Beautiful Butterfly Party Decoration Ideas

butterfly party decoration ideas, Beautiful Butterfly Party Decoration Ideas

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

A butterfly themed party is a beautiful event, perfect for afternoon tea parties, birthday parties, bridal showers, and baby showers, and much more besides! So, to help you throw the perfect party, we’ve put together a list of beautiful butterfly party decorations ideas to make your event truly special.

To help break the theme up a little more, we’ve created 2 parts to today’s decorations list. First, we’ll show you how to set the butterfly scene with some decorations inspired by garden flowers, and second, we’ll give you some butterfly party decorations ideas to turn your generic garden scene into a rich world for the butterflies. Ready to find out more? Then follow us as we fly through our butterfly party decorations

Butterfly Party Decoration Ideas: Creating Your Flower Garden

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers! That’s exactly what we need to set the scene in your party venue. After all, those butterflies need somewhere beautiful to fly around! 

Artificial Rose Garland 

Nothing says butterflies like a spring garden, and nothing says spring garden like pink roses. That’s why this artificial rose garland is the perfect decoration to hang around the party venue to create that feeling of standing in a beautiful garden with the sweet scent of roses nearby. Heck, these artificial roses look so realistic, your guests might even be able to smell them, anyway! This is the perfect start to the list, because we can almost picture butterflies landing between these beautiful flowers. 

White Artificial Wisteria Vines 

White flowers are for more than just wedding days and garden parties. In fact, these white artificial wisteria vines are the perfect accompaniment to the rose garland above in your spring flower garden party decorations. Just think, too much color can be a little overwhelming, and most gardens have simple and beautiful flowers mixed between the pops of color. These artificial wisteria vines are the perfect way to break up the color in your party venue – and trust us, there’s a LOT more color to come! 

Colorful Bundles Flowers 

Talking of color, how about these bright and beautiful colorful bundles flowers? They’re artificial again, so no maintenance needed, but they’re so well made you’d never be able to tell they were artificial. The bright bursts of color are perfect for the garden setting you’re creating for the butterflies, and we just know all your guests will enjoy exploring your flower garden. And to attract their attention, there’s no better way of doing it than with these beautiful bundles of colorful artificial flowers. 

Tissue Paper Chrysanth Flower

To help decorate the walls of your party venue and make them come alive, these tissue paper chrysanth flowers are perfect. The soft tissue paper texture is the perfect decoration in your butterfly themed party because everything should be soft, delicate, and beautiful, just like the butterflies themselves. They come in 3 colors – ivory, peach, and mint – and each one offers something unique to the walls of your party venue. Dot these around the room, and your guests really will feel like they’re standing in the middle of a spring garden! 

Butterfly Party Decorations Ideas: Add a lot of Butterflies

And now, for the main event! Butterflies, of course! Your beautiful flower garden world won’t mean anything to your guests until you add in these amazing butterfly themed party decorations! 

Red and Pink Confetti Balloons with Pink Butterflies

A party isn’t really a party without a balloon arch, right? So why not create one with some red and pink confetti balloons? It’ll make for a beautiful spot for photos, or look great hanging behind the party table. Still, you want to make it look like it belongs in your flower garden, so use the pink butterflies in the set to dot them between the balloons. One moment it’s just a balloon arch, and the next it’s an arch of beautiful flowers with butterflies landing nearby. Perfect! 

Butterfly Party Backdrop 

Sticking with the delicate pinks and beautiful colors we’ve looked at so far, we’ve managed to find this butterfly party backdrop that’s very much in keeping with the beautiful array of party colors in all the other decorations we’ve focused on today. This party backdrop is perfect if you’re throwing a butterfly themed birthday party, and the colors and scene it creates are just beautiful. We can already see your guests standing in front of this backdrop to take lots of pictures of the special party they attended!

Green Pink Blooms Tissue Pom Poms and Paper Lantern with Golden Butterflies

Whenever you’re decorating a party, you need to think about different levels. The walls are covered, but what about the ceiling? By decorating everything, you really create a special world for your guests to inhabit during the party. And that’s where these magnificent green pink blooms tissue pom poms and paper lanterns with golden butterflies come in. Hang these around the party venue and you’ll immerse your guests in a butterfly world that feels every bit as magical as it looks! 

