Best Birthday Gift for 6 Years Old Girl: 16 Beautiful and Inspiring Ideas Kids Will Surely Love

birthday gift for 6 years old girl, Best Birthday Gift for 6 Years Old Girl: 16 Beautiful and Inspiring Ideas Kids Will Surely Love

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

Wondering what to get for a 6-year-old girl’s birthday?

So, is it your own daughter’s birthday? Or, are you attending your niece’s birthday party, your best friend’s daughter’s party, or even your daughter’s best friend’s birthday party? Well, whatever be the event! You must be now looking for the best birthday gift for 6 years old girl, isn’t it? No worries!

We have already included plenty of beautiful and inspiring ideas that will impress a little girl. Moreover, if you buy and gift them these unique gifts, they will certainly like them and use them for sure.

What is a 6-year-old girl interested in?

Now, first thing first, let’s think and decide what a 6-year old girl may typically like. They do love magic, art and crafting, board games, fairy tales, mermaid, princess, unicorn, rainbow, gift cards, flowers, and dolls, etc. At such a young age, all these above themes can surely fascinate a 6 years old baby girl. So, why don’t we focus on these scopes and pick a nice gift for a 6 year old girl that they will definitely like and appreciate?

To make your choice easy, we have picked as many as 16 unique birthday gift for 6 years old girl ideas associated with the criteria we have already mentioned. Let’s now have a quick review of these items, what’s unique about them, and why kids will consider these as a great gift.

1 Kids Selfie Camera

Kid loves cameras! Presenting a 6 year old girl a camera will be a nice and cool idea. She can use this camera to take pics, form the vision and perspective of the world around her, develop her art sense, empower innovation, and present her creative arts through awesome photo clicks.

This particular selfie camera comes with many excellent features like 8.0 mega pixels and 1080P Video shooting, dual-camera configuration, autofocus, multi-scene selections, and much more too. Also, it comes with a 32GB memory card to effortlessly store thousands of photos. Moreover, it’s easy to use, and that’s why a kid can use it hassle-freely and seamlessly.

2 LCD Writing Tablet

LCD Writing Tablet is one of the best and most useful gifts for kids. This smart tablet will allow kids to draw, paint, write, and erase whatever they like, learn the way to express their unique art sense, and harness their creative power.

It comes with a built-in battery that has 6 months lifespan, provides as many as 100,000 times writing and drawing options on it. It also ensures no paper wasting, no wastage of energy, and no harm to your kids’ eyes. Moreover, it’s lightweight, easy to use, easy to carry, and portable (can be conveniently carried in travel bags and school bags).

3 Unicorn Terrarium Kit

We have already mentioned that girls love unicorns. Taking this into consideration, we have come up with this unicorn terrarium craft kit using which your lovely little kid can create her own fascinating world of unicorns.

To be more precise, this kit will allow her to create a mini-ecosystem. Your child will also learn the skills of planting and nurturing a garden in no time. Such basic values of agricultural science and planting will indeed be a brilliant lesson for the kid.

4 Rainbow Scratch Paper Notebook

If you are looking for a magical science kit for kids, then this is a great option to consider. This notebook has a special feature i.e. scratching off paper painting rainbow color option. It will not only promote the girl’s educational development but also it’ll empower black magic creation power.

The set includes two books, five pieces of drawing stencils, and four styluses. Present this innovative gift to her and let her craft the scenery, cartoon characters, small cute animals, and much more too.

5 Princess Themed Arts and Crafts DIY Set for Girls

Kid girls always love princesses! There’s no second thought about it. That’s why we have come up with this princess themed DIY kit using which the kid can design her own beautiful princess.

For example, they can design shiny stars, dress up their favorite princess, decorate her tiara with sparkly stones and glitter as well as the magic wand. This DIY kit can bring hours of creative, unlimited fun to her. Plus, it will even promote her imagination, confidence, and practical skills.

6 Inspiration Art Case for Girls

To boost the kid girls’ arts and drawing skills, a large supply of coloring sets will be so apt for them. Using such a vast and versatile coloring set, she can practically draw and color everything! Starting from sceneries to cute characters, every colorful drawing is now possible with this set.

The entire set includes 64 Crayons, 20 short colored pencils, 40 washable markers, and 15 large pieces of paper. Kids above five years can utilize this coloring set for their art skills.

7 Stem ToyBuilding Blocks to build their own princess castle

Remember our childhood days! Most of us had stem special toys using which we had crafted many excellent designs and architectures. Of course, it can be the best birthday gift for 6 years old girl. Particularly with this stem toy, she can create her own world of a princess castle. It’s a great educational toy and helps children to develop science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills.

