Best Ideas for 101 Dalmatians themed Birthday Party

dalmatians themed party

Last updated on May 25th, 2022

101 Dalmatians is a classic Disney movie that everybody loves. How about recreating the ambiance for the next birthday party at your home? We have come up with a number of “pawsome” ideas helping you to throw a great 101 Dalmatians themed birthday party for your loved one.

How to invite the guests to your Paw-ty?

First of all , it is a good idea to show some uniqueness and that starts from the invitation itself. You may send your guests a colorful paw-shaped invitation card with “paw-ty” printed on it, they will be thrilled to attend your 101 dalmatians party. Remember to tell them the party theme clearly as they are gonna to dress up for this, we will talk about that soon.

What to wear?

Cruella de Vil Costume

With Cruella de Vil in town, it’s a hard time for your puppy to be safe. Practice the demonic laughter while you go searching for the 101 Dalmatians. Your guests are going to be dumbstruck to see you in the spotted cape, spiky hair, and a host of other accessories and costume.

Dalmatian Costume for adults

How are people going to dress up for the 101 Dalmatians birthday party? Surely it’s going to be an event that your guests are going to remember for their lives. How about dressing them all as cute Dalmatians? This Dalmatian costume for adults containing a jumpsuit and a hood. Let your guests have fun with this spell-binding outfit that they may not have worn in their entire life.

Dalmatians set for kids

Well, when you have decided the dress code for the adult guests, it’s now time to think of how the children are going to dress up. With the Dalmatian set for children, your baby would have great fun pretending to be a puppy. This set of Dalmatian themed costume for kids contains a bow tie, hair band with Dalmatian ears, Dalmatian bowtie, spotty Dalmatian tail. It’s really going to be a fun-filled party for your kids.

How to set the scene for photo-session?

Dalmatian cutouts

Birthday parties are incomplete without themed cutouts and when you are looking for 101 Dalmatians party ideas, you simply cannot do without cut-outs or Dalmatian puppies. Children of all ages enjoy these amazing cut-outs as it sets the theme and mood of the party. Also, having a exquisite dalmatians cutouts in a party allows guests to take pictures and mingle around it, they are gonna to have so much fun with it.

101 dalmatians party ideas- Paw-printed balloons

Your 101 Dalmatians birthday party is going to be “pawsome” these bunches of awesome paw-printed balloons. All you will have to do is fill these balloons with helium or air and attach them all over the hall and rooms as props. Alternately, you can also place them as a cluster in a single place as decoration.

With all these things in place, you can create a spellbinding spot for photo sessions with your guests. After all, it’s very important to have pictures of attending such a fun and lovely birthday party.

We will need a beautiful birthday cake

When it comes to decorating the table for a 101 Dalmatians birthday party, the first thing you got to have is a themed cake. And nothing can be better than baking the cake with your own hands, whatever be the flavor. You may also consider to to decorate it with a dalmatians cake topper to echo the party theme.

What to serve? Bone-shaped

Welcoming your guests with bone-shaped chocolates, cookies or butter fondant is going to set your game high. You can make it easily with a proper bone-shaped mold.

To add to the uniqueness of your 101 Dalmatians party, you can also welcome your guests with drinks having ice cubes in the shape of bones and paws, they may add it to any drinks they like such as juice and apple ciders.

How about having party serves with Dalmatian print? These Dalmatians Party Supplies will not let you waste any time in cleaning them. This means you can enjoy more time with your guests and they will love the fun design on the Dalmatian themed party tableware.

101 dalmatians birthday party movie

One of the greatest activities while you are throwing a 101 Dalmatians is to watch this wonderful movie with guests together. We have all grown up watching 101 Dalmatians a lot. And nothing can be better than reliving those childhood memories with all your guests and visitors as they come to have a gala time at your place.

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