Butterfly Hanging Swirl 

Now, to really make it look like there are butterflies flying around the party venue, you’re going to need a decoration that allows for a little movement. And these butterfly hanging swirls are just the ticket! Imagine these bright, colorful butterflies hanging from the ceiling – every time the door opens, or a breeze passes through, they move ever so slightly. We might know that the butterflies aren’t real, but these beautiful butterflies dancing in the wind will absolutely mesmerize any little kids at the party. 

Butterfly Balloons 

Following on from the above point, you can also use some beautiful butterfly balloons (try saying that after a glass of something fizzy at the party), to create the same effect. These balloons are perfect for your party because they’re quite large, so draw a lot of attention to them, they’re really bright so add a lot of color to the event, and they’re just something that’s really beautiful to look at. Guests will definitely stop in their tracks to admire these, and any little ones will have a blast running around with their new butterfly companion in tow. 

Garden Butterflies on Sticks 

If you’re throwing this amazing party in summer/spring when the weather is hot, then you might even be able to throw some of the party outdoors, so everyone can gather in the garden and celebrate together. Well, if you are that lucky, you should take advantage of it and use these garden butterflies on sticks to decorate. Just stick these in the soil around your flowerbeds to add even more butterfly fun outdoors. Even if the weather is bad, sticking these in your front garden can be an exciting way to greet your guests! 

Butterfly Wall Sticker 

Another great butterfly party decoration idea is to use butterfly wall stickers to create a flock of butterflies moving around the party together. This set has beautiful golden butterflies of three different sizes, meaning you can play around with the way you place them on the wall to create more interesting shapes for your guests to look at. You can also decide whether to put them all together, or dot them all around the party venue for your guests to find as they explore the space and look for beautiful butterflies nestled amongst the flowers.

Place Card Holders 

If you’re throwing the sort of party where guests will sit down for dinner at a dining table, then, of course, you’ll need some place card holders, and these butterfly ones are perfect. The pink and black theme of these card holders is actually brilliant, because although you wouldn’t ordinarily associate the color black with butterflies, there may be some guests who prefer to not have pink surrounding them all the time. By using place card holders with both pink and black, they become perfect for everyone at the party. 

Butterfly Fairy Light 

Butterfly fairy lights. Need we say more? We could just stop there because we’re pretty certain you guys have already clicked the link to check them out, but if there are some of you remaining who need some more convincing, then all we can say is these fairy lights are stunning. The beautiful butterfly shapes, the multi-colored fairy lights, the way they cast a beautiful glow over the party venue – really there’s nothing not to like about these lights, and we know your guests will like them too. 

Solar Lantern Butterfly Lights 

Speaking of lights, if you do manage to throw some of your butterfly themed party outdoors, then you might not necessarily come back inside once the sun has gone down. So, why not purchase these beautiful solar lantern butterfly lights, which simply cast a warm glow over your garden, but in the shape of butterflies? It’s beautiful, it’s definitely a talking point, and it’s practical for when all the fun you and your guests are having means you all want to stay at the party a little longer than planned! 

Wafer Paper Butterflies 

Of course, you’ll be having cake at some point during the party, no matter what you’re celebrating, so why not make sure the cake and/or cupcakes are decorated to fit the theme too? Some wafer paper butterflies will look great, and all you need to do is stick them on the cake to give them an extra burst of color. Using simple decorations like this is much better than creating elaborate cakes. This allows you to have all the wow factor with none of the fuss when you present the cake to your guests. 

Butterfly Plates, Napkins, and Cups

And finally, when you eventually take a break from all the fun you guys are having to remember to eat, you’ll want the plates etc to be themed too. It’s a simple touch, but one your guests will appreciate. That’s why we think these beautiful butterfly plates, napkins, and cups are the perfect things to use when it’s time for the party food. And away from the fact that the designs are stunning and they fit the theme well, they also mean you’ll save on the washing up – a BIG priority for most of us hosts at parties, right? 

Wrapping Up of Butterfly Party Decorations Ideas

That brings us to the end of our butterfly party decorations ideas list! We hope you’ve enjoyed them, and we also hope we’ve inspired you to create a floral garden world that’s perfect for butterfly companions at your next party! 

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