits

Are there any baby shower function gift ideas that will be affordable, useful, and unique? Yes, definitely! This is a perfect product for your needs! These are baby bodysuits, so much required for a young toddler. The product features five such short-sleeve baby bodysuits in five different color options (grey, orange, light green, light blue, and yellow), made of 100% organic cotton material. 

#12 Newborn Baby Cotton Booties

These cute baby registry booties are also a nice, cool, and excellent gifting option, especially it b-e deigned appearance. These shoes are made with comfortable, soft, and breathable cotton cum fleece material. They are safe for your baby’s skin. They come with vivid, colorful designs, adjustable hook and loop closure, special anti-slip points, and fabric sole materials.

With this, you have revealed our top twelve baby shower function gift ideas. If you have already received a baby shower invitation, do not panic or remain tension-free! 

These cheap, unique, and cute baby shower gift ideas are indeed so much needed for the baby registry of every expectant parent. These gifts will allow future moms and dads to get everything in order to welcome home their cute babies happily and smartly. 

Gift these items for the expectant parents without any further dilemma!

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