8 Doll House to Create Dream Home

Kids will certainly love and appreciate building their own dream house. So, let her craft her dream homestead this time.

On her birthday, please feel free to gift her this dollhouse set up kit using which she will create a princess-themed two-storeyed house including family bathroom, sitting room, dining room, princess-themed room, kitchen, tableware, pet room, and bicycle, etc. This princess castle playhouse also has a lighting fixture option so that the setup will look even more gorgeous and stunning.

9 Flower Crowns Craft Kit

Wondering what are the best birthday gifts for 6 years old girl? If yes, then there is another excellent recommendation for you! This floral crown craft kit can let her design beautiful flower crowns seamlessly.

The set includes wire frames, fabric leaves, ribbons, fabric/silk flowers, sticky tape, and many other items. Using these items, girls can make unique hair accessories and innovative flower decorations. This kit will be even perfect if she is a craft lover.

10 Rainbow Purse Bag & Unicorn Plush Toys

Girls always love to have a beautiful purse like mum so that they can also keep their personal belongings. Hence, these rainbow-colored gorgeous bags are with two unicorn plush toy so much apt for them! To further make these bags more enticing and fascinating, the set even includes some unicorn plush toys that they can carry with them all the time.

Thus, collectively, these rainbow bags along with unicorn toys are the most suitable gift options for a six year old kid.

11 Unicorn Karaoke Machine

Karaoke machine allows a way for kids to sing with their friends and have fun! Plus, when they have a colorful unicorn design, it becomes even more appealing for kids (simply because kids love colorful and bright designs). This toddler karaoke machine comes with a rechargeable battery and can be played steadily for more than 3 hours when fully charged.

The karaoke machine has also passed quality testing and features a 100% safety certification.

12 Mermaid Tail Blanket for Kids

Many young girls always have the dream to become mermaid princesses. In fact, a mermaid is probably the dream, iconic character for them. That’s why this mermaid tail shaped blanket is so perfect for them.

First of all, this mermaid blanket will keep them warm. And, secondly, it will help them accomplish their dream of becoming a beautiful mermaid princess. This special blanket is great for 3-8 years old girls. It comes with a stylish hand-crocheted blanket design so that kids can easily slip inside and get a lifelike, real mermaid look.

13 Little Elephant Travel Bag

Travels bags are always a multi-purpose and useful tool. This time, we have come up with a travel bag for kid girls using which she can now plan her dream vacation holiday. This super soft, plush, and durable toddler bag has a unique elephant design. It has enough compartments to accommodate all her necessary belongings

14 Princess Tiara for 6 Year Old Girl

For special gifts birthday gifts for six year old girls, here’s a perfect princess tiara. This tiara is crafted with a ‘6’ symbol adorned. In addition to it, it comes with an elegant gold satin sash with the tagline — It’s My 6th Birthday. The tiara is embellished with crystals and rhinestones and looks so stylish.

With this hair accessory tiara and satin sash, your kiddie will be ready for her sixth birthday look.

15 Flower Planting Growing Kit & Paint Arts Crafts Set

This character cum moral science building toy is all set to unleash your kid’s creative power. Using this gifts gift set, the little kid can now paint, plant, and start gardening. For example, kids will paint the planter as per their wish and then sow the seeds of marigold, cosmos, zinnia, and wheat grass seeds for further planting

This kit offers plenty of options to personalize the planter with fun messages and express creativity. Kids will have the full freedom to draw, paint, and plant as much as they want. What’s more, this kit will even teach them the basic life-cycle of plants and botany.

16 Unicorn and Rainbow Kids Makeup Kit

Just like adults, kids do love make-ups! Especially, young girls have dreams and fascinations for makeup. Thus, let their dream come true as you gift them this special makeup kit. This makeup kit has an unbelievable quality and is absolutely harmless for the kiddie’s delicate skin. This perfect kids’ makeup set features a sparkling rainbow handbag, unicorn-shaped blush, 5-color eye shadow, lipstick, roll-on body glitter, hand lotion, glitter eye shadow cream, brushes, and nail polishes. The entire is specially made for young kids, safe, easy to apply, and easy to remove.

I believe we have already covered enough ideas for birthday gifts for girls of 6 years old, along with their unique x-factors and how kid girls will use them.Now, based on your preferred choice, please feel free to opt for the right pick! Rest assured that whatever gift option you do select, kids will certainly like it.

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