Bachelorette Party Gifts: 18 Gift Ideas for the Bride-To-Be

bachelorette party gifts

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Do you bring a gift to a bachelorette party?

Bachelorette parties are always fun. But one thing people often ask is ‘Do you bring a gift to a bachelorette party?’. Whilst it isn’t mandatory, it’s still a lovely gesture! It shows the bride-to-be that you love and support her and want to put a smile on her face for her special bachelorette party. Bachelorette party gifts show the bride-to-be that you’re excited for her happily ever after, too. 

So now we know you should buy a bachelorette gift for the future bride, but that still doesn’t clear up what you should buy… Thankfully, your favorite friendly party-obsessed planners are on hand to help! We’ve put together 18 bachelorette party gift ideas for the bride-to-be. Each one is either funny, practical, beautiful, or highlights your special friendship, so you can decide which gift(s) suit the bride in your life! Ready to find out more? Then let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Novelty Bridal Hat 

This novelty bridal hat is the perfect funny gift to start with, because a bachelorette party isn’t a bachelorette party without silly costumes, right? It’s tradition for a bride’s friends to make her dress in something ridiculous to celebrate, and this bright gold, shimmering, glittering, bridal hat really hits all the marks. Can you imagine the look on her face when she opens this up at the bachelorette party and realises she has to wear it all night? It’ll be priceless, and everyone will lol!

2. Ear Plugs: Snore Blockers

Ear plugs for sleep cross the boundary between a funny gift and a practical one. Let us set the scene for you. The beautiful bride-to-be has just had her wedding day. Everything was perfect, and she heads up to bed with the man of her dreams. They kiss good night; he falls asleep. And SNORES. Oh, the horror! Right? But with these high-quality, soft, silicone earplugs, the bride can fix the issue right away. The key to a successful marriage is a good night’s sleep, and now she can thanks to your gift!

3. Adult Humour Book 

Is it immature? Yes. Will it make everyone cry with laughter when the future bride opens it up at the bachelorette party? Absolutely! This adult humor book details some pretty *ahem* interesting things about what the happy couple might get up to in the boudoir, so to speak. In fact, there’s 366 ideas in total, so that’ll keep them busy during their first year of marriage. Yes, it’s a funny gift, but we have a sneaky suspicion the husband-to-be might pocket this one as a practical guide for later use…

4. Natural Silk Sleep Masks 

Repeat after us ladies: women don’t need men, women need masks! Sleep masks, of course. This bachelorette gift idea is really sweet because although it’s only a simple gift, natural silk sleep masks are really beneficial. It’ll help the future bride get a good night’s sleep night after night, and the natural design and bright colours make these masks truly beautiful. We know the bride will love this gift, because who doesn’t want to experience the feeling of velvety soft silk across their eyes at night?

5. Bride Tribe Hair Tie 

This one’s great because not only is it a gift for the bride, it’s a gift for her tribe, too! This bride tribe hair tie is perfect as bachelorette party gifts for brides and their tribes. Everyone can wear them, showing support for the bride-to-be on her last day of freedom. If you have something planned like a spa day or makeup session, then these are even more perfect for tying back hair whilst you have a relaxing spa or makeup treatment. These beautiful hair ties are just perfect for everyone at the bachelorette party. 

6. Instant Camera 

A really thoughtful, sweet idea is to buy the bride-to-be an instant camera. Why? Because as one of her closest friends, you’ll be hoping she has a lifetime of happy memories with her new husband, and you’ll want her to capture those memories to keep forever, right? That’s where an instant camera comes in. She’ll be able to snap all her favorite memories and have them in the palm of her hand straight away. Those pictures can easily become home décor, and she’ll have you to thank for a thoughtful gift that shows how much you truly care for her.

7. Wifey Tote Bag 

You know what every bachelorette wants above all else? To be a wife already! By the time the bachelorette party rolls around, she’ll already be impatiently excited for the big day so she can become her husband’s wife and he her husband. Well, this wifey tote bag is the perfect gift idea because it’ll be something she can use when she’s out shopping after the big day. If there’s one thing newlyweds love to do (apart from, you know, everything in that adult humour book) it’s show off each other, and this wifey tote bag does exactly that!

8. Lotus Ring Dish 

This lotus ring dish is the perfect bachelorette party gift because it’s so beautiful. The soft pink lotus flower, representing beauty, rebirth, and new adventures (sounds awfully like a marriage, right?), is beautiful. But we also love the simple pair of white birds at the edge of the lotus flower dish that could easily represent the newlyweds. This is both a practical gift, because your friend will be able to organise some of her jewellery, but it’s also beautiful as home decor too.

9. Personalized Heat Changing Coffee Mug 

Personalized gifts are always great as bachelorette party gift ideas because it gives you the opportunity to get the bride something personal, meaningful, and unique to her. That’s why this personalized heat changing coffee mug is a great option. Just take a group picture of the bride and her team, and use it as the hidden picture for this coffee mug. That way, every time she sits down for her morning cup of coffee with her husband, she’ll smile, knowing she’s got the best friends in the world supporting the two of them.

10. Love & Friendship In A Jar – A Month Of Thoughtful Quotations 

Also known as the jar of smiles (cute, right?), this love & friendship in a jar – a month of thoughtful quotations, is the perfect gift for a bride-to-be. Your wedding is always perfect and magical, but it’s life changing too. Having little words of encouragement and love to wake up to each morning might be exactly what the bride needs to appreciate everything she has. Her new husband, her home, and, of course, you, her friend who got her a really meaningful bachelorette party gift.

11. Classic Cocktail Recipe Bible 

Yes. Bible. A classic cocktail recipe bible. Why did they name it that? Because in times of trouble, people turn to a bible. Yes, it may be a religious text, but many of us will choose to turn to a cocktail bible instead (personally, we’ve never faced a problem a pina colada couldn’t fix). All marriages will have tensions, and being able to whip up a quick cocktail to take a moment, breathe, and then find a way forward is important for any couple. We’re not saying this cocktail recipe bible will save a marriage on the rocks; we’re just saying the drinks’ll certainly help!

12. Rose Gold Rotating Spice Rack 

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then this rose gold rotating spice rack ought to keep your bride’s husband around for seconds! Of course, we’re not saying her husband is only there for the food, but good food and good company always make for great evenings in together, and you’ll be gifting them that when you pick up this spice rack. The jars already come pre-filled too, so the bride-to-be can start practicing delicious dishes right away.

13. Makeup Organiser 

Marriage can be a bit of a shock to some people. All the sharing – sharing a bed, sharing a home, and sharing every bit of space with another person can be alien to some. The key to getting over this is organization! And since the beautiful bride-to-be probably has a lot of makeup, perfumes, lotions, and potions, it’s a good idea to get her a beautiful makeup organizer. That way, she can put all her things together in one handy space. What a thoughtful, practical gift!

14. Modern Rose Gold Frame Cylinder Clear Vase 

A modern rose gold frame cylinder clear vase is a great gift idea for bachelorette parties because it’s practical. Your friend will be getting ready to build a home with her new husband, and that means thinking about home décor. This gift is perfect because it’s rose gold (and who doesn’t like that) but mostly clear too, so it will fit into any décor the future bride is thinking about. It’s a really pretty gift idea that’s sure to put a smile on your friend’s face when she opens it. 

15. Chemistry Shot Glass Set 

All marriages, loves, and friendships just need two things to survive: chemistry and fun. Well, when we saw this chemistry shot glass set combining both those things in one gift, we knew we had to share it with you guys. The little chemistry beakers are a lot of fun, with their bright colors and interesting shapes reminding us of high school. But when you consider how much more fun they become with a shot of your favorite alcohol inside, you really start to see why this gift is special.

16. Spa Gift Set 

Every bride needs a luxury spa gift set at a bachelorette party. It’s a really traditional gift idea that any future bride will appreciate because she’ll want to feel relaxed and look her best for the big day. Well, this luxury spa gift set will help her there thanks to its array of nourishing bath soaks, shower products, body butters, and moisturizers. All made of natural ingredients too, this set is perfect for every bride-to-be to use before the wedding day finally arrives.

17. Bridal Robe 

This gift is actually perfect to team up with the spa gift set above, as there’s nothing more relaxing than a satin bridal robe before the wedding. It’s soft, stylish, and super cool, so it’ll be perfect for your friend. It also comes in a bunch of different colors, so you can pick out the bridal robe that best suits the future bride. As a practical gift she can use before the wedding, it’s perfect, but it’s also beautiful and touching too, so this one ticks many boxes!

18. Bachelorette Bundle

With a name like ‘Bachelorette Bundle’ you kind of expect it to include the very best bachelorette party gifts, and this one does not disappoint! Including 7 different hilarious bachelorette party games, this is a great gift for the whole bridal team, as it’ll definitely make the party even better. With games like truth or dare, bubbly pong, Mr and Mrs, and who knows the bride best, this bachelorette bundle is bound to make everyone laugh, and it’s one of our favourite gift ideas!

Wrapping Up of Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading these 18 bachelorette party gift ideas! Hopefully, there’s one or two things on today’s list that are perfect for your friend. And when you give her one of these special gifts, pass on our congratulations to her. We hope she has a marriage that’s as fun and sweet as the bachelorette party is bound to be! 

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